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  1. A sad day today

    My oldest one is going to start his 3rd year of college this year. I have enough kids that I don't even miss him. J/K......stay in contact. I talk to him at least once a week while he's gone and he also scores me free football tickets so I drift down there a couple times during the fall to see him and he comes home at least once a month.
  2. Work Access Denied!

  3. Huddle Members

    If you bought their projections, you would've been in front of the curve on William Green.
  4. Work Access Denied!

    Seems like this is going around a lot lately. I can get to the main site but not the boards. Changing to numbers doesn't work for me.
  5. What do you do when......

    I scratch if I need to. Damn, you turning into a woman HOP? Going to ask for permission first? Or do you just step out of the room? this is a sad, sad state of affairs.
  6. I was around before 2000 but not exactly sure when. It's all a blur. I remember Chinny and beakerpunk but not sure about others.
  7. Walk the stud, it's first and third. To my recollection, catcher's interference doesn't automatically advance everybody a base. But it's been a couple years so maybe my memory is off
  8. 16 years as a baseball coach and I only did the intentional walk thing one time (well, twice but it was back to back). Team of 14 year olds playing in the championship game. We're tied, two outs and the next guy hits a triple. Walked the next two to set up a force at any base. The 3 guys coming up were all about the same. Now if only the SS on that team could catch a groundball. Personally, I wouldn't have walked a guy in a 9/10 division. Wouldn't have cared who was batting behind him. From a baseball standpoint, it was the right move. If you guys have ever been involved with youth sports, 99% of the parents and coaches care a heckuva lot about winning. That was a move to win a ballgame. Those of you upset with this move, is it because the kid is a cancer survivor or because he's 10 or some other reason??
  9. Techy question

    Have those words ever been said on these boards before???
  10. Anyone watch Rockstar - Supernova?

    Can't stand that chick. was hoping they'd dump her last week instead of weak neck guy
  11. Sirius Radio

    My wife got me this for Fathers Day. Works fine at home and in the car. Work I can't get reception. It says the antenna has to go North and my window of course is South. When I called the lady said that I can just listen through my computer. Told her the site was blocked at work. She then said just roam around your office to see where the reception would come in. I already tried that so she said I would just have to figure it out. Anybody know a way to get reception??? I've run the antenna out the window and still can't bring it in.
  12. A sad, sad,

    I got blocked about 3 weeks ago. I was working at one satellite office where it wasn't blocked. got switched to another satellite office and it's blocked there. I'm mostly over the withdrawals but every now and then I get the shakes.
  13. Rockstar - Supernova

    I liked last year's singers better overall. This and the Amazing Race are the only reality shows I watch semi-regularly. Dilana I like. I don't like how she does a kind of funky run at times on stage but really like her voice. Most of the guys are so-so, which is a shame since one of them will probably be picked for the band.
  14. survey says

    Why are you asking us? You going to go to the woman and tell her, hey the guys at thehuddle said we should get non-matching lamps??
  15. How Hot Is It?

    122 with some nice lightening here yesterday. I didn't go outside other then to get the paper and the mail.
  16. How Hot Is It?

    Saturday was 122 with 70% humidity. I don't know what that made the heat index. I just know I picked a crappy weekend to drain my pool and do some repairs to it. I went golfing Sunday when the temp hit 118. Wife told me it was too hot to go golfing. Said if I could be outside doing yard work the day before in it, then I can golf in it. Needless to say I hit the doghouse for my smartass response. We are only running 110 to 118 this week with around 30% humidity. I don't think the heat index is any hotter then the temp with that humidity percentage. Ask Bear, he loves it where I live.
  17. Anyone ever get mailed a Nielsn Ratings Diary?

    Our household gets them at least once a year. Wife has always filled them out. Might be why my favorite shows don't seem to get high ratings.
  18. ATTN: WCOFF'ers

    Who's on those teams?
  19. Posting on your post milestone

    A win-win for the rest of us. Links to porn and Aceo gone for 6 months.
  20. Posting on your post milestone

    We're #2!!, We're #2!! Wait.
  21. Layoff Friday

    Don't think I've ever said here that I have 8 siblings. 7 sisters and 1 brother. I'm number 8 of the 9. I thought that was too many though so I stopped at 6. Though my wife is making noises that the baby (now 15 months) doesn't have anyone close to him in age and we should give him a sibling near his age.
  22. Layoff Friday

    Can't get mad when you're speaking the truth.
  23. Forbidden Subject

    Couple weeks ago I would've said I don't go to other sites. Work blocked thehuddle now though. Did a test and I can get to fftoday and footballguys but I didn't hang out there. I was working at a brand new satellite office and I don't think the filter was set up down there. Got switched over to a different office and the filter is working just fine.
  24. Layoff Friday

    I was laid off last November but had some friends that created an opening in a division at a competitor of ours. I was only off 2 weeks but was really stressing. I can't imagine being laid off longer then that.