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  1. The BIG M

    I think I was in that bouncy, bouncy plane. Few years back we landed so rough all the oxygen masks came down.
  2. Should start a poll. question 1: Did Cliaz get people fired 'caused he narced them out so he didn't have to do scut work or is it question 2: Cliaz is making up that the department causing him grief is having layoffs? I'm leaning towards 2.
  3. I work with idiots.

    We've got at least two people like that in my office. Can't believe the crap they believe.
  4. Speaking of starting your own business

    There was an article in todays LA times about this. I just scanned the article. I was more gazing at the picture of the woman who had just opened an area.
  5. Is your office open Monday 7/3?

    working. 2 out of the 6 people are coming in that day. I could take a paid time off day but rather save it for a day when I want to take a long weekend out of town somewhere.
  6. Z- how come you don't represent the warroom? I thought that's where you hung out?
  7. He must be desperate

    Are there still openings??? Man, I hope so.
  8. Big Brother - CBS

    I watched part of season one back when I had direct tv and got east coast feeds. It wasn't good.
  9. America is retarded

    I don't watch American Idol (though my 12 year old girl gives me constant updates) and saw about 2 minutes of this thing last night. Saw a terrible juggler who begged to continue and that was enough for me.
  10. Interboard Roll Call

    I don't have the link either. can someone pm it to me??
  11. darin ...

    Seems like just yesterday that he was at 10,000. Actually, it probably was.
  12. Live Draft - heres the link

    I didn't look, but if it's ppr, Westbrook is a pretty good bargain at that spot.
  13. Will Pittsburgh break .500 in 2006?

    They simply aren't as intelligent as we are. :oldrazz:
  14. Live Draft - heres the link

    Do most of these guys live in Arizona or are they just hugh Az fans??
  15. Live Draft - heres the link

    I agree that people tend to get caught up in drafting young players in a dynasty league. I tend to look at a two year span, not just one year. I wouldn't have gone Tiki there because over 2 years I doubt his numbers will equal other players that could've been had there. Edge sure seems like a better choice there.
  16. Interboard League

    I think it was actually Cap'n Grunge who set it up for us. I was the Commish when he did it. Problem was, nobody visited the site much. And I'd be shocked if Voltaire responded. He doesn't come here much, if at all. He was hanging out at FFToday mostly.
  17. Now this just pisses me off ...

    Here, we don't actually have a public park for the kids to play at. It's a privately owned park and we pay a gate fee of $2.50 for adults and $1 for kids playing. Get a nice shiny token good for $1 in the snack bar. The prices there are real close to going to an actual major league game. We aren't allowed to bring anything in except a water bottle but it has to be clear. They do a search of all bags going into the park as well.
  18. Interboard League

    now go get recruiting.
  19. Cliaz just messing with you guys now.
  20. Mock Draft

    I have to back out now. Thought we'd be done. preselected round 12. should hold up I changed the password of team 5 to team#5 somebody just pick some guys up....still need pk and def
  21. Mock Draft

    Anytime I drift up to the North end of town to play some ball, I hear the same thing. I think I'm done going there though. Been a year since I went. Guy pulled a knife on another one 'cause he thought the guy was calling too many fouls on him. Figured that was about it for me.
  22. Mock Draft

    You're supposed to be copying off Darin, not me ya dumbass
  23. Mock Draft

    Got quite a few picks before me again. Hurry up people!
  24. Mock Draft mean you haven't already been doing that???
  25. Mock Draft

    This is a decoy draft for me. I was aware of how many faultliners were in this draft.