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  1. So How Fast Have You....

    My friend was too drunk to drive when we were in high school and I took his car up to 115 on the freeway. That was definitely the last time I wanted to experience that.
  2. Coach Blitz?

    Your letter was over the top. You didn't need to bring up why you didn't want to play for the other team. Just turn it down or say she'd do it as a pick up player. The rest sounds like a parent who coaches don't like to have around. I've learned from the many, many years coaching various sports and teams that when I'm a parent, I'm just a parent. I don't say anything about the coaching to anybody but my wife and never when the kids are around. If my kids say something like I'm a better pitcher then that kid, I just tell them the coach thinks the team needs you somewhere else.
  3. Anyone watch the Unit?

    Lots of talk about it not coming back next season. I like the show. Nothing new but enjoyable.
  4. Number 5 has arrived...

    Congrats!!! Oh, I also said #5 was my last.
  5. So, what gives-Lance Briggs.

    I remember them saying there was 5 teams still talking about trading for Briggs. I don't recall if they named the teams.
  6. Consensus NFL Mock Draft

  7. Michael Vick

    Happy he donated the 10 grand. I don't care or know if he held a press conference to trumpet his own horn or if he thought a press conference might be a way to get other people to donate money too.
  8. Monetary equivalent...

    In Mexico, it's about 11 pesos to a dollar. If you are buying something in a store, it's 10 pesos to a dollar. Easier math.
  9. 4 Days in the Life of Spain

    You get loud? You must've been drunk everytime I saw you in September. I'm going with......hmmm......24
  10. Huddle Info

    That's what I do. Other then my wife, I don't like the looks I get when I say an internet message board.
  11. Your 21st Birthday

    I was in basic training for my 21st birthday. Did a nice 20 mile march in some mountains in 'bama.
  12. 4 Days in the Life of Spain

    Hey Spain, do you know what dates your going to be there in May?f I'm hitting the guys weekend on May 18th. Last year for a couple years that I get to do that as my anniversary is May 17th. Next couple years I'll have to stay at home.
  13. Sarge Mock Draft

    49ers won't let Willis get by them. And I believe Jarrett is higher on their board then Ginn if they do decide to go wr.
  14. I got laid off a couple years ago. Lady came to California from Georgia....we all knew something was going on. My department off 3 was closing. Pretty much a shock is we were highly profitable, well until this company bought us 6 months before that we were. Lady calls us in, said well, you guys won't have to worry about getting up to go to work in a couple weeks. That was nice. What was better was that 3 months after that the company closed down.
  15. 2007 Mystery Huddler #8

    I met JJ. I wasn't guessing him. Though JJ might look different without the sheep on his crotch.
  16. 2007 Mystery Huddler #8

    I thought JJ was from Florida. Coulda sworn that's where he said he was from.
  17. 2007 Mystery Huddler #8

    I think I met this person too. so I won't guess.
  18. Free Agency for Dynasty League

    Of those, I drop Taylor. I like Barber's upside a lot more then Taylor. Also heard that they were talking about reducing Taylor's workload.
  19. Consensus NFL Mock Draft

  20. Consensus NFL Mock Draft

    Brady Quinn
  21. I think I've got a mouse

    at this whole thread. Great start to the day. Well, my day. Not so much for Loaf
  22. Car Totaled

    Went through the same thing with my 17 year old about 3 years ago. Totalled a car that had been well taken care of. He hit a parked car as he was trying to roll up the passenger window while driving. I didn't buy him a car until his birthday 3 years later. He did buy himself one but it was a heaping pile of crap and I didn't want him driving around LA in it. And sorry about the car, but am happy your son is ok
  23. Charger Homers...

    Sorry, not a season ticket holder yet. Chargez gave some good advice. I'd buy in advance if possible. I'm going to the Chiefs and Texans this year. Next year I'm in line to buy a pair of a friend's tickets. She has 6 right now and is looking to sell the 2008 ones.
  24. How much to donate to my neighbors?

    I thought the wink and crazy guy graemlin gave away the fact I was messing with Cap'n.
  25. How much to donate to my neighbors?

    That's 'cause you are a racist.