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  1. That's why he was the #2 lb, not the #1
  2. How much to donate to my neighbors?

    Let's see...20 pesos....that's almost $2 American. I don't know, my neighborhood we always gave food when stuff like this happened. But if they want cash, $20 to keep your house being egged in the future is worth it.
  3. 2007 Mystery Huddler #5

    Ram was a MH a long time ago. This isn't him.
  4. 2007 Mystery Huddler #5

    I think that list is pretty long. That ummm "person" in a classroom? Who are some students?
  5. 2007 Mystery Huddler #5

    That guy looks like a Loaf
  6. Five biggest disappointments

    Tedd Ginn if you're counting on him to be a #1 or #2 wr.
  7. I'm trying to decide...

    Controller! 'bout time you dragged your butt back in here
  8. 5th graders arrested

    Few years back a 5th grade boy and girl at my kids elementary were suspended when they were discovered behind a building and she was on her knees. Had fun explaining that one to my kid that was in their class.
  9. Story out here the other day was a 28yr old father had his 8 month old baby on the front of the ATV and his 6yr old daughter on the back. He lost control, 8 month old died and 6yr old had to have surgery.
  10. Rolling Rock sold to Anheuser-Busch

    aw man, I really like Rolling Rock.
  11. Kevin Curtis....

    The question was who had the highest score, not who was the highest when he took the test
  12. Joke or my real Honeymoon....

    6 times while in High School spread over a whole day. No way in hell can I do that anymore.
  13. Women can't drive

    I've been hit a couple times, but not too bad. Sorry to hear that Hat. Sucks.
  14. A question of character.

    If the person is bashing them in the private forum and not in the public forum and maybe even acting buddy-buddy with them in the public forum, yeah there is probably a character issue. I don't know if it's your place to say anything though.
  15. A question of character.

    Fixed it for you
  16. More bad news

    Sorry Dave. Hope he comes through it ok.
  17. Greatest Coach of All-Time

    Puddy is the only one who can even come close to Wooden.
  18. Huddle Help

    Wow. Constantly impressed by the people here. Go with what Az said and tell him you want to go with a more established company.
  19. Jarrett runs mediocre 40s

    Williams had the rep of being lazy/prima donna-ish even while at USC. I haven't heard a peep about Jarrett being like that. Matter of fact, it's the opposite. And I am very concerned that my views on Jarrett and Ginn line up with Bronco's. That just can't be good.
  20. Fantasy Baseball Help

    Thanks Gopher The biggest hurdle I've got to overcome is never doing a fantasy auction at all. Not even for football. Got to learn how to do baseball and an auction. I'm not sure I'm bright enough for that.
  21. Lendale White trying out for OG?

    Yep. I was speaking of the Ron Dayne that was part of the thunder thigh and lightening in New York. Ok, how 'bout Ironhead II?? That a better name?
  22. Lendale White trying out for OG?

    I really thought he would win the job by mid season last year. I picked him in a couple leagues late. Can we call him Ron Dayne II?
  23. Fantasy Baseball Help

    I'm beginner's luck. Tried to think of what you guys will be saying after I win it all.