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  1. WHo will will the AL west?

    Hey, one of my predictions came true. I said if Colon pitches like a front line guy, Angels will win it. Over the last 3-4 weeks, Colon has been great. Hope he keeps it going in the playoffs. If the Angels start with Boston, he's going to have to match up with Schilling.
  2. A's/Angels

    I normally agree with Sciosia but his going to a shortened rotation this last week I have been questioning. The last 6 games all the starters will be going on 3 days rest. I'd rather have had 5 games with starters on 4 days rest and then 1 game of Sele/Ortiz starting. Last 2 games neither starter made it out of the 5th inning.
  3. The Pennent Chase

    Yankees won't get to the World Series this year. I just don't think they'll get enough from their starting pitchers.
  4. what is on batting helmets?

    I heard a couple of them put it there so they can have access to it while they are in the batters box without having to go back to the on deck circle. That doesn't make much sense to me, but it was what one player said.
  5. Pittsburgh finishes first. Wheels fall off the Ravens this year. Cincy and Baltimore battle for 2nd place with 8-8, 9-7 seasons.
  6. What a Hamm

    Very cool.
  7. Sofa League Draft

    What took so long to pick Tiki??
  8. Sofa League Draft

    Very nice start. I too like Johnson a bit more then Ward but certainly like the pick more then a reach to a rb here. It's better to be at the front of a run then chasing it.
  9. "James' burst is back"

    He's been going anywhere from 7-9 in the drafts I've seen. Moss is going in the same area for the most part. course scoring for your particular league always plays a part.
  10. WHo will will the AL west?

    If Colon pitches like a front line guy, the Angels will get it. If he keeps pitching like a #4 pitcher, the Angels probably don't get the wild card. It's going to be tough for one of the AL West teams to win the wild card with the unbalanced schedule.
  11. Ugly Tuna...How bout a wager?

    This was entertaining in February. Not so much in August.
  12. Shaq to Miami???

    I think it's a terrible trade for the Lakers. Even old, there is only one Shaq. On the Lakers (even without Kobe) with him they were a threat to win the title. I don't see how the pieces fit together for them now. You think San Antonio is going to have trouble with them without Shaq in the middle?
  13. Mystery Huddler 2004 #6 - Right on Time

    Most popular division amongst huddlers? Lots of Cowfag fans, lots of Eagles fans.... Older type, likes a team in that division.... Skylive
  14. Barry Bonds

    The list of steroid users is a long one. Judging from the way some of those guys look, half the league is on them.
  15. Best starting rotation in baseball

    Yankees have no offensive peer, but their starting rotation won't scare anybody. I think the Cubs have the best rotation now and the best bullpen has got to be the Angels. Not only Percival but Rodriguez, Donnelly, Weber, and Shields for long relief.
  16. I AM A GENIUS...... I SAID.....!

    Wait a second! There is a spell check?? Did anybody tell Sky about this??
  17. I AM A GENIUS...... I SAID.....!

    Quite what? quite loud? quite cute? quite smart? quite quiet?
  18. 2003 Huddle Awards

    I know I don't forget wink
  19. This guy looks like a wrasslin' fan. who do we have that likes that???
  20. ANA vs. SF

    First, about game 4. The Angels made some critical mistakes that cost them. Glaus not being prepared to pick up the bunt by Lofton was huge. Probably not as big as Molina missing that pitch with Sanders up though. I was at Game 2 and it was fantastic. Don't think I sat down after the 4th inning. Very worried if they do indeed go back to Appier for game 6. He hasn't had anything for the whole postseason and looked terrible in game 2. Giving up home runs on 0-2 counts is inexcusable. I predict that whoever wins game 5 will win the series.
  21. ANA vs. SF

    I was strictly responding to your defensive assessment. I would much rather have Anderson then Bonds, and Erstad over this version of Lofton. Sanders is better then Salmon, especially with his tight hamstring. Offensively, Bonds boosts this group over just about every outfield in the league.
  22. ANA vs. SF

    Pretty good analysis from both. I'll disagree with bier about the defensive prowess of Kennedy and the Angels' outfielders. Kennedy is decent at the plate, hits for average, but his glove has become above average with decent to good range. Kent is average defensively. The giants outfielders are nowhere near as good as the Angels defensively. Bonds is a liability in left and Lofton can still run some down but his arm is a huge ?. The Angels are going to be going from first to third a lot on singles. Having said that, I wouldn't be surprised if the Giants win this. They are very hot right now and probably getting a little bit better starting pitching then the Angels. You guys going to any of the games? I'm going to game 2 at the Ed.
  23. Member rated

    How did Dmd get a 5 star rating then????? :confused: