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  1. Zodiac

    When I first heard they were doing this movie it didn't interest me. Saw a trailer for it the other day and now I'm thinking I'll check it out.
  2. So...

    Really? A big frog? I hadn't heard.
  3. Fantasy Baseball Help

    I saw that you were next on the list for the auction league. You joined the one I just joined. I've never done Fantasy baseball and to top it off it's an auction league. I've never even done an auction Football league. I'm waiting on the same info you are. I did find some stuff on yahoo that dealt with prices but I don't know if they are reliable. I know there used to be a baseball site that was linked to from here but I don't see it anymore and don't know what the site's name was.
  4. 2007 Mystery Huddler #1

  5. Our wettest dream has come true!

    Not a fan of Kornheiser or Theismann. At least there is a chance Kornheiser can get better. There was no chance with Theismann.
  6. Reign over me

    Walking by the television last night I caught the commercial for this movie. First thing that popped in my head was "hey Bob Dylan is in a movie with Don Cheadle"
  7. Let's play "cool or uncool"....

    It is a little strange to see Spain jumping at the smelly bait. Normally he is the fisherman.
  8. Let's play "cool or uncool"....

    Cool or uncool: posting a poll in a less then timely fashion.
  9. Vicky you fracking b....

    Love the avy Spain
  10. Lawns

    Let me ask my gardener and I'll get back to you.
  11. Chicken Kiev

    Did this recipe tonight. tip: I bought some skinny chicken breast that the guy said I wouldn't need to pound. Thought that would be great, save me some time. They will need to be cooked longer in the oven if you buy these. I wound up cooking for around 20 minutes until they were done. Came out well though. Did them with some steamed asparagus and some garlic bread.
  12. Eagles land Curtis

    Who said they were the same type?? Thought comparing Curtis to the wr that was there before him to assess how many catches and yards were available would be a valid comparison. Hold on, let me pull up the numbers for....damn, who's another white wr??
  13. Who is H1 hanging with?

    So Hugh One is like one of those opposite nicknames.
  14. Eagles land Curtis

    The numbers I was using were Stallworth's numbers with the Eagles. They weren't Curtis' form the Rams. If he's good at the slant passes, Philly is a good place for him to be. McNabb back full strength, I don't think it's a stretch that Curtis gets over 1000 yards with 8 td's.
  15. Eagles land Curtis

    Near as I can figure, Stallworth played 12 games with Philly but left early or didn't play in 2 of those. His stats in the other 10 games: 37 catches 699yrs and 5tds' I view Curtis at least as good as Stallworth, if not better. Just taking those over a full 16 would give you 59 catches 1118yds and 10 td's.
  16. Open Water

    I sat and watched waiting for the damn sharks to munch on them. Still waiting.
  17. Yo Adrian!

    Shocking, simply shocking.
  18. Julius Jones

    If Barber was the starter, I wouldn't hesitate to take him as my #2 rb. He put up good numbers last year and being the starter wouldn't lower him out of being a #2 fantasy rb even if a couple people moved past him on the charts.
  19. Randy Moss New story saying Packers are meeting today to discuss obtaining Moss.
  20. Black Donnellys

    Just saw the first one. Me and the wife both liked it.
  21. Where does a 26 win team get seeded?

    Sure doesn't make sense. Team should've gone to the NIT without a doubt
  22. New Sirius report

    5 of those 7 are no surprise. Little surprised Barber got that much of the load with Jacobs there. Very surprised Parker is on the list.
  23. Fantasy Baseball

    I'm a newbie to fantasy baseball.....never did it. You got room for some dead money?
  24. Black Donnellys

    Why would that give you pause? I've liked the stuff I'm familiar with of his. I recorded the first couple episodes. Was going to watch it with the wife.
  25. If you had to do it all over again...

    I had lived with her for a few years..... I made arrangements for just the two of us to go to Mexico and a week before I asked her mother for her permission. Her friend helped me pick out the ring the same day. Made arrangements at a nice restaurant...had dinner....had dessert....had coffee...finally mustered up the courage...dropped to one knee, fished the ring out and asked her. She seemed to like it and it was a total surprise to her. I wouldn't change how I did it.