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  1. Pistol help

    Rats. I wanted to say that. How hard is it to get a concealed gun permit? I'm starting to wonder how many people are walking around with guns.
  2. 300 Movie Review

    I didn't like Sin City....I liked this movie. FWIW
  3. 300 Movie Review

    It was definitely different in the graphics. Kind of like stop action photography. The 15 year old I took really liked it. There was two times during the movie when the audience clapped and cheered.
  4. 300 Movie Review

    I was going to take one of my kids last night at midnight (he told me the day before about it). Found out my son was in error before I actually went down there at midnight. Plan on taking him this weekend.
  5. I like the move. Baltimore must not like Smith much or they wouldn't have given Lewis the ball over 300 times last year. I think Mcgahee's numbers go up this year.
  6. Sirius report

    That is poorly disguised indeed. Barely, and I do mean barely, relates to this thread.
  7. Sirius report

    I thought they were ok with Jordan especially after he reduced his bonus.
  8. Roto's new Mock

    Not sure about this one. I don't see Lynch lasting until 31. Did I miss Jarrett on that list?
  9. Mortgages

  10. tj to the jets

    Nice trade for the Jets. Little surprised the Bears just didn't keep him for what they got.
  11. I'm not happy...

    I think it's a solid signing. No he doesn't have great arm strength but I don't think he's ever had it and he's been successful. As a mentor to Romo, his experiences can only help.
  12. Gateway!

    I have a gateway laptop and haven't had any problems yet. Have a dell pc that was never that hot. First two computers we had were HP and all we had were problems.
  13. little league baseball

    If your son can compete and will get playing time, then it would be ok to move him up. If he's going to be pulling splinters out of his behind, then leave him down. As far as the draft goes, when I ran a league we did evaluations just to get an idea of the kid's abilities. Then a week later we would do the draft. Everything was done by number. I'd rather the coaches draft their teams so that hopefully the teams come up balanced and everybody can compete each game rather then 1 team of studs that decimate everybody else. I would evaluate the coaches kids and assess a draft slot for them. Some kids I'd take the first pick and some was in the middle. Tried to make it where the teams were balanced. We did the pick them out of a hat for a couple years before I took over and always had one team that wiped everybody out.
  14. Plummer to retire

    Is that his version of a no trade clause? Maybe he thinks Denver will eventually cut him and he can sign as a free agent somewhere.
  15. Clements signed by Niners?

    That would be good news. Improving the secondary is critical if we are going to get to the playoffs.
  16. Nice trade for the Broncos. And I'd say the Lions have some questions about Jones making it back.
  17. Jeff Garcia

    Someone should send this to Al.
  18. Jamal Lewis Released

    You're reading too much into it. I didn't say 3.6 was good. I said I was surprised it wasn't lower then 3.6.
  19. Jeff Garcia

    Awwwww's the beginning of the end when I'm on the same side as BB.
  20. Jamal Lewis Released

    No wonder they cut him. Had a 5 million dollar roster bonus on March 3rd. I didn't realize he had over 300 carries last year and averaged 3.6 ypc. I didn't think he got the ball quite that much and would've guessed his ypc would've been a lot closer to 3
  21. Jeff Garcia

    I think Tampa offers a good landing spot for him. That offense there is a style he can play and thrive in. He would be in the mix to the starter and Gruden has worked wonders with older qb's before.
  22. Who will be ranked higher

    I tried to figure it out but ran out of fingers and toes before I got to 25
  23. Who will be ranked higher

    Colston will be unless Dunn isn't in Atlanta.
  24. Randy Moss Trade Talk

    I remember. I don't remember hearing how he wouldn't try unless he was getting the ball. Heard that a lot about Moss.
  25. Randy Moss Trade Talk

    Dillon was a problem but Moss is on a whole different level. I don't think the guy wants to play. He'd be a challenge for any team, even New England. I'd kind of like to see him go there to see if they can get him to put forth some effort.