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  1. The Departed

    Departed is a good flick. Not a great one. Scorcese wins the Oscar for a movie that probably isn't in his top 5.
  2. Calvin Johnson turns a 4.35 40

    Matt Jones was the same size and about the same speed but he's a converted wr. Johnson already knows how to play the position and excelled at it.
  3. Some inconvenient truths

    I notice Atomic never said he didn't have a taste for asian boys. If maybe somebody could tell me how to use the search function, I could prove it.
  4. Jets release Barlow

    I guess if Dayne can find a team, then Barlow can.
  5. T-minus 48 hours

    So this will be the same as the Wcoff trip?
  6. Take your own wonderlic test

    11/12.....I looked at #9 and was going to go back to it but forget and looked at the answers.
  7. Trying to buy a Business

    I got nothing. Hope somebody here can help you out and you can get this done. Good luck
  8. Ron Rivera to the Chargers

    Rivera was done in Chicago. Can't blame them for letting him go. Guy has interviewed for every job opening the last couple years it seems. They want to get a guy in there that will be around longer then a year or two.
  9. T-minus 48 hours

    I won't be doing that in 48 hours. NTTAWWT
  10. Kelly Clarkson

    You know it's slow when a thread like this hits 5 pages.
  11. Home Depot on-line customer service

    I had originally gone with them for my hardwood flooring. I figured out that they likely knew less then I did and wound up getting my money back (after 4 weeks of crap) and going with a local company that knew their stuff.
  12. Very interesting trade rumor...

    Not talking about this trade in particular, but one reason to make a trade for a guy that might be cut is he is yours. Gurantees that you get him but if he gets cut you might have some competitors for them.
  13. Norv to the Bolts

    Dang. Norv was doing really well with the 49er offense. So, how many years does Norv get to screw this chance up before he's let go?
  14. Ginn not running?

    Everytime I see a mock draft with Ginn going to the 49ers I cringe.
  15. Kelly Clarkson

    My daughter likes her and unlike a lot of the current group of pop stars, I don't see her name popping up with dui's, bar hopping, forgetting her drawers, eating ailments and whatever else they hit the papers with.
  16. Who is Working Today?

    working. Didn't realize the wife was off today otherwise I might've taken the day off too.
  17. Clark making the catch. Wonder how many of us will pick a moment from our favorite team's history?
  18. This seems to be where the action is

    This thread is requiring too much thinking.
  19. Another intelligence quiz

    9 out of 11. missed the pill one and the widow one.
  20. 45 or 9MM

    I think we need an updated picture of DMD with his new gun. That old one couldn't hit all those posts that quickly.
  21. 45 or 9MM

    That was a big ol' gun that went off.
  22. Irvin about to be fired?

    Don't like Irvin. Don't watch him on tv much but he comes on the Dan Patrick show frequently and always comes off as arrogant and well, stupid.
  23. LOL

    durn work. wrecking my entertainment.