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  1. Another one bites the dust

    Should be anytime now.
  2. Another one bites the dust

    Note to self: don't share room with JoJo come Wcoff time.
  3. Another one bites the dust

    seemed like Puddy was in a lot more then that.
  4. A little Friday humor

    I see Big John is reading this. He can post a link to the first time this was posted
  5. Cowher inks deal with CBS

    Can't stand the CBS pregame show. Sharpe and Marino are disasters and Esiason isn't a heckuva lot better.
  6. My Missionary Friends

    That's what I thought too but then realized that Spain wouldn't have missionary friends. Sheep don't like that position.
  7. Maybe Rockerbraves has a secret man crush on his mailman??
  8. Homosexuality: Nature or Choice?

    I think some people are wired to be that way. I've worked with a lot of gay people and of the ones I've talked with about it, all of them tried to go the heterosexual route before acknowledging they were homosexual. So I guess they made a decision but I don't think they really had a choice unless they wanted to be miserable in their life.
  9. I don't really blame them for not writing new policies. Really, nobody should take them to task for that. Not paying on the claims that were made though is crap.
  10. 1800flowers

    Lady here at work started calling her husband at 2:00pm asking where her flowers were. she called him at least 3 times the last time saying he better have ordered her flowers. I'm waiting for the day when the divorce papers are delivered.
  11. Huddle Blogs

    Found it. It is like a ghost town in there. Wonder if we can get certain members to only post in the blog section? Make it easier to ignore them.
  12. Huddle Blogs

    What blog section???
  13. The best player in the draft?

    Calvin Johnson is the best player. Won't be the first drafted.
  14. 2007 NFL Mock Drafts

    Any of those have Calvin Johnson going to the 49ers?? If not, then they are all useless.
  15. 1800flowers

    Used 800flowers a few years back and they sucked. They got there on time but they weren't good quality and she had to put them together. Found a local florist who is a little more expensive then some others out here but his deliveries get there in the morning and are fantastic flowers and they come with a nice vase.
  16. What did married Huddlers get

    Wife gave me a bluetooth headset, candy and some adult activity.
  17. Why?

    I don't get it. I didn't see anything inflammatory in it. One of the few topics that was actually being posted in.
  18. Why?

    Maybe the blind cowboy homerism extends to former o-coordinators? Can't speak ill of them either???
  19. What Valentines Day Means to Me...

    so 2/14 is for the women and 3/14 is for the men. it'll cost the women less coin then it does the men.
  20. Gun Control

    Might be right. There is some foul smelling perfume permeating our office space after the 80 year old woman came for her appointment.
  21. schotty fired

    Why would anybody give Turner another chance as a head coach? Guy has proven he can't do the job. He is doing a fine job as the o-cord in Frisco. exactly the level he can thrive at.
  22. Treat your Customers like Coke does

    Go to calling them every couple months to place an order. Rest of the time, fill it yourself. If they ask you about it, tell them to call back on a Monday and you'll get back to them on Wednesday.
  23. Tiki-Coughlin drove me to retire

    you just mangled what I said. I said Tiki sounded like a schmuck calling himself a great player. I didn't say he sounded like a schmuck for what he said about Coughlin. Ever since he became a head coach, players have complained about him.
  24. Tiki-Coughlin drove me to retire

    I thought Tiki did say something about Coughlin during the course of the year? I liked Tiki, but never would call him a great back. He sure shouldn't have called himself a great back. Sounded like a schmuck.