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  1. The Ditzy Chicks

    Evidently I like contemporary folk music. I have all Springsteens, a few Dylans and a few of Earles. I've liked a few of Waits songs, just never bought a cd.
  2. The Ditzy Chicks

    I disagree with that statement. I like to snort meth off ghey male hookers as I bang them but I might be splitting hairs.
  3. Lunch

    going to have the leftover Carne Asada I made yesterday.
  4. schotty fired

    The media was speculating Coughlin would be let go because just about every player on that team spoke out against him. Easier to get rid on 1 coach then 40-50 players. I don't see Carroll going to SD, especially at this point in the season. He wouldn't be offered a lot of say in personal matters and he could get that in other places. Miami was offering him near total say so. Why would he go to San Diego without that power. Chow would be a good hire and has more then put in his dues. I see SD going with a retread though rather then hiring a new coach. Mora, Martz and Marucci are the most likely ones to me.
  5. The new and improved MONDAY

    I couldn't finish all the chores from the weekend so tonight I will spend putting a 2nd coat of paint on the bathroom.
  6. The new and improved MONDAY

    I couldn't wait to leave there. Course I was about 60 miles west of you.
  7. The Ditzy Chicks

    The music industry is out of touch. Almost as much as the movie industry is. I think they were awarding the Dixie Chicks all those grammys just because they said they were ashamed of the President. Didn't have a durn thing to do with their music.
  8. The airing of grievances

    I just can't be frightened by somebody who would wear that hat you were wearing in Vegas.
  9. The airing of grievances

    I'm going to the soccer game later. Let's meet up!
  10. OZZFEST 2007...FOR FREE

    Wonder who else is going to be willing to go on tour without a guranteed income?
  11. The airing of grievances

    I hate the fact I have so many people on ignore that I can't read most threads
  12. I Youngest Daughter to the E.R. Last Night

    already done. dumped that one the next day. I called the physicians group and complained about him. Not a lot you can do other then dump him and badmouth him to all of our friends.
  13. So those with recent Drunk Driving experience

    That sucks. Like many others, check into a lawyer so you can possibly get the minimum punishment. Don't fall on the sword right away.
  14. I Youngest Daughter to the E.R. Last Night

    Our pcp sent my youngest to the ER at 4:30pm when we called and told him he had a 104 temperature. I asked if we could come in so he could see him and he said no, my office closes at 5.
  15. Serious Question

    hmmmmm.....have the Bears heard about this guy? Takes Grossman out of the equation.
  16. Have any of you ever....

    Never encourage him. And yep.....good times.
  17. Is there a time when you aren't a .20????
  18. I'm with the others on I would most likely be spewing much worse then she said. I was raised by my grandparents for the first few years and still remember my grandmother (approx 70) driving off curbs and other times grazing things because she couldn't see that well. I think 80 is probably too old to start requiring mandatory testing.
  19. Randy Moss

    That's what Favre needs. Another excuse to just chuck the ball into double coverage.
  20. Sarge's Mock Draft

    hmmmm....49ers are supposed to be looking at Reggie Nelson but you have him going 10th. I'm not a fan of Ginn....I'd much rather have Jarrett. WR is a need position so entirely likely they take one.
  21. Does anybody still...............

    I don't understand Walmart. No problem selling guns but they draw the line at cd's with naughty lyrics. I don't care if a store sells guns but do find their attitude inconsistent.
  22. Great Blue North mock 1st round

    Stuff I've seen has Kiffin wanting J Russell.....I'd be shocked if Peterson slides to 7. Just don't see it.
  23. acquiring a fantasy football site

    Bidding War!!!! I bid $0.02
  24. So Long and thanks for all the Fish

    About 3 years ago I was in something like 10 leagues and had 0 fun. And that is only half what you were in. I went down to 6 leagues this last year and am considering one more. Might want to give it a little bit before you get out of every league.