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  1. Randy Moss

    Raiders would be better off dumping him somewhere else and get some guys who actually want to play to replace him.
  2. Is Parcells Worthy of the HOF?

    I don't remember offhand what else would qualify Flores but as for Seifert he was viewed as somebody who was a caretaker of a system that Walsh had installed. I don't think anybody ever thought he was a great coach much less a Hall of Famer.
  3. Fishing Expedition of the Year Award

    I'm guilty of looking at it because I was thinking it would be a funny tongue in cheek post. I was wrong.
  4. The Nintendo Wii

    My oldest has the Wii (bowled a 239 in my 3rd game) and the kids had fun with that but the 17 & 15 year old boy go for the PS3 more. Speaking of the PS3, I need to figure out how to allow them to play the games online but not surf the internet. My computer blocks them but I discovered the 15 year just doing standard surfing while on the PS3. Matter of time before he figures out there isn't a block on that thing. Anyone blocked that system?
  5. BFD gets a job...

    Good luck BFD.
  6. acquiring a fantasy football site

    Government job = more huddle time, not less.
  7. Mother @#$@#$$#% rip off mechanics!

    nope, that's the only Chevy dealer for quite a ways. I didn't buy my cars from them for that reason. I never deal with them except for crap like that.
  8. acquiring a fantasy football site

    Wrong place. Everybody here is too lazy to run a site.
  9. Mother @#$@#$$#% rip off mechanics!

    I have a 3 1/2 year old Suburban and a 1 year old truck now. Your dealership sounds the exact opposite of mine. We took the suburban in because the seat that is supposed to slide forward to allow access to the back wasn't moving. Car was still under warranty. Told me they had to order a part for it. check with them next week. I've checked with them for 4 consecutive weeks now and still no part. Talked to the manager and everybody else I can think of. They don't seem to really care at all.
  10. Mother @#$@#$$#% rip off mechanics!

    Brother in law is a mechanic. saved me tons of money. great part is his boss lets me pay his cost (they get a nice discount on parts) for the parts and then my brother in law will do the work for free but I always find ways to compensate him. His family has eaten an awful lot of meals at my house and when we go on vacation, I always pick up the tab in the restaurants.
  11. Van Halen tour this summer

    average ticket price is probably going to be over 100.....when the Who was touring the cheapest seats were running 65 with a high of 550. Least where I was that was the going rate. I saw Van Halen in '83 with Roth. They were the headline act at a 2 day festival. half the crowd left by the midpoint of their show. It was around the 5th or 6th song and they couldn't get through any of them because they were forgetting words or what the hell they were playing. Saw Hagar solo a couple of times and he put on a good show. Never saw him with Van Halen though.
  12. What a day.

    My day's going in early, took a long lunch to run a soccer practice, came back did some work, checked thehuddle, got a call from my daughter that cable, internet and phone are down. doublechecked bill was paid. called them and what great help. ummmmm....unplug everything and plug it back in. That should work. It didn't.
  13. Joe Horn

    Passing game didn't seem to be too hurt by his not playing. Saints would be dumb to give him a big contract. He's most likely going to get his money somewhere else and play 9-10 games for them.
  14. Things I learned today

    Ah, nevermind. I see Aceo denigrated Landry in a post. With a Cowboy lover running these boards that is a definite no-no.
  15. Things I learned today

    Had an early practice today. I miss something?
  16. Can you read this ?

    After the first couple words, I rolled right through it. Pretty sure my wife had forwarded an email with that in it previously.
  17. Oh, the humanity!

    I was doing some referring of High School soccer games and this year I'm coaching a JV soccer team for the high school. Problem is it's only 1/4 of the year. I can umpire high school baseball but I don't feel like it.
  18. I can't do it...not a die hard fan at least. The 49ers are still the one team I follow despite not living in their area. San Diego is a team I've started following because they are the only football team in So Cal and that's who all the local papers will report on. I root for them and am considering buying season tickets but my rooting interest pales compared to when I'm watching the 49ers.
  19. Welcome Brack Ugly Tuna !

    Menudo isn't any worse then most other people on this board when it comes to their team. There are quite a few who are obnoxious homers...UT is in a class way, way beyond everybody else then it's probably the Cowboy homers and then maybe Menudo.
  20. 9866

    I know....couldn't remember the member number. used to be 32 a couple years ago. couldn't remember what it became.
  21. 9866

    not even sure what my member number is anymore.
  22. typical

    My oldest is just about to turn 21. I don't think I swatted him on his behind since he was 7 and I've probably done it 3-4 times in his life. That's about the same for all the kids. Didn't see anything wrong with it then and don't see anything wrong with it now.
  23. The Huddle

    Atlanta Cracker for Fusion. He gets help from a couple others but the number of people who could be commish for that league is very small.
  24. typical

    So I can still beat...I mean spank my children that are older then 3?? 5 out of 6 won't be too bad.
  25. SuperBowl Squares

    I did 3....sent payment via paypal....