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  1. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Thanks.....alot of work but very rewarding.....not much going on, eat , sleep, poop, wake,
  2. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    WHO: Maize N Blue Backer - Bleed Maize & Blue WHAT: Financial Operations, Manager WHEN: Think I have been with the huddle for 5-6 years now. Post every now and again. 34 and counting WHERE: Michigan - New home, New baby (7 weeks), No sleep (just note time of this post) WHY: FFL is truly an addiction FANTASY BIO: 20 Team re-Draft league for past 10 years, Two-time champion including 2000 (Thank You Terrel Davis), 2006 (Thank you Steve Jackson, Manning and Gore). 4th year, Keeper League, Two time Champ and two time runner up 10 Team work league (5 years active), FFTOC dabblings as well
  3. Punt Off Jet costs me the championship?

    sell out.....
  4. Punt Off Jet costs me the championship?

    wow...i feel like someone shot my dog.....that cost me a few bucks in my work league, but more improtantly a championship....i did win my big money league, but also lost a shot at the final game in my Keeper because i lost the tiebreaker in the semi-final as we tied and he had more bench dickens stated, the best of times, the worst of times....son of a! and a big F U to Chad Johnson, Reggie Wayne and Tony Romo (side F U to T Owens, loser!), who laid a turd yesterday...and to lovie smith for not playing Benson a majority of the game....
  5. Yesterday, Miami punted and idiot Jet doesn't see the ball, it bounces off him and Miami recovers, is that considered a defensive fumble recovery? or is that actually an offensive recovery. This will decide our playoffs unfortunately......................please help
  6. Is Pittman worth picking up - Fighting for Championship

    well, bell needs like 100 yards or so for a 1000 yard he's at home....don't forget alstott may hawk short TD runs but i hope pittman breaks a lengthy one...that guy is a never know with shanny if today turns into mike bell love fest...tough call....i may roll the dice with tatum though....cincy D not that great
  7. which qb?

    then sit him....
  8. Is Pittman worth picking up - Fighting for Championship

    too funny, i have sammy and ronnie too...just picked up pittman....cleveland can be run on, i like him to help out rattay on some swing passes as well!
  9. PLEASE HELP! WDIS: C. Benson or M. Drew

    Benson, conversely, I am starting him....
  10. WDIS Carney or Scobee

    yeah! alright......that's what i need to hear, that and i do not think carney kicks well on the road--could be alot of pints though in that game, although jags d should create some opportunity for shortened fields...
  11. WDIS Carney or Scobee

    trying to maximize points...Carney @ Giants stadium (14 mph winds forecasted) or Scobee home vs. New England (under 6 mph wind)..
  12. Why am I not surprised by this?

    McCown shoe'd signs of life with Arizona----with our WR talent, and more scrambling ability i cannot believe they have not at least given him and mike williams a look...this franchise is DOOMED until the Ford's sell the team, unfortunately all NFL franchises make money...he could give two Sega!s about the fans.....F U FORD and the Millen Good Ol' boys network, sincerely Detroit sports fan fed up------------GO BALTIMORE!
  13. champ or playing for championship...

    we have a 20 team league, two conferences of 10..the guy in one conference with Gore/LT was the other guy with LT got bounce two weeks ago....
  14. champ or playing for championship...

    Daddy (yes my wife is 20 weeks pregnant) has Manning or Bres Gore Steven Jackson Boldin Driver Andre Johnson Vernon Davis Scobee Indy D going for the championship boys, WAR Gore in the sixth, Brees in the 9th and crafty trades that allowed me to get boldin and willie parker (who i only playes @ home)
  15. Brees or Manning

    Do i start brees at NYG to nullify my opponent starting Colston or go with Manning against the Texans.....does Indy really need a win, or does a win hold consequence or will manning be limited in his game plan this week?