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  1. Urban Meyer in contract talks with Jacksonville

    I'm just curious what the parameters are. I know that their most successful winning QBs (who won SBs) were not drafted by DEN (Peyton & Elway), but did see some guys they drafted (Siemian & Griese) that had decent careers. They were also close to 50% in winning percentage.
  2. Jets hire 49ers dc Robert Saleh as new head coach

    I like the guy, Browns were considering him last year but I think they wanted an offensive leader, with a young QB who needed to have a good system built around him. I'll say good luck to the Jets, because I'm not worried about them
  3. Urban Meyer in contract talks with Jacksonville

    How are you defining that success? Is it their record in games started, Tebow is 8-6
  4. MVP Rogers-Mahomes why not J Allen

    Good point, his numbers took a huge jump this year with Diggs catching lots of balls (127 of 166 targets 1535yds 8TDs) 2019 271 of 461 3089yds 20TD 9INT 2020 396 of 572 4544yds 37TD 10int He threw 25% more passes, increased yards by 50% and TDs by nearly 100% with just one more pick.
  5. Seahawks fire oc Brian Schottenheimer

    Didn't they start focusing on running the ball more, at the request of Carroll? I read that in several places during latter part of the season, as well now since the firing. Yet the OC gets blamed and fired? Sucks as a Wilson owner looking to have him be a key part of my keeper team after getting him in a trade going into this past season. His numbers in the first half were huge (33 39 40 19 27 31 31 22) then a big drop in the second half (8 20 12 14 27 13 17 18). That drop corresponded with my team dropping 3 of its last 4 games and missing the playoffs.
  6. Deshaun Watson trade rumor

    From the Huddle News Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson's 'displeasure with the way the organization has been run of late is indeed real, but it will not lead to his asking out,' according to 'someone familiar with his thinking' via Jerome Solomon of the Houston Chronicle.
  7. MVP Rogers-Mahomes why not J Allen

    Their performance has been garbage, but the rest is just garbage (something Jersey residents know a lot about). Beating your hated rival in a big game like that, the way we did it, watching Ben and his buddies crying on the bench, yes that felt great and was our SB (for now). I have no delusions about our chances against the Chiefs, and you'll see that if you read my posts. Of course with our COVID situation and history I wasn't giving them a chance against PIT either.
  8. MVP Rogers-Mahomes why not J Allen

    Doubtful until your meddling owner steps aside. This is one of those places where for the past 20 years people told me my opinions don't mean squat because my team blows, so I'm just giving it back to people now, not that I think your fandom means anything relative to football knowledge.
  9. MVP Rogers-Mahomes why not J Allen

    I don't have to since I don't have a vote. But talking about how bad a team would be without one player makes it about that team, which is not the purpose of the award. Most NFL teams would suck without their starting QBs, is each one an MVP? Where are most football teams without quality OL play? Oh and where is the support for Derrick Henry and his 2000 yards rushing, which happens very infrequently compared to these passing stats? OH right, not a QB so not as "valuable".
  10. MVP Rogers-Mahomes why not J Allen

    Please try and read the post, it was not about Mayfield being in NFL MVP discussion, it was to point out that LCs angle was "most valuable to their team, where is team X without player Y." I am an excited fan, I'm rarely a homer, but I'm not delusional or insane. But hey you all had a good laugh, where are your teams right now? Cowboys, Giants, Eagles? couldn't even win a division that finished with all teams below .500
  11. MVP Rogers-Mahomes why not J Allen

    I've heard that from many people, maybe my decades of Browns fandom has me waiting to see it to believe it.
  12. MVP Rogers-Mahomes why not J Allen

    It is not the team's MVP it is the league MVP. Where are the Browns without Mayfield, or Garret? Where is KC without Mahomes, and so on.
  13. MVP Rogers-Mahomes why not J Allen

    Like most awards they are very flawed in that way. And Lamar Jackson didn't suddenly flop this season but I left him out of the conversation as I was looking at passing yards in comparing these QBs. He regressed a bit in yards about 350 fewer passing 200 rushing, but really regressed in TDs (26 pass this year vs 36 last (7 rushing TDs bith seasons). Joe Thomas was a great left tackle for the Browns, but rarely got the recognition since he played on crap teams. Which could also impact his chances to get into HOF, even though he never missed a snap until an injury during his last season. I'd go Rodgers, distant 2nd for Mahomes and close battle behind him between Allen/Brady.
  14. Cowboys hiring Dan Quinn as DC

    I think both sides make good arguments. First as Irish says, some guys just aren't good at HC, and in that role their chosen side (off or def) of the game may suffer, doesn't mean they're not still a capable off/def coordinator. I don't recall the Browns defense being stellar under Romeo Crennel, but he's had successful stints as a DC since then with other teams. Also talent matters, and yes Quinn led a talent filled defense for the Seahawks and parlayed that into a HC job. Some of the better DCs like Saleh are going to get interest as a head coach, and are not likely to make a lateral move to DAL.
  15. MVP Rogers-Mahomes why not J Allen

    Only big difference I see is the INTs are double that of the other guys, which . Why not Brady with 4633 yards, and 40TDs with 12 picks? Why not Watson with 4823 yds, 33TDs and 7 picks (he had 444yds rushing and and 3 TDs). Allen has a 1.7 Int% (on Pro Football Reference site rate of picks per pass attempt) while Mahones & Rodgers are 1.0, Watson is 1.3 and Brady 2.0 Not sure if people think the standard (not ESPN) QB rating means anything, but of those listed the numbers make Rodgers a clear favorite Rodgers 121.5 Watson 112.4 Mahomes 108.2 Allen 107.2 bunch of guys better than Brady (Tannehill, Brees, Wilson, Cousins) Brady 102.2 There's a 9 point drop from Rodgers to #2, then 10 points cover the next 8 guys. Also your final column is mislabeled, should be Rushing TDs