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  1. Keenan Allen placed on Covid protocol

    I tend to over think things, to some people that's probably dumb.
  2. Pick Up Julio, Boyd, or Gage?

    Maybe Boyd, definitely not the other two or MVS.
  3. Keenan Allen placed on Covid protocol

    OK that is a legit reason, I figured people calling it dumb just meant the season is one game longer, so of course your regular season should be extended one game. I'm pretty sure this is the latest bye weeks in NFL history, presumably related to the extension of the schedule by one more game/week. That is outside of the 1999-2001 seasons where there were an odd # of teams and at least one on bye every week. In those 3 seasons FF leagues had no choice but to have playoffs going on while teams were on bye, presumably just bad luck, not dumb. I know 20 years ago or more some leagues still had playoffs in the final week of the season, when players were often rested, over time most changed that. I just feel people toss around the term DUMB a lot, when they don't really know much about a decision being made, but it is "different than my league so its dumb".
  4. Patriots vs Bills (MNF)

    What years was that? I'm having trouble finding it, I've only been a Browns fan since the mid 80s when I moved to CLE, but enjoy hearing and reading about these old teams. Would it be 1949 and 1950? But those appear the games to reach the championship games, for winner of the division (American/National). There was also a pair of wins (1946/47) over the NY Yankees. None of those games showed zero pass attempts for the Browns. Information being used from Browns franchise encyclopedia page on Pro Football Reference According to the link I posted earlier, the Browns did have a game with the Eagles in 1950 where they threw zero passes.
  5. Seasons over...but what about this trade?

    Never said we follow NFL lockstep, not sure why you're railing about that. As for rewarding failure, I'd say that's what you're getting by allowing teams out of the playoffs to make blockbuster trades for the future (two very players for a slightly better player). Remember, you're the one looking for advice and feedback, you got some, don't get belligerent because you didn't like it.
  6. Keenan Allen placed on Covid protocol

    WHY? You're the second one to label it DUMB, with no real input other than "they didn't change it". There are millions of leagues and they don't all need to be run the same way. Is the league dumb if it doesn't have IDP, or a flex spot, or still has a kicker? We changed ours, but I could see some leagues not even thinking about it amidst all the chaos in some people's live these days.
  7. Patriots vs Bills (MNF)

    There were 3 big plays in that game, the Breida fumble, the ensuing long TD run by Harris, and then the punt by the Bills which touched the guys helmet and was recovered, setting up the Bills TD. Each team had 2-3 good drives (8 plays & 50 yards or more) the difference being the Pats got a FG on both of theirs, the Bills made one of two FGs and turned it over on downs with under 2min. Yes with the bad weather the Bills could have used a better running game, but they were still in the game to the end, if they make the other FG who knows how the final minutes go, they had 4th and 14 at the NE 18 and could have tried another FG to take the lead.
  8. Players You’re Disgusted With

    He's been especially bad since the bye, had many good weeks before that, only twice scoring single digits, his 8 TDs in the first 8 games really helped. I looked on a ranking list, he was WR4, but standing around 20th in weekly average.
  9. DST best ROS hold- GB NO Denv TN ?

    Saints are definitely the best of those 4 without regard to matchup. Agree their week 15 matchup with TB is not good, but then the others play some good teams that week too. This also assumes their playoffs are week 15-17, which may be common but not the same in all leagues. ETA: Hmm I just reviewed the scoring (in my league) of teams facing the Bucs, Saints got 14 last time they played, nobody else had more than 7 (including Falcons last week) and the average is just under 5.
  10. DST pick up

    Might want to consider the Seahawks as well who face the Texans who have been pretty bad on offense this year. Definitely not KC or CLE.
  11. Seasons over...but what about this trade?

    No trade deadline? Ours was last week, before the week 13 games. Its much longer relative to the NFL when you look at regular season length. I think I'd rather have Jefferson, more proven track record, not as many mouths to feed. Both play on offenses that run the ball a lot. Also feels like there are more mouths to feed in CIN. Of course there could be coaching changes coming in MIN. and Chase could overtake him in a year or two (if you can keep players indefinitely).
  12. Supply issues you've experienced

    At least for the most part basic staples are not out of stock like they were last year, when you might not find any toilet paper or other critical items. I've noticed certain breads I was buying out of stock frequently. Some frozen veggies are also rather empty, overheard a customer asking a worker the other day it was broccoli. I know one medley I buy with broccoli is also rarely in stock. Part of it to is just not having enough people at the store to keep shelves stocked. I was shopping around this time last year, and one evening I went for just a few things, could not find a single 16oz container of regular sour cream. Totally cleaned out. 2 days later they had plenty. And of course the price on various things continues to climb.
  13. December 7th, 1941

    80 years, still living in infamy....fewer and fewer people around from back then.
  14. Patriots vs Bills (MNF)

    That is correct, an unfortunate part of the stats. Just like all interceptions are not equal (balls off the receiver's hands vs. a horrible pass), a fumble isn't always that players fault (and some are just good defense knocking the ball lose). What I found odd looking at Pro Football Reference play-by-play, it is recorded as "Josh Allen aborted snap, " not sure how that can be considered an aborted snap, he clearly handled the snap, and made the hand off. I'd think it would. The cold and wind definitely impacted the game, but it appeared Allen could throw it pretty well. Not sure if the Pats never planned on passing, or just decided they didn't need to since the Bills could not stop the run. This broke the Pats old record of 5 passes in the "snow plow" game. But apparently the record for fewest passes in a game is zero, with multiple games holding that position, so it cannot be broken. The most recent was in 1950
  15. Is it just me, or...

    I think so, I know at one point I was counting up the missed games by key players on my team, and it was a lot. Then I started looking at other teams in my league and saw similar things. And that often ignores (especially by this point in the season) players lost before the first week even started, like the 2-3 BAL RBs. Or guys like Michael Thomas who never got on the field. To be honest COVID has been of rather limited impact this year, but it seems to be getting worse now with more players every week (don't recall there being many in Sept/Oct). For me the list is lead by Chris Carson, Russell Wilson and Kareem Hunt.