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  1. Who will be SF's main back (if any)?

    I have Hasty and was considering using him instead of either of Carson/Hyde, but with it being a potential 3 headed monster I'll pass for now and go with Fournette.
  2. Carson info? Got any

    Just go shotgun and let Wilson fling it around, 400 yards and 5 TDs is fine with me, I can find a RB on another team to get me some points, I'm replacing Carson with Fournette now (liked how he looked in the Raiders game I watched last night.)
  3. Week 8 covid buzz/news

    The Broncos are being impacted in multiple ways. They have RB coach Curtis Modkins returning after testing positive for COVID-19 earlier this month, but OL coach Mike Munchak is not at practice due to COVID protocols (not clear if he tested positive or had contact with somebody who did). Appears to be a report from Wed 10/28 Broncos COVID issues The Broncos opponent Sunday, the LA Chargers had a player with a positive test today, player is not named. Just like the Raiders last week, players who have been in close contact with that person are not with the team now and isolating at home. They may be able to play Sunday if they clear protocol by then (believe that's 2 negatives, the Raiders got their results and clearance Sunday morning before the game). Chargers COVID issues
  4. No Defense League

    I think this is a mostly one year spike, especially when you look at scoring being up 16% since last year, but only 20% from 20 years ago. The average score their chart had lots of ups and downs in the last 20 years. The NFL often tweaks their rules (especially in the last 20 years) to correct trends they don't like. Also this report was based on just the first four weeks, when teams were much more likely to be unprepared due to pre-season and more limited off season work. A study done after the season is over would be interesting.
  5. Philly TE situation

    He may get the most targets, he also does the least with them, at some point if you're not catching the ball you won't be targeted as much, unless the team likes losing. I don't play in PPR so he has less value, I need yards and points. Targets that are not caught don't count either. No reason to get salty and insult me. I've used a valuable resource on a player that hasn't worked out, I'm not the first and won't be the last guy to complain about that. Instead of him making a difference for my team he's been mediocre, and now injured and by the time he returns to form the fantasy regular season could be over and his contribution useless to my team. Kind of like his explosion starting in November (week 9) last year where just about every week was 90 yards, a TD or both. (First 8 games average score 6.2, 2nd 8 games 9.9.) I'll be curious to see if anybody snaps him up if I do drop him, I may need to if anything happens with the Broncos game this weekend so I have a TE in my lineup.
  6. Philly TE situation

    HIs value is pretty low now, how much lower can it go. By the time he returns to the Eagles (expected in week 11), the fantasy season is nearly over. Both Rodgers and Goedert are catching about 72% of the passes thrown to them, Ertz is about 20% lower (53).
  7. Carson info? Got any

    Right forgot I said that, it was mostly in relation to the OP who asked "how much do I need to go after Hyde?" and the answer was "if you rely on Carson to start get Hyde". I just saw this info below on Carson, sounds like he won't practice much this week so it may be hard to get a read on how ready he is. It is a 4:25 game, so if its a GTD it may be hard to have a replacement, that's one case where having the handcuff helps. And Pete Carroll downplayed the Hyde injury to the media "its not major" and used the term "tightness" in describing it. I'm kind of leaning towards Fournette at this point but will wait to make changes to my line-up. from CBS Sportsline player info Seahawks' Chris Carson: May not practice this week 1 hr ago | Coach Pete Carroll said Wednesday that Carson (foot) will be held out of practice until the end of the week, Curtis Crabtree of Sports Radio 950 KJR Seattle reports. This means Carson likely won't practice Wednesday or Thursday, but the ambiguous phrasing leaves the possibility that he could return to the field for Friday's session. The 26-year-old running back is dealing with a mid-foot sprain that makes him week-to-week, but Carson has played through a myriad of injuries in his career, including a knee sprain back in Week 4. However, he practiced during the week with the knee sprain, and it appears he'll take a different course of action this week. Michael-Shawn Dugar of The Athletic believes that Carson is trending toward a game-time decision as a result, and fantasy managers should be prepared to pivot off Carson. It's tough to find a viable option in Seattle's backfield, however, as Carlos Hyde (hamstring) and Travis Homer (knee) won't be full participants in Wednesday's practice. DeeJay Dallas is the only running back with a clean bill of health heading into Sunday's matchup against San Francisco.
  8. Carson info? Got any

    Fair enough, I was not suggesting anybody pick Hyde up, only talking about my own situation and how I had considered dropping him but he looked good in relief of Carson so I'm holding him as a handcuff. This beats the confusing backfields on many other teams where even if everybody is healthy we have no clue who is the lead back, let alone a clear handcuff/backup. I remember the Seahawks when I first had Carson on my team (2017 rookie year) waiting to see how things would shake out and if he'd really be the lead back. He got hurt, and did get the starting job, but after their years experimenting with many guys filling the hole left by Lynch I wondered if a SEA RB would ever have much value again. According to my fantasy site the SF defense is also stingy with RB points, ranked #1 (worst) even though they're midpack in rushing yards allowed. That seems odd but I know they have a formula that takes more into account and specifically what points that position scores against the team. (I recall DMD talking about this kind of stuff in his articles, and having charts that track positions scoring chances against various teams, so I know its a valid concept.)
  9. Bears vs Rams (MNF)

    Sounds like Griese actually misunderstood Foles, or made a bigger deal out of it than Foles did. Not that this has never happened, especially with ESPN who is increasingly E and not much S. Besides which Foles talking about plays coming in too late to be able to run them is not an indictment of the plays being called, but their timing. ESPN's over the top click bait headline (Foles frustrated with Nagy's play calling) and opening paragraph (Foles is sick of Nagy play calls). So much of sports today is overly sensationalized fake drama, I don't even read or listen to much but the actual games anymore, that goes for all networks that cover sports.
  10. Week 7 Chat

    As a fan of a team that had tons of turnover in coaching and front office positions (plus two owners in the "new Browns era) I'm just keen on "fire the guy after one year". Is McCarthy a great coach, HOF caliber, no. Is he good enough to lead a talented squad to some success, certainly. Are the Cowboys talented enough with Dak, doubtful. I can understand a coach after 10 years more and not being able to "get over the hump" being let go, like Andy Reid when the Eagles made a change (their first hire was a disaster though and deserved to be tossed aside quickly). Look at the success he's had, and the coaches who've left KC to go on to be head coaches (no not all are successful). I'm not even sure how serious League Champs was with their prediction he'd be fired, he posts so much and often it is attempts at humor or just off the wall speculation. The media and fans like to play this "coaching carousel/hot-seat" game and constantly talk about any team that is struggling as being a candidate to be fired. Pretty sure there was talk of firing Sean McVay when they came tumbling back to earth last year. If the Browns were 2-5 instead of 5-2 there'd be people calling for Stefanski to be fired. Heck I know Steeler fans who are tired of Tomlin and want him gone.
  11. Carson info? Got any

    Not sure why you're labeling it a rumor, its a known fact, I just didn't mention it. I saw Hyde listed as questionable on my league site, and it says he hurt his hammy during the game, based on information from Pete Carroll. It mentions Homer has an injury as well. I won't be making a final decision until late Saturday or Sunday before early kickoff. From CBS sports player info Seahawks' Carlos Hyde: Dealing with hamstring injury October 26, 2020 6:36 PM ET | Hyde suffered a hamstring injury during Sunday's 37-34 loss to the Cardinals, John Boyle of the Seahawks' official site reports. Hyde took over as Seattle's lead back after Chris Carson sprained his foot in the second quarter, but coach Pete Carroll revealed Monday that Hyde picked up an injury as well. The Seahawks' top three running backs are now battling injuries after Travis Homer suffered a knee contusion during the divisional tilt, leaving rookie DeeJay Dallas as the only healthy remaining back. Homer's status is unclear, Carson is week-to-week, and Hyde's status isn't favorable because of the soft-tissue nature of his injury. We'll have a better idea of the trio's respective statuses once practices start up Wednesday. If they're all ruled out for Sunday's game versus the 49ers, Dallas likely would lead the backfield because Rashaad Penny (knee) isn't expected to be ready in time. Patrick Carr is on the practice squad and may be an option, and Marshawn Lynch's name could be floated under these circumstances as well.
  12. Carson info? Got any

    I've got Carson and Hyde, who I was ready to drop until he had a good game replacing Carson. I'm leaning towards my other options (Fournette, Hasty or even Malcolm Brown) unless Carson is ruled out, then I'd roll with Hyde. I'm worried they try to use Carson in a limited role, and neither one can be trusted for good production. If you rely on Carson to start every week, and don't have other good replacements I'd try to get Hyde, he showed he can still get things done.
  13. TB running backs

    I don't have Jones so he is not part of my decision. I'm waiting to see whether Carson is healthy for Seattle, which seems unlikely. Then it boils down to who has the best opportunity Hyde taking his place, or Fournette or Hasty. As for deciding between Jones and Fournette, I'd probably still lean Jones. He still seems to be the lead back, but the return of Fournette ate into his opportunities and production. Fournette was in on 56% of snaps, and had 11 carries & 7 targets while Jones was in on only 43% of snaps and had 13 carries but just 2 targets (15 possible touches vs 18 for Fournette). I did not see the game, I have it recorded from Sunday and will watch it after work today. I'd like to see how they look, but for me Fournette is a backup (behind Jacobs and Carson) that I don't expect to use much. Hasty was more a flyer, Coleman may be returning and have more value on SF. I was about ready to cut Hyde this week, then he has a good game taking over for Carson and I thought maybe he's a guy I'd start this week.
  14. Any 0-4 teams making a comeback?

    Nope but a team who started 1-2 in our league just won 4 straight including a sweep of the other 3 teams in his division. That put them in a solid 2nd spot in the league. He's one of our perennial winners (7 titles for him, 4 for another owner in last 19 years) and rarely has a bad team. I've looked at his waiver moves, nothing spectacular there, in fact he added Claypool then dropped him before his breakout game.
  15. TB running backs

    I added Fournette off waivers hoping to get some depth, and may use him this week if the SEA situation isn't clear (I have Carson & Hyde), but may also consider JaMycal Hasty who I got off waivers today.