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  1. Rodgers wants out of GB

    God the actual football season cannot get here soon enough, all this stupid off season fabricated drama is so f***ing annoying.
  2. Both of my expected RB keepers (Carson and Jacobs) too low I haven't followed Christian McCaffery's return from injury (and don't do redraft league) but a bit surprised he's still #1 overall. Is he really expected to return to 2019 form and be dominant?
  3. Any open sites allow for yardage-based PPR?

    I think my simple answer to your question is "we pay a fee to CBS to use their Fantasy League management site", but I've never heard of those being labeled Commissioner Leagues and have no idea what the "normal CBS leagues" you refer to would be. Either way I'm the league commissioner and have full access to setup the scoring categories. No the thing I'm talking about it NOT YARDAGE range, it is number of receptions. it looks like this From to Recpt(s),award point(s)for every Recpt(s) As I said (which you must have missed), there is nothing in the receptions category about yardage, zip, nada. When you tell us CBS has it I assume you've checked that out, but it sounds like you're either guessing it does or got some bad info from them or somebody else. Or I'm missing it. As I said in my reply in the other thread, probably a good idea to find out if such scoring is supported before getting so set on wanting to use it.
  4. Maybe they don't get any PI data at all. Again I'll ask what NFL based stat sites show you anything with specific totals for PI penalty yardage? I write computer software for a living, things are never as easy as the end user thinks, and they're often not as easy as the programmer hopes. I'd suggest you select scoring categories that are actually widely supported rather than come up with obscure scoring categories and then hope some league management site will support it, or make changes to support it. Or you can keep dreaming.
  5. MFL probably meant they don't get PI yardage breakdowns by passer and intended target. They'd have to do the number crunching and all that. Where on the NFL site (or Pro Football Reference, or or other stats pages) have you ever seen this information to assume that MFL and others would have it? Again I looked at CBS scoring, I don't see anything for PI under offensive scoring. Not even under defensive scoring.
  6. Any open sites allow for yardage-based PPR?

    I co-commish my league on CBS and looked into settings there and don't see it. We don't do PPR now, but if I add the reception category and look at options I don't see any way to qualify it by yardage. I can do an amount per receptions, amounts per ranges, or amounts as a bonus (over X receptions). Either way good luck finding what you're looking for. I do see on my league that they are ready to take our payment if we like, so they are least partially open for business.
  7. Rodgers wants out of GB

    Another report that really means nothing and which the media is blowing up like he will certainly leave and its about loyalty to Rodgers.. Its about playing with a HOF QB, he knows that helps his career, so if that QB is gone he will have do some "extra thinking" (his actual words). What was he supposed to say "If they get rid of Rodgers it won't change my plans"? That would be complete BS and we all know it.
  8. Patriots legend Tim Tebow returns to NFL

    You post lots of nonsense, somebody has to call it out.
  9. Patriots legend Tim Tebow returns to NFL

    So Trent Dilfer is a better QB than Dan Marino, got it. PFR site compares Dilfer & Marino As for your "Tebow is being brought in to teach Trevor to be passionate about football" that is not something you can teach. Besides that I think Tebow was more obsessed with being a pro athlete so he can spread the word of God, not for love of the game itself. Your man crush on Tebow is clear.
  10. Rodgers wants out of GB

    No doubt, just look at the Huddle News reporting that he's in talks with the Packers on a long term contract, but the Huddle take (Huddle Up) reads "Not much to see here. Rodgers is about the No.3 to No. 5 QB to target in fantasy." I guess "not much to see" boils down to "Rodgers fantasy value as a top QB is not impacted by being traded". But posts about him being a good fit in Denver didn't say "not much to see". Another one of the million stories of "could Rodgers land here" that explains it is very unlikely, but won't outright say it isn't happening, have to leave that bit of intrigue open.
  11. Patriots legend Tim Tebow returns to NFL

    Better in what way? Are there some stats we can look at to show he was better? Or can you explain why you think Tebow had the better career? Pro Football Ref compare Tebow to Bradford Bradford wasn't great, but he was a starting QB for 7 years with some success at times, I'd think that is better than the guy who washed out as a QB in 3 years, tried baseball and came back to the NFL as a TE. Sure the team Tebow played on reached the playoffs, and had a 1-1 record. Patriots legend, that's hilarious considering he never recorded an NFL stat as a Patriot. I cannot believe the author of that rag actually called him legendary, I guess it was sarcasm. This is all Urban Myer giving his one time star college QB another shot at the NFL. Surprised that Tebow's ego could take the move out of the QB position. Of course now he's much older, and probably not as athletically gifted. We'll see if he makes it thru camp, I read that Jags TEs are pretty bad so it may not take a great showing.
  12. Rodgers wants out of GB

    Curious when exactly is this nearly done deal going to happen? All these informed sources telling us how its a near certainty, and then repeating that claim after it should have happened (during the draft, in the days after the draft, etc.) Amazing that tweets like this one don't get the promotion that all the "Rodgers is leaving the Packers" ones do.
  13. For The True Degenerates

    What are you talking about? Doesn't matter when the pick was traded, it is SF's 2022 1st round pick, so they'd have to lose the NFC title game to be in slot 29/30, and the LA Rams are also represented there at pick 30. One of those two picks must come from an AFC team. Big John is right, their draft order with traded picks is simply wrong.
  14. For The True Degenerates

    I saw one of these (Todd McShay) on ESPN while at the gym yesterday, they need a few more "way"s (as in way way way too early) in that title. Just setting a draft order is full of tons of guessing (and they botched that with picks 29/30), let alone what value college players have a year from now, what NFL teams really need etc. May as well start predicting the NFL draft for 2030 while we're at it. McShay compared him to Jalen Ramsey.
  15. Rodgers wants out of GB

    No way that never happens, certainly not with the attention seeking Schefter.