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  1. Brady...pretty accurate.

    Its fakeness was reported pretty quickly after it was posted by Tom, because he tagged people that helped create it, who specialize in visual effects and CGI. This story is 2-3 days old, and I recall reading the same thing somewhere else within a day or two after Brady posted it. Just Brady trolling people, he loves the attention like many others.
  2. Wentz out indefinitely

    Well that might make my final keeper decision easier, was considering TY Hilton but not too thrilled with that. Will probably look elsewhere (Chark) or make a trade for a better player before we select keepers.
  3. Rodgers wants out of GB

    That link was not working, but I did find this on Rapaport's Twitter account. Ok figured it was Tweets, TV or radio. A bit surprised that the Tweets didn't show up in a web search, maybe they were too new.
  4. No you are still on ignore. But as I stated sometimes the posts are quoted so I still see them, other times I am curious to see what was said.
  5. Randall Cobb to Green Bay? (Rumor)

    I noticed my post had a word missing, but maybe the meaning was still clear. If I have a clear #1 WR on a team (and top 5-10 WR overall) I usually don't bother with other WR on the same team. I won't avoid them, but most will assign a higher value to them than I would, so they're gone when I'd take them.
  6. The Cleveland Guardians (baseball)

    And even then we cannot win the World Series. They will probably come up with more logos, will take a long time for them to become popular.
  7. faced me? Is that what 5 year olds call getting a smack down?
  8. To be fair that was before some of these guys were born (at least based on how they act)
  9. Rodgers wants out of GB

    Curious where did you find this new agreement to read it? All I can find is 1-2 day old news stories talking about a "new deal being close to done". I don't think there is actually a new contract, or if so I've not found any reporting of details. You are correct, Cobb is 30 and will turn 31 in a few weeks.
  10. Randall Cobb to Green Bay? (Rumor)

    Ha totally forget Funchess went to the Packers last season, not hard to do since he didn't play at all taking the COVID-19 opt out. I already have Davante Adams on my team, so I pretty much avoid the other Packer WR. Though back in the Favre days I would often have 2-3 Packer WRs, one got hurt and the next one stepped in got a big role.
  11. Top defenses this year

    The Browns will be much better than last year on defense. Maybe not a stellar fantasy defense. I also have a feeling the Steelers won't be as good as expected in many ways.
  12. Justin Fields impressing at Bears minicamp

    OK your HUH made me think my post did not make sense to you, not about who I quoted. Here's why I did that, I have LC on ignore, so I don't see his posts unless I decide I want to. But you quoted him, so I saw his post there, and just quoted you rather than take more steps to get to his post and quote it.
  13. Well the author of that story sure made it sound like they believe that the Vegas sportsbooks believe that Rodgers was going to retire. I guess they were just exaggerating to make a juicy story, which of course was picked up the king of rumor spreading Mike Florio and PFT. I just don't get why people like to twist in the wind with every rumor and speculative story out there. I've got Davante Adams as a key part of my keeper squad, I wasn't going to change my plan or try to trade him based on all this nonsense. I figured Rodgers would return and play, if he didn't then once I knew that I'd deal with it. Same would happen if I had Rodgers, I know my league nobody is going to bite on a trade offer without checking into the player, and you'd have to live under a rock to not know about this.
  14. Justin Fields impressing at Bears minicamp

    Nobody in the NFCE is light years ahead of the rest of the division, so predicting somebody wins it easily (as LC did) is silly. It happened recently, but generally for the last 10-15 years the division is a cesspool where some bad team has to win it. It is referred to the as the NFC Least for a reason.
  15. Kamara's value without Brees and M. Thomas

    Rushing was not that much lower than normal, but receiving was, he got about half the targets per game with Hill vs. Brees. Brees missed 4 games, weeks 11-14. Kamara also missed the final game, so he played just 15, 11 with Brees and 4 with Hill. Kamara for the season - rush 187/932/15 rec 83/756/5 (107 targets) in 15 games, avg per game rush 12.5/62/1 rec 5.5/50/0.3 (7 targets) Kamara in 11 games with Brees at QB - rush 137/695/12 rec 73/705/5 (on 91 targets), avg per game rush 12.45/64/1 rec 6.6/64/0.5 (8 targets) Kamara in 4 games with mostly Hill at QB - rush 50/237/3 rec 10/51/0 (on 16 targets), avg per game rush 12.5/59/0.75 rec 2.5/59/0 (4 targets)