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  1. Trade

    Nobody knows if or when Watson will play again, he's still a free agent in my keeper/dynasty league, somebody I might add before the last week and have as a potential keeper next year. It it can help you win a title it might be worth it. And Hurts could be a decent long term QB2 for you.
  2. Amari Cooper?

    Not sure I'd want to trust Cooper tonight (he's out of my lineup but my game means nothing). He was listed as QUESTIONABLE not long ago, other reports say he could be limited, and I also read McCarthy said he still has some symptoms from COVID when he practiced yesterday. They expect him to play, but who knows how that goes. Also with Lamb back and Gallup healthy they may be able to lean less on Cooper. Faced with that decision I'd probably go with Claypool, or at least see if there is any news just before game time tonight, after the warm up etc.
  3. Which side won the trade?

    Only thing I can think of is the guy getting Patterson had plenty of WR, and needed Patterson to use as a RB. I think Allen/CPat are close on WR ranking (10-15), but Pittman is well ahead of Green (low 20s vs 40ish).
  4. There's another thread about the suspension, I posted a story in there from ESPN, which would seem to indicate that AB did not get the card from his chef, but had asked him to get one for him, the chef was not able to and later AB showed him his fake card, that he obtained from a Bucs teammate (two Bucs on the team back then have also been suspended).
  5. Antonio Brown suspended 3 weeks

    There were two other players suspended, Bucs backup safety Mike Edwards and FA WR John Franklin III (who Bucs waived in August). Note this is a joint effort by the NFL and NFLPA not some draconian edict from Goodell in the ivory tower. The players own union is doing this. As for why wasn't Rodgers suspended and thoughts by some here that he should be, I don't think he misrepresented his vaccine status to the team or the league, he simply misled the media and broke a few rules (and was punished). Not defending Rodgers, he acted like a tool, but he didn't do what these guys did. The article below says the players all accepted their discipline and will not appeal. According to AB's attorney he continues to say he was fully vaccinated but rather than fight the suspension he'll spend the time treating his injuries. The story also points out that AB was already not expected to play in the next 2 games, so the suspension is really just one game, plus the lost pay (some portion of his base salary of about $915K). PS As for it being a crime, could be and that would be up to some government to investigate and make charges.
  6. Christian McCaffrey out for season

    Thanks for being another sourpuss on the Huddle Forums Just seems odd to bitch and moan about pro sports, but use a 49er logo with your account, list 49er/Giant accolades in your sig.
  7. Players You’re Disgusted With

    Other than the many players with various injuries missing time that have ruined my season (Carson, Wilson, Hunt, Jacobs) OBJ backup QB Matt Ryan Even Davante Adams has been a bit disappointing this year, currently 8th in average scoring in my league, a full 4+ points behind the #1 Kupp OBJ and Ryan the only 2 I'll really avoid, but I'll have to think on Carson and Wilson being keepers again.
  8. Zeke

    I think he's a solid start this week, he could be a bit limited but they had a full week off since the last game, and have 10 days until they play again after tonight. I'd continue to watch reports, if coaches say something about being limited. (Try to ignore what Jones says.) You may find this of interest
  9. Until sometime yesterday it wasn't that certain he would start, its the THU game, and I was reading even Wednesday morning that while they expected and hoped he would start it was not certain. I see now that around 5-6PM yesterday it was announced he was the starter. People were simply trying to say that if you have to make a waiver claim and it was between Mac and Taysom to go with Mac, he's pretty good and is their sure starter. And if something happened to alter that you'd have the rest of the week to recover. Instead of grabbing Taysom, then possibly scrambling Thursday if he isn't starting.
  10. Christian McCaffrey out for season

    OK Grandpa You know Lott and others in his era were over paid crybaby divas compared to guys like Len Dawson, Otto Graham & Bronko Nagurski FYI the word is overpaid or maybe over paid. Unless you're using "pay" in nautical terms the past tense is NOT payed. PS for somebody who hates modern sports and hardly watches them, its odd you have all those recent SF team accolades in your sig line
  11. Yes that was a good trade, but the other owner was relying on Ryan as their #1 QB all year, so they were struggling for sure. I'd hate to rely on Ryan as a starter all year, but in a 16 team league there's going to be some mediocre options at starting QB. Ryan was my backup, and when Russell Wilson got hurt I was worried that I had to rely on him. I even dropped him after one low score contributed to a close loss, had I kept him (or picked almost any other FA QB) I would have won that week. I had Ryan ranked around QB14 before the season, so far he's #26 in weekly average. Wilson I had around 8, easily a starter in 12 team league, but he's at #18 in weekly average, plus he missed 3 weeks. Just 2 of my misses this year.
  12. Christian McCaffrey out for season

    Would that even be allowed under the CBA? People already think players get screwed because contracts are not guaranteed, you're only paid so long as you're on the team, and those payments are spread out over a relatively short period of time. Hmm according to the article below (not sure when it was written just says "Apr 6") they payments are now spread out over 36 weeks, not just the 18 weeks of the regular season as I had understood it to be in the past.
  13. pickup Breida or Deejay Dallas?

    One more for Breida
  14. NY Jets QB situation

    I'm just saying it can be hard for players to accept lots of losing after success in HS and college sports. You come from a program that rarely loses more than a game or two, and regularly competes for a title (more so Alabama than OSU before I'm labeled a Buckeye homer) to being on a sub .500 NFL team with no hopes of playoffs by midseason. Fields 3 years at GA/OSU - with a 30-4 record, 8 starts for the Bears 2-6 Lawrence 3 years at Clemson - 38-2 record, 11 starts for Jags 2-9 Maybe I'm wrong, and somehow they are prepared for all that losing, and can handle it.
  15. Drop Ingram for Sony Michel?

    Pretty sure it is Russell Wilson, mentioned in the first post as one of his bad performers last week. I wouldn't drop Ingram for him, he has value whether Kamara plays or not. If Henderson goes down is Michel really that likely to be a better play than the guys on your squad already?
  16. Exactly, if you grab Hill and he isn't starting its back to waivers and Mac may be gone then. I know everybody loves the upside Hill offers but when you don't know if he is starting you can't assume he will and risk having no QB. (Of course that's all setup by coming into Rodgers bye week with your backup QBs having the same bye, something I'd have corrected earlier.) I think Newton and Tannehill are droppable once you have another backup QB for this week. Its not like either of them (or Hill or Jones) are going to start over Rodgers.
  17. Ingram Or Scott

    I think you posted in the wrong thread (if looking for advice from Irish)
  18. Claim Taysom or Jamaal Williams? PPR

    Hill has a bit more upside than Carr, but also has the risk related to his injury. Hopefully you know if he's starting well ahead of the game. As for Williams, if Swift is out (as predicted) he'll have decent value, but not sure that would be better than Jacobs.
  19. "Cry Me a River" thread.

    Curious have you held onto Thomas all year? Is it a keeper/dynasty league? Are you using an IR slot or are the rosters deep enough. An owner in our 12 team league drafted him in round 9 (our round 4 after 5 keepers) and has held him all year. We have 9 bench spots to go with 9 starters. He's one of the better teams this year, and has not had many injuries so he hasn't had to scramble too much.
  20. Ingram Or Scott

  21. Trade for Justin jefferson

    Seems like a no brainer to me, Swift is a good RB, but recently hurt and probably won't play this weekend. Would he be in your line-up if healthy? Jefferson is an elite WR, and Scott doesn't have much value,
  22. NY Jets QB situation

    I don't know what kind of record BYU had while he was there, but I wonder about the confidence of many of these top QBs from top college programs that end up on a crappy NFL team and lose more games in one season than they did during their entire college career. I remember hearing Baker Mayfield and others talk about how all the losing wears on you when you're used to so much success. That can go for all players, but with the critical role the QB plays on the team it is bound to be more. I could see where a guy from a smaller program like BYU can deal with it better since they are not part of an elite program that regularly contends for a spot in the playoffs. The days of using a high draft pick on a QB and having them sit for a year or more watching and learning are gone. I was not in favor of Baker starting from day one, but once I saw him get in the game I felt that handing him the job made sense.
  23. Yowza, that neck adds 2-3 inches to his height compared to a normal size. I have Daniel Jones as my backup, sure hope Wilson doesn't become a scratch, I'd feel compelled to make roster move so as to not throw the game to my opponent. (Wins don't matter to my team, in fact I'd like to keep losing for the better draft pick.)
  24. Vaxxed or unvaxxed?

    Wow that is shocking, but appears to be true (see below). 2021 still has a month to go, so the disparity will surely increase but it is a small difference, just 1000 more deaths (386,000 vs 385,000) in 2021. I hope that people are not drawing a correlation between more people being vaccinated and there being more deaths. Things have been quite different this year compared to last, with far more things open, far less mask wearing and social distancing. There are more deaths occurring in those states with lower vax rates, than ones with higher rates. Another change is more younger people dying compared to last year.