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  1. Well this sucks (Michael Thomas news)

    OK, was trying to make sure you were not implying that was my viewpoint. Correct, not the place for it, so you probably shouldn't have gone there to start with.
  2. There is a lot of uncertainty, it could simply be a prudent move by the sports books until they know more. Doesn't mean they KNOW what is going to happen. If you follow fantasy football (or the NFL even) you know that Rodgers may not play for the Packers this year, and that would significantly impact the rest of their offense. People can plan accordingly, and it will probably be known in plenty of time for most leagues. PS We also don't really need a new thread for this, could have been added to the existing discussion about Rodgers future.
  3. Well this sucks (Michael Thomas news)

    why are they pesky?
  4. Cam Akers out for 2021

    Offer him $1.6M and call it an even $10M
  5. Buffalo receivers

    Dak Prescott told a reporter that asked him if he had been vaccinated that the question isn't allowed because of HIPAA. Of course he was mocked on social media for totally not understanding HIPAA (much like people think Freedom of Speech applies to social media and other online communities).
  6. Well this sucks (Michael Thomas news)

    Most of us don't get months off during the year. And plenty of people use their paid time off to rehab after various surgeries, my sister did that with both knee replacements.
  7. The Cleveland Guardians (baseball)

    No what is amazing is your inflated view of your opinion, your complete lack of maturity, and thinking you are funny.
  8. The Cleveland Guardians (baseball)

    I know they did a lot of stuff to get input from fans and people in the community, but the Guardians thing isn't a big deal to many in CLE. When I lived there I lived on the west side, went to college downtown CLE, but rarely drove that way. Also attended tons of sporting events downtown over the years, often driving from my place or my friends on the west side, and we didn't cross the bridge that has these impressive statues carved into them. Maybe rockers was offensive to people who don't like rock music.
  9. Well this sucks (Michael Thomas news)

    paging rajncajn.....please pick up the white courtesy phone and give us your input on the Saints offense...
  10. The Cleveland Guardians (baseball)

    Not as big an Indians fan as I was in the mid to late 90s (they filled a hole left by the Browns and were a fun team to follow) so doesn't matter much to me. I knew once they got rid of Chief Wahoo that the name would change, then all the social justice movement last year. Others will be forced to change in time, Blackhawks, Chiefs, Braves, etc. As for the Guardians name, this may explain it, The choice of Guardians draws inspiration from Cleveland's architectural history. The Guardians of Traffic are the large art deco statues that adorn the Hope Memorial Bridge that connects the city's west side with the east side. Now cue some idiot who will say "well Cleveland sucks that's stupid", like Phillies is such a great name for team playing in Philly I saw some uniforms and they are keeping the same colors, using the same block C on the caps, and the Guardians across the front of the jersey looks very similar to Indians, same font and both end with "dians". Personally of the choices being discussed I liked Rockers the best, we are home to the Rock Hall of Fame (despite the man non rock artists). I know Spiders was used before, but that isn't even the same baseball team (Indians started as a team in Michigan and had many other names before Indians), and it reminds me of Spider in Goodfellas, that mouthy little prick that Tommy shot.
  11. Rodgers wants out of GB

    From The Huddle news Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers wants to be traded or have years taken off of his contract that includes three seasons at $33.5 million per year, according to an NFC personnel executive. 'He wants to get some sort of deal done,' an NFC personnel executive said. 'But, he wants years off his deal, so he can pull a Tom Brady and be the next guy to try to go elsewhere to win a championship.' Curious what incentive would the Packers have to do this? He has 3 years left on the current deal, and if he plays for GB in 2021 that leaves just 2 years. And he'd want years (more than 1) removed, so like redo the current contract to expire 2 years earlier? Is that something that happens (or is even allowed) in the NFL? Packers get one more year of Rodgers and nothing else in return? And he just becomes a free agent 2 years early? I guess if he doesn't get this he could hold out or retire. What a mess
  12. Ibl league

    you're on a roll
  13. It's time. Goodbye CBS......

    Same here, split 12 ways its no big deal. We (the other commissioner and I) like that it has all the history, does what we need, and generally doesn't change frequently in ways that make running the league each year (close to 25 now we started doing it manually from a newspaper). If we lost all our history we might also consider moving, we've already paid for this season to get the discount. There are many choices and many opinions. Some people love Bose, Apple products and Harleys, I consider them overpriced and inferior.
  14. Forfeited games

    Fewer fans, not no fans, many teams had limited fans attending games by the middle of the season. Fewer than half the teams had no fans for any home game. I agree that having few or no fans made some of these schedule changes easier, but let's not bend the truth when it isn't needed. Besides the NFL has long ago reminded fans attending games that they are a secondary concern when it comes to scheduling, the growth of flex scheduling is proof of that. If you're traveling and spending money to see an NFL game better make sure it isn't one that could be moved to another time, or even another day.
  15. Forfeited games

    I wonder if he'd be saying that if he hadn't already made $85 million playing in the league? OMG just read the post with follow up tweet, that was quick, guess he realized there is another $65million on his current contract that he is likely to make unless he retires before 2024.
  16. Forfeited games

    That is really all that matters, they are the ones impacted, they are the employees. Other jobs have required vaccines, attending some events requires them. For decades every child attending school has been required to get certain vaccines.
  17. Buffalo receivers

    For some people there is no filter, social media is where they post their random thoughts, without giving it a second thought. Decades ago they just posted in some forum that few saw or followed, and decades before that they stood on street corners downtown shouting at the sky. This whole thing is nothing but politics now Oh any chance we get back to talking about the Buffalo receivers? Or maybe change thread title to "crazy Cole Beasely won't get vaccinated".
  18. Cam Akers out for 2021

    Good to know in case I get offered a trade
  19. Draft results - do you agree?

    I play in one long time local league, I'm not as into FF as some here are, who play in a many leagues or do drafts for fun.
  20. Draft results - do you agree?

    I'll never understand drafting this early. We draft as late as possible, has been the day after Labor Day for probably last 15-20 years, maybe a week or two before that at the earliest, well into pre-season.
  21. He probably will avoid any serious punishment, it helps that he has celebrity status, the money to pay for a very good attorney and AFAIK no past legal troubles. However, what he did is pretty serious. He didn't just drive a few miles home from the bar after getting drunk. He got really drunk at home (even 2 fifths of low grade alcohol will make get you stinking drunk) then had a fight with his wife, then decided to go drive to his in-laws and fight with them, a 30-40 minute drive from what I had read. Then crash the car in a construction zone, then leave the scene and try to break into the in-laws home. He's lucky, this could have ended very badly, for him and others he encountered. And what if he had broken down the door to the in-laws, do people really think that would have went well with no violence? Being drunk and having mental issues doesn't (or shouldn't) absolve somebody from their responsibility.
  22. Yep that is what I was thinking. I've also known people to have a destination or cruise wedding, then have a reception back home with a larger group. But in either case referring to it as "renewing their vows" is probably a bit misleading.
  23. Draft results - do you agree?

    We all think we do that, but that randomness factor gets in the way of guaranteed results.
  24. The 911 call from his wife indicates he was telling her he was going to kill himself. Parts of the reports indicate he was drunk, or possibly impaired in some other way. And talk of battling mental disorders. He is intelligent, but always sounded a bit unhinged to me when he got passionate about things. I was going to post something yesterday about Barkevious Mingo (trying to have sex with some boy in his hotel room) and some of the other recent craziness by NFL players (several arrested on various gun charges recently). Probably just the usual cases of a few bad apples spoiling it for everybody (they're no more or less likely to have legal trouble than any other 20 year old male).