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  1. Cost of Game Tickets

    +the beer is cold and you don't have to stand in line.
  2. Baseball question...

    If your going to go to all of the trouble hitting it 500 yards you might as well put it in the cup while your at it.
  3. Lindsay Lohan arrested AGAIN

    Does this mean we will be mailing in urine samples? Addy?
  4. RIP Yankees

    Should let the hook set a little firmer.
  5. So......my son went fishing last night with my BIL

    Careful...this guy could go postal on you. I have to agree with H8tank on this one...find another fishing spot.
  6. For old codgers only

    Thanks Sky and RR having been born in 1941 it really took me back. Was it really that long ago?
  7. Crash diet

    Thoughts and prayers are on the way. Hope for speedy recovery.
  8. Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

    CCR '68 or '69 good song
  9. Chris Chambers arrested

    Already reported about 30 min ago.
  10. The Greatest President of Our Time

    If what your stating is true then why hasn't the Legislative branch started "impeachment" procedings?
  11. The Greatest President of Our Time

    "You should leave this great country now because you are a coward and a traitor. " I voted for and supported the current president. Please explain how I lost this "right" (one of many I fought for) by supporting this president. How does this make me a "coward and a traitor"? Please be specific.
  12. Got me an invite to this weddin'

    "Reception will also be at the Elders Estate with food and drinks. Entertainment will be provided by Uncle Jam of Power 92. "
  13. best O-line of all time

    I am a Steeler fan but the best offensive line would have to be the 1972 Dolphins
  14. best O-line of all time

    Passing, running or combined?
  15. RIP Yankees

    They have that now and it's called the "minor leagues".