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  1. Arthur Blank to speak at 4 PM EST

    I can honestly say I never expected to read so much about Bud Selig in a thread announcing that Arthur Blank will speak today at 4pm EST. I guess the commissioner of baseball has a lot in common with an owner of an NFL team.
  2. HAG league fees?

    I haven't seen anything yet but when are the fees due for the 2007 HAG leagues?
  3. HAG league fees?

    Thanks Puddy.
  4. HealthCare

    OK, from a Canadian here are some of my thoughts/opinions on our system. As most said, if you have a cold or something fairly minor then it's great because there is no cost but you also can't just show up at your family physician to get seen. In some cases by the time you get an appointment, the minor cold is gone and you no longer need to see the doctor. I used to work in a doctor's office when I was 16 and I saw the same patients there almost on a daily basis because they just find something they need to have looked at just because they can and they're lonely so at least they have the doc to talk to. On the more serious issues or needing imaging (MRI, etc) it's a terrible process. I had a doc take an xray of my knee from a soccer injury (waited 4 weeks for this appointment). Then when the xray wasn't good enough he sent me for an MRI of which I waited 6 months to get. The good news is that I had no damage necessary of needing surgery and I didn't have to pay a dime for this but if I was say 70 years old and needed a hip looked at by the time it was seen and then finally operated on I may have done further damage. So there are pluses and minuses to our system and we do have at least 1 private clinic here in Winnipeg where I could just pay the price tag for an MRI and get it done much quicker or drive to North Dakota and get it done there.
  5. I gotta ask...

    People that frequent this chain I'm sure just bring bags with them which does help in the environment form but I have no clue how many bags to buy and they should at least throw in 1 or 2 free and al least bag them for me. At this point they might as well just go to self serve checkouts.
  6. I gotta ask...

    That beats one of the largest Canadian chains that is I guess trying to help the environment by not including any bags. If you need bags, you have to buy them as you pay for your groceries. Even worse, they ask you how many bags you need to buy. Like if I have a cart full of stuff I know how many bags I need????? Then to top it all off, you have to bag yourself anyway.
  7. I gotta ask...

    If the cashier is attractive then I use that, if not I use self check-out where possible.
  8. Tank Johnson arrested for DUI?

    If he's convicted, I'd say he will get a full year suspension so not sure how many teams would want that.
  9. biggest ''bust'' of 2007

    Isn't Horn in Atlanta???
  10. NFL DIRECT TICKET gone up again

    $32.50 per month for me.
  11. Blue Screen of Death

    Get a Mac.
  12. Culpepper all but gone

    I'm ordering my Culpepper Winnipeg Blue Bombers jersey as we speak.
  13. gardening question

    Is this tree/bush on your property or a neighbors?
  14. HAG League Openings (NVN - Ages 30 and Under)

    I'm 30 right now, you would have this year to play still.
  15. McNair to Minnesota?

    Winnipeg is in Manitoba and not Ontario. When I'm in Minneapolis for the week 1 game of Atlanta vs Minnesota, who will be the 2 starting QB's?
  16. Huddle Mock #1

    My roster: 1.05 RB Shaun Alexander 2.08 RB Edgerrin James 3.05 WR Roy Williams 4.08 QB Tom Brady 5.05 WR Deion Branch 6.08 RB Fred Taylor 7.05 WR Calvin Johnson 8.08 RB Chester Taylor 9.05 TE L.J. Smith 10.08 WR Isaac Bruce 11.05 WR Jerry Porter 12.08 RB Maurice Morris 13.05 QB Steve McNair 14.08 TE Eric Johnson 15.05 D SF 49ers 16.08 PK Olindo Mare QB - What's not to like about getting Brady in the 4th round and as the 4th QB taken? I was very pleased to get him with the addition of Moss and Stallworth. Since I had Brady already I waited a very long time to get my backup and McNair will do fine. RB - I really like my tandum of SA and Edge assuming of course that SA doesn't have a broken foot or anything like that (I did get MoMo to back him up in the 12th round just in case). Fred Taylor as my 3rd could be played as a flex as could Chester Taylor who I was pretty happy to get in the 8th round. Of course we have no idea what's going to be the split in Minnesota but I liked the value there. WR - Wow, what a run on WR's!!! I'm happy with getting Roy Williams as my #1 and getting Branch as the #2 is pretty good in my books. I decided to take a gamble on Calvin Johnson even though I already had Roy but maybe this will become a CJ/Housh or Harrison/Wayne or Holt/Bruce type of receiving combo. Grabbing Bruce and then Porter back to back isn't the greatest depth in mind but if Porter can get back to playing instead of whining I might be ok. TE - LJ Smith and Eric Johnson (if they stay healthy) should be a pretty good matchup tandum for me. I was hoping to get Winslow but when he went I decided to wait a bit. D & PK - whatever Grade B
  17. Huddle Mock #1

    So it's been about an hour, do you have my grade yet?
  18. School shooting in Toronto

    This has been a rough day for us in the Tailgate. First in the Stanley Cup Finals poll and now this.
  19. Huddle Mock #1

    Hopefully he doesn't miss any games then. I know it's only a mock and we can just go on what we know right now so the pick was solid.
  20. Huddle Mock #1

    I wish I had my 3 RB's (SA, Edge and Fred Taylor) a few years ago.......
  21. Huddle Mock #1

    Still the AP's in the wrong place when I look at it.
  22. Huddle Mock #1

    OK so Sleeper King is changing to Ahman Green so let's keep going and DMD can make the change later.
  23. Huddle Mock #1

    It's not a really big deal because it stopped after 1 more drafter only but what if the next 5-6 picks were preselects and then we had to get a hold of 4 huddlers to go back? That would be costly and turn this into a mess.
  24. Huddle Mock #1

    I guess it is somewhat of a big deal now isn't it?
  25. NHL Stanley Cup Finals

    We do have horrible drivers, that's for sure. I'm actually not even a hockey fan other than I kind of need to be for work reasons. Back in the day when we had an NHL team I was though, stupid Phoenix........