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  1. UAW vs. Japan

    Couldn't have said it better myself.... When American cars are as reliable as my Honda is then i will buy one. But right now they aren't in the same ballpark IMO...
  2. Truer words have never been spoken....
  3. Al Gore's kid busted

    as well as Xanax, Valium, Vicodin and Adderall.... I guess I wasn't the typical 24 year old
  4. The perfect thread

    I read it and I'm replying. I am now curious to see what the response rate is
  5. +1. She goes to court acting like she is on the red carpet. Her mom cusses out the judge and today she asked if she could do a teleconference instead of actually showing up in court. Fok her, she deserves what she is getting.
  6. Vick is all done

  7. Stanley Cup Finals

    And the Ducks WIN!!! Stay Classy Alfie....
  8. Stanley Cup Finals

    I missed it, an old friend of mine called. What did he say? I don't think Alfie will get suspended either but he still is a little biatch.
  9. Stanley Cup Finals

    Alfreddson is a dirty little B1TCH!!! F him!!!
  10. Stanley Cup Finals

    Doh! That was all on Getzlaf unfortunately... And it had to be Heatley.... God I hate the Sens....
  11. Stanley Cup Finals

    I hate to give credit to any Nottawa player but that was a helluva save....
  12. Stanley Cup Finals

    This is some GREAT hockey - WOW!! Looks like they finally broke up the CASH line. Alfie playing with Fisher now I think...
  13. Stanley Cup Finals

    Nice Save by Giguere on Heater... the CASH line has been pretty much non-existant... Watch them call it a goal!!!
  14. Stanley Cup Finals

    And another one by McDonald!! He's got burners... Emery should stick to diving... he is much better at that...
  15. Stanley Cup Finals

    SCORES!!! Beautiful goal by McDonald!!! Emery overplays EVERYTHING!! Agreed, the refs were making it too obvious, something had to be done.