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  1. What amazes me is he is one of the best players in the NFL. A superstar. Why force yourself on massage therapists when you can go to any club you want and probably scoop the hottest chick there quite easily . These smoking hot instagram chicks love athletes . He could juggle 10 of them if he wanted to. Why force a massage chick ? The whole thing is bizarre . Its not to say famous people dont commit sexual crimes , because obviously they do , but to be a serial offender to massage girls when you can pick up smoking hot girls above board is a head scratcher
  2. Drew Brees announces retirement

    An elite Qb and a good man. I have always respected Drew Brees. The game needs more guys like him
  3. RIP Irv Cross

  4. Saturday Night Poker

    Ill have to find my Chris Moneymakers software
  5. Teams asking about Wentz

    I would love if he got traded. I have both of them in my dynasty league
  6. OG Check-In

    “Huddle fights” were awesome too .
  7. OG Check-In

    Dan Pastorini
  8. How will mfl handle this ?
  9. I always assumed you didnt wipe

  10. I am totally taking a poopy so I had to post here. Guess which, Am I a wadder or a folder?

  11. Single best album rock ever produced

    AC DC Back In Black....Kick ass Rock n Roll tunes from start to finish..No bad songs IMO
  12. Scorsese, Shamalan, Spielberg, Mel Brooks

    Just pick a movie and stop busting my balls
  13. Computer Question

    For some reason my AOL (yes I know AOL sucks and you fart in my general direction) is shot..Every time I try and sign in my entire screen goes black. I know if I reload it I should be ok but the problem is I have some pretty important stuff in my saved to AOL mail file. I have a lot of passwords I need and payout information from a baseball league I run and I cant get to any of it. MY aol works fine on my laptop and that has all of my favorites but it doesnt have saved mail that I save to my file cabinet..Is there any way you can think of that I can retrieve this stuff ?
  14. Greatest American Rock Band

    I was thinking about this thread this morning and realized that I forgot all about The Black Crowes who IMO is the best Rock band to come out in the last 20 years here or abroad.