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  1. Colts safety Khari Willis retires after three seasons

    tartt Dut Dut Dut Dut Dut Dut semi obscure reference. who is gonna get it ?
  2. Supply issues you've experienced

  3. Watson news - won't face criminal charges

    Like others have alluded to , this was a kinky fetish thing . This is a multi millionaire football star . He could have smoking hot chicks and these Instagram hoes lined up around the block, yet it seems he chose to get creepy with all of these massage ladies . Id say where there is smoke there is fire. Even if some of these are a cash grab or false , something seedy went on in a lot of these instances . Im afraid this wont have a happy ending for him or the Browns
  4. Thats a shame. A young and talented kid. I dont follow college football much but I drafted him in a dynasty league and right off the bat , year one , he put up numbers . Seemed like a ball hawk. Prayers to his family and friends
  5. Steelers QB Haskins killed in car hit

    To get to the other side
  6. He was pulled over by the Chips unit
  7. Breaking Bad

    I like peaky a lot but it can’t crack these 5
  8. Breaking Bad

    Probably a flashback like in El Camino
  9. Breaking Bad

    Just read yesterday that Walt and Jessie make an appearance in the final season of better call saul. Thats pretty awesome. Will be interesting to see Aaron Paul pull off being a high school kid or kid in his early 20s since BCS is pre breaking bad, but I dont care
  10. Please tell me you were quoting the old ladies from that commercial and I was the only one to catch the obscure reference
  11. Breaking Bad

    Sons is an amazing show . I really loved it. Gomorrah might be tough for you to find with English subtitles . I believe there are a few seasons on netflix but finding every season is tough. I have an android streaming box that allowed me to get it . Gomorrah is about Mob dealings in Naples. very gritty show. I loved it
  12. Breaking Bad

    Bb game of thrones sopranos sons of anarchy Gomorrah my top 5 in order. Gomorrah is an Italian show. Frigging amazing
  13. Breaking Bad

    BB is the greatest show ever made in my opinion. I am enjoying Better Call saul too but not even close to BB. Better call saul is painfully slow
  14. Free Agency Tracker

    Gregory can suck it. How many chances did Dallas give that guy. Big talent and I wanted him back for sure , but I wont miss his heart breaking penalties
  15. Kamara arrested

    I love football..Ill never stop watching football. Every large entertainment organization is going to have bad seeds. I wont stop watching TV because an actor was accused of murder. I wont stop listening to music because a musician was accused of assault. This is life. I hope for proper punishment but realize powerful people get away with manure. Politicians , athletes , actors , musicians . They have to really go over and beyond the top to get banned or arrested etc. If you dont like it , you just dont watch. It doesnt mean I support murder or assault . It means I choose to focus more on the majority of the league than a few aholes. Your weapon is your viewership. Use it as you please