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  1. I know for a lot of you the list is long. Skys tour last year was an awesome chance for huddlers to get together. The only huddler I ever met was Tbone65 and his son Eric. Very cool people.We had a great day at Camden yards watching my Os spank the Saux. ..I was just curious to see how many of you have actually met. edit to add..This is a bump of an old thread..since this thread ive met a bunch of huddlers that I listed in another post in this thread
  2. Old School WWF

    Me and a friend were talking the other day and started cracking up thinking about how when we were kids we loved the old school WWF. Roddy Piper , Snuka, Andre the Giant etc. Anyone else into it back in the day ?
  3. I.know..I know the red stuff is sauce..But ill never call it that..How do you make your gravy? (sauce) Im always interested in seeing different ways to make a pot. What kind of meats do you put in as well?
  4. I always assumed you didnt wipe

  5. Red Sangria

    Can someone please explain how to make it ? Thanks.
  6. Computer Question

    For some reason my AOL (yes I know AOL sucks and you fart in my general direction) is shot..Every time I try and sign in my entire screen goes black. I know if I reload it I should be ok but the problem is I have some pretty important stuff in my saved to AOL mail file. I have a lot of passwords I need and payout information from a baseball league I run and I cant get to any of it. MY aol works fine on my laptop and that has all of my favorites but it doesnt have saved mail that I save to my file cabinet..Is there any way you can think of that I can retrieve this stuff ?
  7. What is your favorite movie from each ? I knew if I did a poll I would leave out movies that people would want to vote for . For me its Goodfellas The 6th Sense Jaws History of the world I
  8. Single best album rock ever produced

    AC DC Back In Black....Kick ass Rock n Roll tunes from start to finish..No bad songs IMO
  9. Scorsese, Shamalan, Spielberg, Mel Brooks

    Just pick a movie and stop busting my balls
  10. Greatest American Rock Band

    I was thinking about this thread this morning and realized that I forgot all about The Black Crowes who IMO is the best Rock band to come out in the last 20 years here or abroad.
  11. Baseball question...

    Girardi is a Catcher..They announcers also read the signs
  12. Lindsay Lohan arrested AGAIN

    Shes good whackin material
  13. back to reality

    I went commando that day
  14. Fake Rope Prank

    The first time they do it is the best one
  15. Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday DMan Enjoy it Like TBone said we will celebrate properly in Vegas
  16. 29

    does this help
  17. Bridge to Tarabithia

    My kids can never make a whole movie without having to use the bathroom. During this movie my little on had to go so I took her..When I came back my wife was crying.I said what happened..When she said the girl died I was like
  18. RIP Yankees

    Mussina sucks now..he throws a good game 1 in every 5..He is a surly bitch that is always barking at the umps.
  19. 29

    Congrats on 29K..I almost got one this time but somebody beat me to it..
  20. Friday Night Poker

    I reread the directions..It was shift f8
  21. Friday Night Poker

    Puddy in the hizzy..nice cd what are we doing here ?? fire up a room
  22. Friday Night Poker

    Hey..How bout an IP bitch ?
  23. Dog Training Question

    I have 2 70lb dogs that sleep in our bed plus my kids like to jump in in the morning..I constantly have a foot in my face and a fraction of the bed
  24. Friday Night Poker

    Come on..Powder up and be a man
  25. Dog Training Question