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  1. 16 minutes ago, millworkguy said:


    Much larger rosters,  the NBA has 660 players in Florida,  nhl has roughly 600 in each site.  The nfl would need to isolate 3200 people for training camps, in several bubbles across several cities.  schedule, and quality of playing field the nfl typically plays on 1 field once a week,  having 4 games a week on the same field may lead to more injury. Although I wouldn't mind seeing matches within the division,  there would  be many hurdles to get all sides on board (and i dont think they have the time to do so) The other leagues where already part way through a season and are bubbling for less then half the time of the nfl season.  Also nfl typically has more injuries,  and players moved outside the bubble to attend a hospital would require time before being allowed back into the bubble.   I think the cumulative effect of the challenge make bubbling difficult.   



    :tup:  Good answer 

  2. 5 minutes ago, stevegrab said:


    The leagues that could do bubbles did, the ones that could not have a tougher time. 


    If you think a bubble like that used for NBA/NHL was practical for MLB or NFL I'd like to see your plans. 


    Seriously its like some sports fans live in a bubble, even the morons on TV are making it sound like the NFL/MLB just didn't think hard enough to figure out how to do the bubble. 

    what prohibits the NFL to do what the NHL and NBA did ? 

  3. They got a stud but they also got a loudmouth volatile Ahole. guys in the league a few years and hes comparing himself to Tom Brady . On the field he is an absolute ball hawk and its a tremendous score . I wont lie and say I wish the Cowboys didnt get him. I think he needs to tone it down a bit though with the mouth  

  4. Drew Brees and now his wife are fully on board with the ass kissing apology tour . He could have made his point by clarifying his comments  without handing in his sack . 

  5. I feel that Drew Brees body of work was all he needed to prove his character to me. These social media civil right pioneers dont impress me at all when its just words and no action. Brees has a body of work of action and he had to do the walk of shame .  The social media aftermath of this tragedy is everyone tripping over themselves to show how anti racist they are and how white people are the debbil . When I see people march or make a donation or physically do something to help, I commend you and take you seriously and I appreciate your true efforts to a cause you believe in  . When I see you just post pandering nonsense that in your mind makes you feel like hoards of black people are going to carry you to the barbecue , It rings very hollow to me . Skin in the game . Its more than pretty words and cute memes and Drew Brees has a ton of it .


    A real " family teammate" may have said to everyone during the time Drew was getting lambasted , before you roast him , look at all of the good he has done for the black communities . The fact that he disagrees with kneeling during the anthem shouldn't negate the fact that he has proven to be an ally in the plights that face black people

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  6. What a kick in the F'in nuts. Here is a guy who has true skin in the game. He isnt a keyboard warrior wetting himself to show how anti racist he is. Hes a guy that donated millions of dollars to his impoverished community , many of which are black , and hes getting dragged through the mud royally because he felt the kneeling was disrespectful to the flag even though he agreed with the reason. 


    Tons of NFL players on twitter blasting him even though most of them probably haven't done a fraction of the charitable work this guy has done. A shame to watch a good man get swallowed up in an internet shark tank

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  7. 10 hours ago, LordOpie said:

    Aren'tyou a cowboys fan? Do you think the should sign dalton for 50%, keep dak or draft a new one next year?

    No way do I sign Dak long term for big money. Dalton isn’t the long term answer but he would be much cheaper than what Dak is looking for and just as productive .  Yes, I draft  A qb next year. 

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  8. 20 hours ago, stevegrab said:

    Seriously a few people here have too much starch in their shorts and it is something personal with Garrett or the Browns. Even most Steeler fans I know have moved on and would laugh at these claims that this was a crime and there should be assault charges.

    Again I guess everybody forgot about Albert Haynesworth stomping on a guys head, clearing trying to (and succeeding) cause injury. His suspension, 5 games. What crimes was he charged with?  NONE ZIP NADA. 


    League champ is arguing just to argue, because he likes the back and forth and wants to post 100 times a day.


    Shorty, I'm not sure what his issue is, maybe somebody tried to hit him with a helmet once and nobody charged the guy with a crime. I'm sure both of them were calling for assault charges on Haynesworth. 


    This story on the Haynesworth stomp does talk about possibly pursuing charges (Nashville Police and Cowboy's officials). I don't believe any charges were ever filed, because everybody knew it would be a bad precedent to set. 

    This really sticks in my craw !

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  9. Dak is a giant waste of money. I wouldnt give him 15 million. Id let him walk. He wouldnt start on more than half of the teams in the nfl, why should we give him elite money ? He cant spread the field and cant throw a deep ball.

  10. Just now, Chief Dick said:


    I'm sorry, but this just made me laugh out loud.




    That sexy Jack Tripper....

    :lol: We would copy his physical comedy . Fall over the desks etc..