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  1. Players You’re Disgusted With

    He had a good week where he had two TDS. he seems to go missing more than he is productive in my opinion wk 13 1 catch 10 yards wk 12 bye wk 11 8 for 88 2 tds wk 10 4 for 46 wk 9 3 for 27 wk 8 4 for 42 wk 7 1 for 4
  2. Players You’re Disgusted With

    Lamar Jackson Zac Ertz Zeke Elliot
  3. Christian McCaffrey out for season

    Teams have to stop giving RBs mega contracts
  4. SNF Browns @ Ravens

  5. Coach McCarthy tested positive for Covid

    and Leons getting larger !!!
  6. Dulin who?

    Came here to post this..Nice work
  7. SNF Browns @ Ravens

    The Browns is the Browns
  8. Dallas Cowboys consider sitting Ezekiel Elliott

    He looked super slow on Thursday . Could have been the knee but who knows. He’s a better power runner and blocker than pollard but pollard is without question the more explosive back
  9. Lawsuit against Dalvin Cook

    I saw a screenshot on twitter that was supposedly from her and it showed texts from him that were pretty incriminating. Could have all been fake though , I just took a quick look
  10. Raiduhs

    I dont know , but im sure it hertz
  11. Browns will release Odell Beckham Jr.

    He could be headed into Dez Bryant territory
  12. Henry Ruggs

    Dead man walking !
  13. Henry Ruggs

    As fas as I understand , NFL teams all have driving services available to avoid this kind of thing. I remember reading that . Any time of night or day you could call and they would arrange a ride. I know he could have ubered as well but this was custom made service he could have used . And I do understand what steve was saying. In this day and age , with every driving service known to man available to you, there is absolutely no reason on earth to drive drunk and I believe DUI #s have decreased significantly with the onset of uber etc . Steve wasnt glorifying or trying to make it cool . Back in that day we did drink and drive . It was ridiculously stupid and completely inexcusable , but a lot of people did it. You took a careless and terrible chance with the well being of others and yourself
  14. Poop!

    Took my wife to see a show in Atlantic city. We decided to drive home that night because we had something going on the next day . AC is about 2 hours from my house. We pull over at a rest stop and I get a coffee at Burger King to try and keep me awake as its pretty late. Fast forward to us being about 25-30 minutes from home. I am on the garden state parkway and I get a rumbling that wont be denied . I let out a couple of test farts and I realize right away that I am in imminent danger . I see a rest stop . The beginning of this rest stop is actually a state troopers head quarters . I pull in , knowing there is about 93% chance that I am not making it to a facility. I basically am almost striking oil. I pull the car over right in front of the state troopers hq. I drop my drawers and squat all the way down with my back pushing against a tree so I can keep my pants and feet away from the splatter. I erupt in a massive shock and awe of diarrhea . Troopers are actually driving past me but cant see me as my back is against the tree. I look in my car and my wife is in tears laughing so hard. I miraculously got none on my pants or feet or body . Got home shortly after and showered up. That coffee must have been laying there for 12 hours. I was totally fine after that
  15. Jon Gruden

    He had a song Don’t you think you should know , that I really liked
  16. 2021 Panic Meter

    Julio Jones . Same old crap last few years. Leg injuries , doesnt practice , game day decision, Guy is never a slam dunk to just play
  17. Urban Meyer

    Thinking of Gil as a teenage girl isnt my proudest fap. But I got er done
  18. Jon Gruden

    There are times when simple changes can lead to a person eliminating offensive behaviors and sometimes its as easy as listening to someone that has experience with it or has been on the wrong side of it .We had an old school huddle guy named Cliaz. He had two special needs children . People on the board would use the word retarded or retard as a derogatory term . Its something many of us , myself included , would just say as if its second nature . Cliaz would not lecture or scold us. He explained to us that in the special needs community , using the word that way was offensive and hurtful. Over the years I saw so many huddle guys stop using the word because of Cliaz , including myself. That wasn't us being persuaded by an oversensitive person. That was us listening to a friend
  19. Ethical to not play DST?

    If you have the win in the bag , you preserve it . We play in category based baseball leagues here at the huddle that I have won twice in the last 4 years . Is it relevant to tell you I won it twice in the last 4 years ? No. There have been numerous times where a team has won era and benched a viable starter because the team they were playing against had no pitchers left . Why start a guy that cant help you win and can only help you lose. If the win is in the bag , keep it there
  20. Jon Gruden

    Some of the emails are as recent as 2018 from what I understand . Im not a fan of cancel culture, but it seems Gruden has made derogatory remarks about black people, women , gay people and probably others when this truly comes to surface . Hard to have a guy like that as the face of your franchise , especially when his very own team has black people and a gay player . Stepping down was the move . Brent is right in the sense that if we all had every conversation we ever made on tape, I am sure we would all be screwed for something we said down the line..There is a difference though. A momentary lapse of judgement and a pattern are two different things. Seems Gruden had a well documented pattern
  21. I just have to bitch for a second

    That guy would be tossed from any league I was in. Unacceptable
  22. Stone Cold Killers

    Connor Killing Edmonds as far as goal line opportunities
  23. The Race to 1,000,000 honoree

    Big John is the best
  24. It's time. Goodbye CBS......

    The league I run on cbs is pretty straightforward. No idp etc. it functions just fine for our needs and nobody is worried about the price spread out over 12 league members. It keeps our league history as well. I checked and ours is still there . If it ain’t broke , don’t fix it