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  1. Confusion sent trade

  2. Having trouble with paypal can I send payment via zelle?

  3. What are you doing dude???? I won $100. I posted to Gopher roll my winnings and send the rest to ATAP please look at Dec 30th post in 2017 winnings and credit my $10 and add $10 for the screw up!! And process my trade. Now I'm going to have to win AJ Green and TY

    1. flemingd


      If Gopher hasn't updated the payment info you should probably take it up with him, not me.

  4. Welcome to AOTAOP. I understand you are looking for assets. I will put different offers together hopefully you can pick the one you like the most.

    1. dstonejr


      Ok. I sent you one as well a few days back

    2. Hoosier Daddy

      Hoosier Daddy

      I'm trying!!!! new one sent

  5. Willing to deal in ConFusion?

    1. Boyce


      Depends what it is. I am finally getting this team in shape.

    2. Hoosier Daddy

      Hoosier Daddy

      I will send in mfl. Let me know if we are close. Thanks

    3. Boyce


      Not close on that last offer. He is worth a couple 1sts if I even think about getting rid of him.

  6. Hitmen will take a team

  7. Hitmen would take Archers in DWII

  8. Confusion any interest in moving Gronk?

    1. rr23724


      It would take a lot...at least an early 1st

  9. Interested in trading Brown while you can still get something for him?

  10. Confusion Did you look at my trade offer?

    1. Boyce


      Looking for higher picks and cash. No players. Let me know if you can do that.

  11. offer sent in MFL

    1. Boyce


      Ok. I will check it out

  12. Offer sent in MFL

  13. Al sent a trade in AOTAOP