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  1. Let it go, little buddy, let it go.

    Yeah, both Dunn and Alstott were good sports -- Dunn for pretending he was still bitter about all the vultured TDs, and Alstott for basically letting us say that Dunn did all the "real work" between the 10's. Alstott's wife came along to the shoot (as attractive as you'd expect a pro football player's wife to be ) and couldn't have been nicer, either. It's always great when the athletes come in, aren't taking things too seriously and just have fun with it, becaause believe me, lots of times you get athletes who don't even know why they're there, haven't read the scripts and couldn't care less. These guys were great.
  2. WCOFF role call....

    that's exactly the logic that keeps us thinking LT-stud WR1-stud WR2. and it was clearly your colston and MJD picks that helped put you over the top last seaosn for the league title. LOL that WCOFF had to write in colston's THAT'S a fantasy hall of famer, not even a sticker for him! and matthew berry told me that MJD went entirely undrafted in ESPN leagues last season...granted, WCOFF drafters are far more savvy than your average ESPN drafter (you guys got him in the 10th), but still...and wali lundy before MJD is hilarious in hindsight. what hype that dude got.
  3. Let it go, little buddy, let it go.

    Ron Dayne's Week 16 last year against the Colts was certainly a Fantasy Hall of Fame performance.
  4. WCOFF role call....

    and that was the night swiss stopped drinking. congrats on lil' swiss cheese wedge ....lil' gal saint is 1-year now and it's awesome.
  5. Let it go, little buddy, let it go.

    you mean it was terrible?
  6. Let it go, little buddy, let it go.

    Thanks for posting, Billy, glad you guys enjoyed these...we actually came up with these at the ad agency I work for (Arnold in Boston) and had a feeling -- well, we hoped -- that they'd resonate with the more "enlightened" of the FF players out there, i.e. here at the Huddle, who would get such a concept, one that focuses on those unsung heroes who come out of the woodwork every year to put your FFF team over the top. So thanks. A few notes: • Alstott, Dunn and MJD were class acts, really great guys, and up for anything we wanted them to do. All were really good sports, and I'm going to have to fight the urge to take MJD #1 overall at WCOFF 'cause he was such a great kid. Shorter, as we all know, maybe 5'8", but his legs and "base" were like friggin tree trunks. • We shot these at a public baseball/football field in lovely Bayonne, New Jersey, though you'd SWEAR it was Canton, Ohio, right?! • We'll soon be launching a virtual Fantasy Hall of Fame site where all the inaugural 2007 inductees -- from Mike Anderson to Billy Volek -- will live, along with other fun fantasy football "exhibits" (the GM Wing of Honor, where YOU can be enshrined for your own great trades/moves/lineup decisions/drafts, etc) and viral videos -- you can customize a personal smacktalk video from Erik Karabell and Matthew Berry to send to your league. It'll also include FF content that ESPN writers are only contributing to the HOF (free, of course). I'm biased, of course, because they're a client of ours -- yeah, I'm workin for The Man -- but ESPN is really stepping it up this year with their free game (with all the fixins) and other fun offerings like this whole HOF thing.
  7. WCOFF role call....

    I hear ya...I have a Pats homer co-owner breathing down my neck for Brady with one of those 24/25 picks. I'm going to have to taser him. And at WCOFF, the way guys load up on RBs in the first two rounds, it's more than conceivable that we'd get two top 5-7 WRs at 24/25...wouldn't be shocked at all if two of smith/TO/marvin/wayne/fitz/chad/holt are there....maybe not smith but the others could be there as guys draft the mcgahees, travis henrys and MJD's with their mid/late 2nd rounders. the first spot is an OK place to be here because if people run on WRs early, then some better RB2's will be there for us at 24/25, and if not, those stud WRs will be there....
  8. WCOFF role call....

    Nah, I co-owners are actually quite savvy, even Bears homer. We're def going LT #1, then either two stud WRs at #24 & #25 if most of the good 2nd tier RBs are off the board, or a stud WR and a 2nd tier RB...OR maybe rolling the dice on Carson Palmer/Brady with one of those 24/25 picks if we're feeling saucy, but there are some solid QBs to be had later, I think. Lots of good WRs to be had a bit later, too (e.g. Lee Evans/Housh level) so maybe we go 2 RBs with first 3 picks regardless....who knows, we still got some strategery-izing to do.
  9. WCOFF role call....

    Sign it to myself? Be glad to. Just look for me at the draft, I'll be the one physically restraining my draft partner/co-owner/Bears fan from taking Rex Grossman 1st overall.
  10. WCOFF role call....

    That'd be more valid if he said Bunny Ranch, not craps table.
  11. WCOFF role call....

    lemme see if my co-owners want to expand the ownership group.
  12. WCOFF role call....

    i thought the same thing before doing it the first time, but the co-managing thing was fine, even made it just settle on a general draft strategy going in, have all your targeted players, etc...but give the two guys at the draft table "power of attorney" per se, i.e. the right to adjust with any unexpected twists and turns of the draft. as for season long management, i found that the start-bench decisions were usually pretty obvious, and any free agent bidding we did was usually unanimous (who to go after, how much to bid, etc.). if you're interested, i could check to see if we're looking for another owner to offset the entrance fee (there are three of us in for sure right now).....hmmmmmmmm....and we have the #1 pick (LT...SJax??) in our league.....i'm not sayin', i'm just sayin'.....
  13. WCOFF role call....

    that's why writers have good editors, BJ.
  14. WCOFF role call....

    This might've already been posted -- sadly, I've been out of the Huddle loop way more than usual this off-season -- but I'll be out in Vegas for WCOFF and would love to meet up with some of you drunken ne'er-do-wells. Not sure which league # we're in yet, but we landed the #1 pick...hel-looooo, LT! Would love to tip a few back out there, so lemme know if you're gonna be in Sin City Is there a Huddle's Heroes squad again?