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  1. My 4th starts out with a BANG!

    do you live in arkansas or mexico?
  2. Terrorist Douchebag Caught

    that mugshot would make a good "pwn3d" photoshop
  3. Best Athlete By Number

    there were plenty of great SS in ripken's era (ozzie smith, barry larkin, allen trammel, robin yount), they just weren't, with the exception of yount, RBI-type hitters like ripken. and ripken was the best of that bunch. who's supposedly so much better than him now? jeter hits for a better average. that little roid-rager tejada hits for more power. a-rod moved to 3rd a whole lot earlier in his career than ripken did. i don't think there's a SS playing today (that still plays SS) who you can say is a better baseball player than ripken. obviously, he got a lot of extra attention for the streak (it's a pretty f'n remarkable streak, let's not forget), and a lot of that extra attention came at a time when his skills were diminshed by age. maybe THAT's why pseudo-fans like yourself THINK he is overrated as a SS.
  4. Best Athlete By Number

    why don't you compare him to SS of HIS era? who do you think is responsible for changing the position from what it was then to what it is now?
  5. Al Gore's kid busted

    yeah, the pressure goes up if dad is successful. it goes up even more if he's a famous loser like al gore.
  6. Best Athlete By Number

    #1 - for me, it's the wizard of oz. #2 - should be jeter over any horse, let alone a horse none of us knew personally #4 - i think they got it right with orr, but wow, what a hard choice between him, gehrig and favre #7 - elway and mantle, should be co-#1s #8 - ripken is deserving, in my book. guy was more than just the streak, he's one of the best SS to ever play the game. #9 - ted williams/gordie howe, co-#1 #12 - rather than try to decide between all those QBs, i'd just give it to stockton #13 - marino, then wilt. honorable mention to mats sundin. #14 - f*ck pete rose, i give it to ernie banks #19 - some awesome names. yzerman, unitas, sakic, alworth, feller. all are totally deserving. and they didn't even mention tony gwynn. #21 - clemens/clemente? tough call, but i agree with clemente since clemens had a few different #s. lots of competition at 21, but peter forsberg at least deserves a mention. #26 - sorta weak competition here, but boggs should go ahead of woodson #33 - i say larry bird and patrick roy #35 - phil niekro? not the stiffest competition here, but i'd go with ricke henderson and frank thomas over niekro. #45 - bob gibson over pedro #50 - singletary #53 - around here, it's randy gradishar #55 - seau #80 - obviously rice, but rod smith deserves mention along with winslow nice linke, they had some really great photos of the "winners" edit: i'm sure local players come to mind first for many of us on these. from a lifelong denver sports fan perspective, i always think of... #1 - jason elam #2 - jj flanagan (CU) #3 - rick karlis, eric bienemy #4 - rob blake #6 - craig morton #7 - john elway #10 - kordell stewart, dante bichette #14 - koy detmer, andres galarraga #17 - todd helton #18 - adam deadmarsh #19 - joe sakic, rashaan salaam #20 - louis wright #21 - forsberg #23 - sammy winder #24 - champ bailey #25 - haven moses #27 - steve atwater #33 - patrick roy, larry walker #44 - floyd little #43 - steve foley #49 - dennis smith #52 - adam foote #53 - randy gradishar #54 - keith bishop #57 - tom jackson #70 - dave studdard #73 - simon fletcher #75 - rulon jones #77 - karl mecklenburg, ray bourque #80 - rod smith, but also rick upchurch #81 - steve watson #91 - alfred williams (for his days at CU mostly, but also with the broncos)
  7. That guy....

    i find myself slowly becoming "that guy" who looks disapprovingly at teenage girls who dress slutty.
  8. Kid sucked into drainage pipe in wading pool

    dayum. get well, abigail
  9. Drano :

    well, i think your cause and effect is a little backwards here. for example, just this week i had some guys out to replace a 4' section of my kitchen sink line (50 year old house) that had corroded so badly there were holes on the top of the pipe that dirt was coming in and clogging the line. the line has always drained, but it was a bit slow. of course, before i spent a grand to have them jackhammer my basement floor and replace the pipe, i tried drano a few times. obviously, drano didn't CAUSE the problem, it's just the first thing you try when you HAVE a problem.
  10. My 4th of July Roadtrip to Chicago!

    kansas, of all godforsaken states, does this as well. maddening. it's one thing to charge a toll on a road that goes over a bridge that cost a lot of money to build, or a road in a hugh city like chicago where maybe you want to try and ease congestion in some areas (or you can at least make that argument). but slapping tolls on the only road that goes through the state, where their construction costs consist entirely of plowing a straight line through a friggin wheat field? plus, there are speed traps everywhere, and i know for a fact they will write you a ticket for going 7 mph over the limit. i truly hate that state.
  11. My 4th of July Roadtrip to Chicago!

    and yet, their roads always seem to be "under construction". i put that in quotes, because you never actually see anyone working, you just see lots of tore up roads and orange obstacles and the like. and of course traffic jams
  12. I can't believe that I've become this guy, but...

    it appears to be a matching his-and-hers set
  13. Al Gore's kid busted

    i just hope he survived the fall off that cliff!
  14. Tour de France

    i'm too lazy to look it up again. there were definitely some brutal looking stages, in both the alps and the pyrrennes, as you would expect.
  15. which huddler got ejected?

    you mean h8 going up to a black dude: "get out of here, lesbian!..oh, you're a guy? sorry, you all look alike. lesbians, i mean. wait. "
  16. which huddler got ejected?

    seems like she could've at least grown a rat-tail or something so everyone would know she's a carpet-muncher and not a guy
  17. which huddler got ejected?

    i think it's discrimination that there's no aerosmith song about lady lookin like a dude.
  18. which huddler got ejected?

    i agree, if she wants to look all butch so that everyone thinks she's a dude, she should have to go into the mens room and look at schlong. next time she'll put on some f'n lipstick and mascara, i reckon
  19. I iknew it!

  20. Tour de France

    i don't believe either of those climbs are on this year's route.
  21. Tour de France

    i like valverde and cadel evans at those odds. vino....i dunno, just tough to see him as a yellow jersey kinda guy.
  22. Music Lyrics Quiz

    dam, the only one i knew offhand was 'veronica'. ziggy stardust, minnie the mooch, and the bob dylan line all made me go of course
  23. NCEES how I dispise you

    congrats, big john!
  24. It's almost 4th of July

    the one somebody posted before, the dude's sphincter was too tight and it held on to the rocket all the way until it exploded
  25. I iknew it!

    that line might not ever get old