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  1. back to reality

    i believe he is the guy who snapped whomper's thong strap a week or two ago.
  2. Arthur Blank to speak at 4 PM EST

    i think stern has got by far the biggest problem on his hands. the vick situation is pretty easy IMO...goodell can mostly be passive, let info come in, see what blank does, see what the feds come up with -- goodell probably won't even have to do anything terribly decicive. selig is just a little buddy chump, who cares where he is when bonds breaks the record anyway? but the point-shaving stuff....whoo boy, that goes right to the integrity of the sport and bolsters one of the deepest criticisms fans have had of the league for years, that one way or another the refereeing is partial and unfair. apparently, they're trying to get donaghy to talk about other refs. stern has got major problems on his hands. although, i have to say, it couldn't happen to a better guy -- i cannot stand david stern.
  3. isn't that what women are for?
  4. Stern is on now

    what was so bad about February 1, 1984?
  5. Music obsession.

    one thing to think of if you're thinking of ripping an LP to CD...if it's something somewhat popular they may have a used copy on amazon or for like 2 or 3 bucks. remastered in a studio, with liner notes and everything else, often with bonus tracks, etc. the only LPs i've ever worked up the energy to rip to digital are ones that have never been reissued on CD.
  6. Music obsession.

    just make sure you make backups! for LPs i've always just used a regular old turntable/deck played through a regular old amp, out the headphone jack and into the sound card. anyway, i wish i could get as organized as you have, especially with the spindles full of "unofficial" recordings i have down in my basement.
  7. On-line Dating sites?

  8. Wealthy American Arthur Blank

    well hey, if you think compensating a guy for a lost/stolen watch is proof of billionaire arthur blank's conspiracy to bribe law enforcement away from his QB (the week after law enforcement indicted his QB for several felonies), then good for you. you showed me! pwned!!!
  9. Jamaica, Cancun, Bahammas?

    of the 3 i've only been to the bahamas, it was alright. i think the bahams would probably kick ass if you were uber-rich, but for the rest of us, only so-so. i've heard good and bad things about jamaica, more bad than good though. i hear cancun is great if you know what you want to do, and what you want to avoid. if you go and get sucked into the tourist vortex it can be kinda dull. i'm probably going down there next summer for sister in-law's "destination" wedding. edit: was supposed to be going to cancun this september, but my wife had to go and get knocked up. somehow, my wife thought being 8 months pregnant travelling in mexico wasn't a great idea
  10. Wealthy American Arthur Blank

    and the best you have is equating paying some dude a thousand bucks for his rolex with a level of bribery and corrurption that is unique in all of sports to arthur blank and his billions of dollars. pwned? i'll say...
  11. Vick

    you make it sound like a zero-sum game, but it isn't. without vick, the falcons will NOT be the top rushing team in the league. probably not top 10. vick's mobility, and the threat he represents on counters, bootlegs, playaction, etc., has been the #1 factor in the overall success of the falcons running game. if vick is your QB, it stands to reason that your team will have awesome running stats and awful passing stats, and that is indeed the case. replace him and the running stats will NOT stay the same, regardless of who replaces him. normally, you would expect the passing stats to get better if you take vick out. but if you're replacing him with joey harrington...?
  12. Wealthy American Arthur Blank

    are you serious? someone in vick's entourage snags a guy's watch at the airport, and someone tries to give him a $1000 for the watch to keep him from pressing charges, and you think this is PROOF of your conspiracist assertion that bribes from arthur blank's billions have kept the fuzz off of vick? maybe you haven't been paying attention to the news the last couple weeks...
  13. Tour de France

    well, after a hugh last 3 days, it has essentially boiled down to a 2-man race between rasmussen and contador. they both did surprisingly well in saturday's time trial, limiting their losses to the top time trialers like evans and kloden. then yesterday and today in the pyrenees, they left all the other contenders in their dust. contador's attacks have been ruthless, dude is an absolute stud in the making. but rasmussen has been able to stay with him on every attack. all the contenders let rasmussen break away on one of the early alps stages a couple weeks ago, thinking he wasn't a contender for the yellow jersey; if not for the 3 minutes he picked up there contador would be the yellow jersey right now. there's an off day tomorrow, then wednesday is the last stage in the pyrenees, there should be major fireworks between contador/discovery and rasmussen/rabobank -- should be awesome. also, what a roller coaster 3 days for vinokourov. first, he comes out saturday and dominates the time trial, winning the stage by over a minute -- suddenly everyone is talking about him possibly still having an outside shot at winning the tour, despite falling on an early stage and losing time in the alps. then on sunday, he cracked bigtime on the last climb, and lost like half an hour, losing any possible chance at winning overall. he was devastated afterward. so how does he come back today? he gets off in the early breakaway and then kicks everyone's ass for the solo stage win. 3 days, two stage wins, and a nail in the coffin of his chances at yellow. he'll never win the yellow jersey, but he'll always be a badass. i don't think you can be a fan of cycling without loving this guy's heart.
  14. Greatest American Rock Band

    you mean van halen jr. and van halen iii?
  15. Greatest American Rock Band

    van halen sucks. they really do. i kind of enjoy some of their earlier stuff from a guilty pleasure, flashback to when i was 10 years old standpoint. the haggar era stuff is just dreck. they epitomize everything that was wrong and lame with "hard" rock in the 80s. yuck. put their music next to something like husker du and watch VH get squashed like the pathetic little phaggy hairspray-and-spandex wankers they are.
  16. Another chat about health care costs

    not only that, but hard-on pills, and the american consumer's general willingness to pay a premium for premium drugs, are essentially bankrolling further R&D into new drugs for cancer, diabetes, biotics, etc.
  17. Another chat about health care costs

    yes, and that is a key reason why the bills are so high.
  18. Greatest British/UK Rock Band of All Time?

    as much as i'd love to vote for the clash, to be realistic this is a two-horse race (beatles/stones), and then it's basically a coin flip. today i'm in a stones mood.
  19. Greatest American "Genius"

    how about richard feynman, american born and bred.
  20. Vick Indicted

    that is probably true, and it is a sad irony that by going after a high profile dog-fighter like vick, they will probably increase the underground appeal of the "sport".
  21. Greatest American "Genius"

    hmm, lot of candidates.. frank lloyd wright, ralph waldo emerson, walt whitman, mark twain, duke ellington, louis armstrong, charlie parker, charles mingus, jimi hendrix, james madison, thomas jefferson, oliver wendell holmes, ben franklin, thomas answer would probably come from among that lot.
  22. Best foreign rock band.

    has the clash been mentioned?
  23. son went fishing last night with my BIL

    yes, except i have to take credit for the pinkston thing
  24. Vick Indicted

    boy you guys get real dramatic with the descriptions. the tortured life of fighting part, no one is arguing that isn't cruel to the animals. but as far as agonizing with colorful words over the method of putting an animal down, it just seems silly. we have one sentence in an indictment where one witness apparently says they killed a badly injured dog by slamming it to the ground or whatever. the only way that's going to kill a dog is if it's a severe, instantaneous head trauma (sorta like a bullet). boom, lights out. which of course is one of the simple tried and true methods for putting a suffering animal down. hunters, fishermen, farmers all do it in situations when it's the quickest and easiest way at hand to end the dying animal's struggle. of all the things to get worked up about in this case, the particular methods these dirtbags allegedly chose when they finally put these poor animals out of their misery seems one of the stupidest.
  25. Greatest American Rock Band

    cultural significance? no. musical significance, yes. the problem with judging popular music, like rock, is that the line between the two isn't always so clear.