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  1. Vick Indicted

    no, dillweed, i'm talking about the distinction between shooting and shocking. when it comes to vick, you distinguish, saying shooting is so much more humane, in order to wring your hands over what a scumbag vick is. then when it comes to executing humans, you say you can't see any sense in distinguishing between them.
  2. Just finished an auction

    the only move i really don't like is steve smith. i know it's hidnsight, but for the same price would you rather have fitzgerald and andre johnson, or smith and mark clayton? instead, your team is one steve smith hammy away from being god-awful at WR.
  3. Greatest American Rock Band

  4. Vick Indicted

    eh, i'm not sure whether i agree with you or not. but you know what i think is clearly WORSE than dog fighting is bull "fighting". and heck, our moral betters in france (if you ask them) still allow that.
  5. Best foreign rock band.

    a couple not mentioned yet.. ireland - the pogues germany - can
  6. Vick Indicted

    but you're happy to make the exact same distinction in reverse if it allows you to wallow around in your righteous disgust for michael vick? i just think it's dumb to assume that when vick & co. put one of their dogs down, they took some sadistic pleasure in it. more likely, it was just business. however, i think you can safely assume they took sadistic pleasure in watching one of their own dogs kill or maim another dog in the ring. there's plenty here to get all indignant about without needing to make silly assumptions.
  7. Greatest American Rock Band

    i'm with ursa on this one. the stones were never an imitation of the beatles. i also thought grunge's nirvana : beatles as PJ : stones comparison was a pretty good one.
  8. Vick Indicted

    what?? this makes no sense. the electric chair is older than a bullet in the brain? the politically correct among us determined we should go with the old, vengeful ways of putting a convict to death? you're arguing yourself in circles. my point was...electrocution passes the constitutional test against cruel and unusual punishment, firing squad doesn't. simple.
  9. Vick Indicted

    ok BB, if a bullet in the brain is so much more humane than electrocution, that must explain why the government, bound by the constitutional sanction against cruel and unusual punishment, uses firing squads all the time but outlawed the electric chair. oh wait....
  10. Vick Indicted

    well, i think your decision with regards to season tix is a courageous one, and i agree with most of your post. but i'm not sure i see the enormous difference between putting a herding dog down that won't herd, and putting a fighting dog down that won't fight. or a racing dog that won't run, for that matter. i mean, the children who don't pull their weight on the farm don't get a .22 to the head, do they? also, i don't know what makes you think vick & co. took pleasure in killing the injured and/or poor-performing dogs. seems to me like it was just part of the business, same as at the farm, same as at the greyhound track. their problem is that this particular business is a felony.
  11. Need Dallas hotel knowledge

    don't know the area too well, but this might be helpful.
  12. Skylive5 busted [with mug shot]

    wait. is it now a crime to let your junk hang out the leg of your shorts in the middle of a cincinnati summer? what is this world coming to?
  13. Greatest American Rock Band

    ok... 1. the ramones 2. the beach boys 3. the velvet underground 4. REM 5. sly and the family stone 6. nirvana 7. parliament/funkadelic 8. the grateful dead 9. the pixies 10. CCR 11. metallica 12. sonic youth 13. talking heads 14. pearl jam 15. the replacements 16. allman brothers 17. the doors 18. mothers of invention 19. captain beefheart's magic band 20. the stooges
  14. Greatest American Rock Band

    they are up there, absolutely. but the correct answer is the ramones.
  15. Greatest American Rock Band

    the correct answer is still the ramones
  16. Vick Indicted

    right, but for one millenium after another, part of that bond has involved "sport fighting". it's only in the last 100, 150 years that people have found it "wrong" in any way -- and still today, significant cultures (and subcultures) embrace it. now, i'm no cultural relativist, and i am perfectly comfortable believing that we, as denizens of western culture in the 21st century, are "right" in thinking this "sport" is barbaric and immoral. but it IS worth thinking about in that context, and recognizing that no set of ethical mores, ours included, is absolute. but again, it doesn't really matter here. vick appears to have broken the law in a big way, that's pretty much the beginning and end of it for all practical purposes.
  17. Vick Indicted

    you might be able to convince me that dog fighting is no more inhumane than hunting for sport, but that's sorta beside the point. at present, one can result in the sort of federal charges vick is currently looking at, and the other can't. bottom line, dog fighting is a felony in 48 states, and the gambling, taking dogs over state lines, and so on open up a big can of potential federal whoopass for vick. should it be that way, while other things that hurt animals get a pass? might make for an interesting discussion, but here it seems irrelevant to me.
  18. Greatest American Rock Band

    hell, nirvana WAS a punk band. a good one, and little more.
  19. Greatest American Rock Band

    i disagree with that. grunge was an enormous fad that essentially came and went in the span of a few years. don't get me wrong, as fads go, it was a GOOD fad -- the music was pretty good, and it killed vapid hair metal bands (like van halen ). but punk changed EVERYTHING about rock n' roll from the late 70s forward. THAT is a true "revolution".
  20. How to be Eco-friendly

    i sense a new h8tank nickname coming today.
  21. Greatest American Rock Band

    i'm not sure why you think that defining "revolutionary" strictly according to effect on popular culture is so clearly the best way to define it.
  22. Michael Vick

    hot and humid. a dog day afternoon.
  23. Greatest American Rock Band

    sounds like you agree to me
  24. Greatest American Rock Band

    the doors are ok. the main thing i don't like about them is their organist. f'n drives me up a wall.
  25. Greatest American Rock Band

    they were revolutionary in terms of what was popular. in terms of actual music, not so much. i guess it comes down to which one you place more value on.