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  1. Recent rental movies

    it's not recent, but i watched 'paris, texas' last night...and i'd have to say it's one of the best movies i've ever seen.
  2. Moss a Raider?

    wow. is minny that stupid? yeah, moss can be a distraction, but he also might just be the best f'n player in the league. wow.
  3. 2004 Annual Huddle Awards

    less hate and you lose the waterman and lulu type votes, so, ya know, cuts both ways
  4. Bledsoe to the Cowboys

    pretty sure brunell, garcia, and bledsoe with buffalo all signed bigger (or at least as big) contracts as jake. kordell's and warner's may have been smaller, but were certainly worse in terms of value.
  5. Bledsoe to the Cowboys

    ya know, sometimes, as a broncos fan, i'm pretty non-plussed by jake plummer. but when i see the free agent "veteran QB" signings some other teams have made (and all the $$$ they've thrown in)...kordell stewart, jeff garcia, mark brunell, kurt warner, testaverde, bledsoe, and on down the list, i actually feel like i have to tip my hat to jake and mike shanahan a little .
  6. 2005 Mystery Huddler - Pre-game FYI

    you think that's me? no. that is waterboy.
  7. Its Official: Mason and Rolle Released

    not to mention spain's pink lipstick :eek:
  8. since she's european, she probably means soccer. lukcy you
  9. Recent rental movies

    saw 'american splendor' the other day, and it was excellent.
  10. 2005 Mystery Huddler - Pre-game FYI

    i think my mystery huddler picture has slipped through all the cracks, and is now relegated the myth and legend. but...chandler bing? whatever!
  11. 2005 Mystery Huddler - Pre-game FYI

    yeah, like dressing up like a village person in a diaper
  12. Recent rental movies

    i bet a new dvd player would solve 90% of your issues. i was in a similar boat about a year ago, the final straw was when a brand new dvd i bought was having problems. bought a new player and have hardly had any issues since.
  13. 2005 Mystery Huddler - Pre-game FYI

    i take it atomic won't mind if i just link the whole directory.. be sure to check out jerbear :D
  14. 2005 Mystery Huddler - Pre-game FYI

    and the gopher glamour shot complete with pink lipstick!!
  15. 2005 Mystery Huddler - Pre-game FYI

    ladies and gentlemen, i give you... blitz and the chi-lites!!!
  16. 2005 Mystery Huddler - Pre-game FYI

    so, on my old computer i found a folder with a few mysthery huddler pics. among the highlights that haven't been posted here...spain's gopher glamourshot, blitz and the chi-lites, wiegie, and the infamous jerbear. if someone wants to put these up, shoot me a PM and i'll email them to you..
  17. 2005 Mystery Huddler - Pre-game FYI

    how about jerbear? remember...dude in the daiper with a construction hardhat on
  18. 2005 Mystery Huddler - Pre-game FYI

    i don't remember wiegie's hazing, but i remember his pic. you telling me he DIDN'T catch flak for that elven boy-band wanna-be look he has goin on? :eek:
  19. 2005 Mystery Huddler - Pre-game FYI

    as long as we're doing requests...blitz and the chi-lites?
  20. 2005 Mystery Huddler - Pre-game FYI

    and hugh one is mister fister
  21. 2005 Mystery Huddler - Pre-game FYI

    now that you mention it, i think i actually saved a few for future reference (i.e., blackmail) a couple years ago. i may have to check when i get home tonight...
  22. Sports leagues cancelling a season

    you're asking if a league not playing hampers my enjoyment of the league? uhh, yeah. the same way not having beer impacts my enjoyment of beer, i guess.
  23. 2005 Mystery Huddler - Pre-game FYI

    there's no such thing as a straight banana
  24. This just in - Freddie Mitchell is still an idiot

    he's realized that if he keeps yapping, people will actually pay attention to him and know who he is. as this thread demonstrates.
  25. Trevor Pryce

    actually, IMO, he's the one player in their whole front seven (except for maybe al wilson, and one or two other d-linemen) who seems like a natural fit in a 3-4. a guy who is sort of a tackle/end tweener in a 4-3, stout against the run, but also a good pass rusher...sounds like a prototype 3-4 DE to me. with the 3-4 rumors and now this...i'm sure they have some idea what they're trying to do, but i have to admit i sure can't see it from here