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  1. 2004 Annual Huddle Awards

    i dunno, skins...what did you win?
  2. Trevor Pryce

    you've got it backwards. pryce was a tackle most of his career, then they tried moving him to end in 2003.
  3. InterBoard Fantasy Baseball League

    i hope so, that's a pretty good league. and we're all sitting on keepers. had brooklyn crew been around either site lately? edit: and i'd be happy to do some huddle representin' for this deal
  4. Huddle on the Diamond

    i was in this last year, i think? i stopped paying attention about halfway through the season though, because trojanmanblow started locking my rosters and stuff simply because i was whupping his ass in some totally unrelated tailgate argument. i guess i'd be interested again if he's not involved
  5. Denver may switch to 3-4

    trevor pryce would make a good 3-4 DE, but other than that.. they don't have the pass-rushing OLBs to make it work, either. i just can't see this making sense from a personnel standpoint

    the thing with sproles is that he's pretty slight, as well as short. he's only like a buck-80, isn't he? barry sanders, eric bienemy, and a lot of the other guys mentioned (even quentin griffin) are/were a lot thicker. brooks and megget might be good comparisons. another one would be glyn milburn. i wouldn't expect him to ever have much fantasy impact, but some NFL team will be happy to have him.
  7. NFL Whispers

    try the arena league, jesse

    he'll never be an every down back, IMO. but he definitely has a place in the NFL returning kicks and as a change-of-pace and/or 3rd down type back. he's got some pretty mad skillz.
  9. Andy Reid

    yeah. donny made some excellent plays as well, but on balance, he wasn't at his best when the stakes were the highest.
  10. Why isnt anyone talking about this

    i'll answer my own questions... what are the odds of recovering an onside kick and moving 25 yards in a minute and a half with two timeouts? according to, the chance of recovering an anticipated onside kick is 24%, or about 1 in 4. after that you're in good shape, you just have to move 25 yards and you have 2 timeouts and lots of time, so the odds of doing that are maybe 75%. multiply those together, and all told you have a 15-20% chance of the onside kick scenario working out. what are the odds of holding a team to a three and out, then moving 40 yards in 40 seconds? you know they're almost certainly going to run three times, so let's put the chances of stopping them 3 and out pretty high, 75%. now, to move 40 yards in 40 seconds with no timeouts...that is quite a chore. figure you need at least 2 20+ yard completions and two clock stoppages, which really means you need sideline catches, against a defense specifically trying to prevent those things from happening. i would argue you're looking at a 1-in-10 chance of making that happen, but let's just say optimistically there's a 1-in-5 chance. that means there's a 15% chance of that scenario working out for you. what are the odds of holding a team to a three and out, then moving 60 yards in 40 seconds? the 3-and-out odds would be the same as above, so 75%. the odds of moving the ball 60 yards in 40 seconds are obviously much shorter than moving it 40 yards in the same amount of time. i would say 1-in-20, or 5%. which means you have about a 3% chance of this scenario working out for you. in my world, a 20+% combined chance of success is better than a 15% (if we're generous) chance of success. the onside kick was their single best statistical shot at tying or winning the game, and with it they still retained the outside chance at getting the ball back and going 60 yards.
  11. Why isnt anyone talking about this

    oh ok. so you know for a fact that NE wouldn't have gotten it past the 20 amd NE's punter would have only gotten off a 25 yard punt under that scenario, huh? just like you know for a fact that he would pin them at the 5 under the other scenario?
  12. Why isnt anyone talking about this

    what are the odds of recovering an onside kick and moving 25 yards in a minute and a half with two timeouts? what are the odds of holding a team to a three and out, then moving 40 yards in 40 seconds? what are the odds of holding a team to a three and out, then moving 70 yards in 40 seconds?
  13. Why isnt anyone talking about this

    i'm not going to try and deconstruct all of the variables. but you're dead wrong to suggest that it's somehow a decision between getting the ball at midfield and getting at your own 5. if NE takes the kickoff to the 25, gets 5 yards on 3 running plays then gets a 40 yard net punt, philly takes over at their own 30. so in reality, we're looking at 10-30 (maybe 40 at the very outside) difference in field position they give up by trying the onside kick. either way, the odds of scoring with no timeouts and 45 seconds on the clock are very slim. maybe you've got a 10% chance of getting it done starting from your 30, and a 3% chance starting from your own 10 -- and that's only IF you stop them on 3 downs. whereas if you recover the onside kick and get the ball at your own 45 with two timeouts and a minute and a half, you're in great shape. that was by far their best single chance of tying the game. every head coach in the league probably would have made the same decision. but sarge and this vet moran know it all
  14. Andy Reid

    some of the offensive play calling was a little weird, but i don't think reid choked. i think mcnabb didn't have a great game and they just lost to a little bit better team.
  15. Why isnt anyone talking about this

    no, it was the right call. figure you absolutely had to stop them on 3 downs either way. so the question it worth giving up 30 yards of field position for a 1-in-5 (or whatever) chance at getting the ball near midfield with a minute and a half and two timeouts? it's not a no-brainer either way, but i think they made the right call.
  16. T.O.'s Stats Tomorrow

    sounds about right to me
  17. People picking Eagles to win...

    yes. big plays wont come nearly as cheap against the eagles secondary, for one thing. and without a few big plays, the pats O really didn't do much against the steelers.
  18. People picking Eagles to win...

    like ramhock, i see it as basically a coin-flip game. i don't think philly defense is getting the credit it should. they are scary good, i don't think NE is going to be able to move the ball well at all. philly may not either, which points to a close game IMO, down to the 4th quarter. it may come down to a big play here or there, and IMO philly is a little more dangerous, especially with NE's weakness at corner.
  19. Dan the man

    #13 is the best passer the game has seen. 2nd best QB
  20. Regional foods of football cities

    the food which best represents detroit is a new york hotdog named after a place in new york?
  21. Superbowl opening line

    hey, if you wanna call a rookie QB making a couple horrible throws right into the arms of your DBs "domination", go ahead. to ME, "domination" implies control of every facet of the game, time of possession, total control of the line of scrimmage, etc. domination is what the pats did to the colts, and, really, what the eagles did to the falcons. not what the steelers did to themselves. the pats/steelers first half was more about effective opportunism than domination.
  22. Superbowl opening line

    i don't know that the pats "dominated" the pitt game. total yards would tell a different story. even in the first half i think the total yards were very close. the difference, really, were roethlisberger's turnovers and the fact that the pats were able to hit on a couple big plays. the pats looked very good and really played pretty much a perfect game, so they deserve lots of credit...but let's not get carried away with this "domination" stuff. the colts game on the other hand...
  23. Superbowl opening line

  24. Michael Vick: Fact of Fiction

    he carried a mediocre team with a rookie head coach and a new offense to a 12-4 record and the nfc championship. dunn and duckett a great running game? peerless price and dez white a good wr corps? gimme a break. the next best thing (after vick) you can say about atlanta is that they have a pretty good defense.
  25. Chad Lewis out for Super Bowl

    "lis franc sprain" sounds so gay. not that there's anything wrong with that