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  1. Belichick the great coach ever..and is a genious)

    good point. except for including moronwig
  2. Belichick the great coach ever..and is a genious)

    i don't believe anyone will ever accuse UT of being a "genious"
  3. Superbowl opening line

    6.5 is WAY too high, IMO. wonder what the money line will be, might have to bet that..
  4. Michael Vick: Fact of Fiction

    probably about year 10 of his career. about as early as any quarterback, really.
  5. Non Eagle, Pats, Steelers and Falcons fan only!

    whoever wins of those four, i'll just be counting my blessings that we don't have to listen to the cowboys fans.
  6. Michael Vick: Fact of Fiction

    the best comparison to vick, IMO, is elway, especially the first 8 or so years of his career. obviously their game isn't quite the same (but they are similar). elway never put up great stats. he really only became above-average as a pure passer late in his career. neither led what anybody would consider a great offense. but both brought a game-breaking element to the table that just enabled them to win games. big important close games. both made opposing defenses afraid and uncertain, and had/have a knack for capitalizing on that at key moments.
  7. Is it possible the "pundits" are doing it again?

    pitt's offense is going to harder for the pats to deal with than indy's? that's what we're arguing now?
  8. 2004 Annual Huddle Awards

    i'll take credit for that one hoedown! :violin: :violin:
  9. 2004 Annual Huddle Awards

    he wants to meet you for wine in a parisian bistro...that has a real BC/wiegie ring to it. or a mcnasty/pinkston ring
  10. Is it possible the "pundits" are doing it again?

    usually, when everyone thinks one team is going to win, they do
  11. Travis Henry

    yeah, he ain't coming to denver. we won't have any trouble finding backs as long as we've got a 4th round or so pick in the draft laying around.
  12. Travis Henry

    i don't know why not, if TB is interested (which is the real question, IMO). i think if he went there he leapfrogs right over garner and pittman on the depth chart without too much trouble.
  13. 2004 BOTH champs, and Huddle game winners

    huddlers' refuge champ was 4BOLTS

    i would say that turning the ball over three times definitely counts as "looking like sh*t offensively"
  15. Michael Vick: Fact of Fiction

    it seems like you look at all of them but the W-L column
  16. If you were an owner an NFL team

    and what's their record in the first 4? (i agree with you though)
  17. If you were an owner an NFL team

    bellichek, reid and fox are all excellent coaches. but, even though they're not riding high at the moment, i'd have to add jeff fisher, mike shanahan, and jon gruden as guys who are still top-notch nfl coaches. the worst (who still have jobs) would be haslett and tice

    they also looked like sh*t (offensively, at least) on saturday and deserved to lose to the jets

    i haven't counted the steelers out, by any means...but this sounds like a pretty unconvincing rationalization to me.
  20. 2004 Annual Huddle Awards

    *Forum Awards* Fantasy Guru Award – hugh one (who else answers newbie wdis posts?) Huddle Heisman - i give this one to big john Tailgate Award - can't think of one person to single out, maybe savage beatings Homer Hero - atlanta cracker, for winning 32 homers *Site Awards* Best Huddle Game – MH Best BOTH League – 32 homers Best Huddle article - Best post/thread - the mcnasty date thread Best Link - the ass link Best New Feature - , , etc. Worst New Feature - incessant bans, post-deletions, etc. *Individual Awards* Best Username - moss=6unlessblahblahblah Best Sigline – i usually don't notice them Best Sigline Acquired From a Bet - the one moneymakers welched on Best Avatar - meat face, since he puts so much work into finding them Best Fisherman - h8tank Best use of Graemlins - yukon, it's the only language he can speak fluently Most Respected Huddler - hmm maybe skylive since he's so old and all Least Respected Huddler - lulu/randull Most Annoying Huddler - waterman Most Notorious Post Padder - gotta be squeegie Who you'd most want to have a beer with - sacrebleu and h8tank at the same time Who you'd most want to talk football with - any number of folks Newbie of the Year - babycakes Newbie Tool of the Year - waterman MVH - Most Valuable Huddler – me
  21. Looks like it isn't just Huddlers who hate...

    probably since most TVs have mute buttons
  22. I want to see the Colts VS Steelers

    this thread is really going to hurt VIG's feelings
  23. Moss' Stunt (not a duplicate)

    yeah, but he also caught two TDs on one leg. all told, i'm pretty sure tice and all randy's teammates are pretty happy he's on their team. why that isn't good enough for all you armchair whiners is beyond me
  24. Pats just annouce that Ty Law is out

    and you hoped to instigate this "intelligent discussion" by whining about being picked on by a girl?