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  1. Pats just annouce that Ty Law is out

    what a f'n pansy :bawling: :violin:
  2. Moss Moon

    what can i say....i thought it was maybe a little classless, but basically harmless and, really, funny as hell.
  3. Sudden death

    looking like the chargers are in FG range. nice move, barton!
  4. What defines a great player...

    did TO give 100% every play his last season in SF (edit: or ANY time in his career when he didn't feel like he was getting the ball enough)? doubt it.
  5. What defines a great player...

    as far as character and attitude and all that, they're about equal IMO. both have problems if things are going badly, but both are capable of being leaders and really want to win. so it comes down to talent, and i'd give moss a slight edge
  6. Who, exactly, is the Ass?

    the Ass Master?
  7. Who, exactly, is the Ass?

    the ass
  8. jets vs chargers

    that was leon lett dumb dumbest move on a football field ever? given the stakes, and the fact that the game was OVER if he didn't do might be.
  9. Vilma gets rookie D of year?

    yeah, dj is fantastic and he's only going to get better. it's every phase of the game, too. i don't think many people expected al wilson to be our second best LB quite so soon.
  10. Vilma gets rookie D of year?

    media market definitely makes a difference here, i'm guessing.
  11. Pats just annouce that Ty Law is out

    and with the last sentence, you managed to pick off broncos and jets fans as well
  12. Democrats vs. Republicans

    the idea has come up before, it just never went anywhere
  13. Broncos secondary continues "message"

    i think they're 4th in the league in passing defense
  14. Democrats vs. Republicans

    i'm in if waterman and lulu are kept out. though i will be demanding my own one-team "philosopher king" division, i'm sure that won't be a problem will it?
  15. Recent rental movies

    two things off the top of my head i would has already been mentioned here -- check out the film naqoyqatsi, with the score by phillip glass. second, check out the cd on the transmigration of souls, composed by john adams -- a 9/11 memorium that won the pulitzer prize last year. both these works are extremely "modern", by two heavy hitters in contemporary music, and both are very accessible.
  16. Broncos secondary continues "message"

    ed mccaffrey guy drew slobberknockers like a magnet
  17. Q&A regarding Haslett

    not wacko, just obviously content with mediocrity if you want to keep haslett as your head coach. number 1 in the league in penalties, a 3-5 home record...and this was BY FAR haslett's BEST season as saints head coach. wow. i can't think of a more pathetic 3-year demonstration of head-coaching ineptitude. but, some of y'all seem to be happy with it, so more power to ya.
  18. Broncos secondary continues "message"

    exactly. pats/rams, pats/colts, panthers/eagles, bucs/raiders...there are plenty of examples of playoff football where it has worked. can the broncos pull off what those teams did? maybe not. but at least they've got the right idea going in.
  19. Recent rental movies

    crap always sells. ALWAYS. that is NOT an appropriate measure of artistic vitality, and it never has been, with music or anything else. how many "great writers" were fully appreciated as such during their own lifetimes? not many. as far as the classical charts...those crappy andrea bocelli, charlotte church discs have a crossover appeal, mostly because they ARE crap, and so they sell well for short amounts of time. real classical fans have thousands of recordings of thousands of works by hundreds of composers available to them, and many of these stay in print and continue to sell for many years because there's ongoing demand. top-40 charts don't take that sort of thing into account. and even if they did, like i said above...popularity doesn't really mean much.
  20. Recent rental movies

    glass composed all three scores in their entirety, so, you know, they used him throughout on all three. the score for this one is basically a cello concerto, with the solo part being played by yo-yo ma. (those of you who think classical music died and was "hermetically sealed" 80 years ago should definitely give this one a spin) ikiru is one of my favorites. one of kurosawa's most dramatic (least action-oriented) great movies.
  21. Recent rental movies

    last night i watched the first installment of the yakuza papers -- a series of japanese gangster movies from the 70s, sort of godfatheresque, newly released on dvd. recommended if you're someone who thinks 70s japanese gangster flicks sound pretty cool. i also saw the final flick in the goddfrey reggio 'qatsi' trilogy, 'naqoyqatsi'. i thought it was pretty cool, liked it much better than powaqqatsi, the second one. the philip glass soundtrack on the newest one was probably the best of the three.
  22. Broncos secondary continues "message"

    sure sounds like a Rosie O'Donnell to me
  23. Q&A regarding Haslett

    so at 4-8 there's nothing, no excuse. wins against bad-to-mediocre teams, dallas, carolina, tampa and a vickless falcons team with nothing to play for...and suddenly all is well in saints land? i guess y'all are optmistic because they started sh*tty and finished up fairly strong, as opposed to doing the opposite for so many years? the end result seems the same to me...a team with probably top 10 nfl talent wallowing in mediocrity because they're woefully inconsistent week to week, they can't win at home, number 1 in the nfl in penalty yards. blame anyone and everything but the coach, huh? because hey, after all, cowher had a bad season once and belichek didn't have success in his first head job.
  24. lynch smacked with $75K fine

    same fine as darius??? gotta be kidding me. seems awfully steep for a hit that wasn't even a penalty until they reviewed it on a challenge.
  25. Shocking!

    these awards will be nice consolation for prince peyton after his season ends on sunday