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  1. Q&A regarding Haslett

    that's hilarious. he answers the question by doing EXACTLY what the guy was referring to. it just me, or does this guy defending haslett as a HC sound EXACTLY like policyvote defending harrington as a QB? might be food for thought for those of you looking at this through homer glasses.
  2. lynch smacked with $75K fine

    it was from the side. it's ain't hard to figure...clark was facing the qb in the backfield...lynch was coming up from his safety position. for it to be a straight-on hit lynch would have had to been coming from the same direction as sorgi's pass.
  3. lynch smacked with $75K fine

    right. so basically, it's perfectly legal to hit someone like that, but it's a penalty and a $75K fine if they drop the ball. the league is full of sh*t and hypocrisy on these DB fines, and has been for the last few years.
  4. i agree with that. he's right behind haslett as the most clueless coach in the league.
  5. New Fantasy League for 30 year olds and younger

    you under 30, hugh?
  6. Haslett as delusional as ABrooks!

    name every tell-tale sign of a poorly coached team, and the saints fit it to a tee. starting with their horrid inconsistency. don't have time to elaborate more right now, but i'm happy to oblige later..
  7. but culpepper is terrible and a liability to his team. too f'n much. daunte culpepper is the f'n man. he takes big sh*ts that can play qb better than harrington. manning is sort of in a class of his own right now, but mcnabb and culpepper are next and those 3 QBs are sort of head and shoulders above everyone else. they're the guys that make D-coordinators wake up with nightmares.
  8. Haslett as delusional as ABrooks!

    haslett is hands-down the worst coach in the NFL. complete f'n joke as a pro head coach. saints this guy gonna have a job next year?
  9. Team Needs--05 Draft & Free Agency

    for the broncos...d-line and o-line should be the top two priorities in the draft, IMO. they really need an infusion of youth and athleticism in the trenches.
  10. Does Vick deserve Pro Bowl ?

    anyone who would rather have brian griese or marc bulger QB'ing their team than vick is nucking futz, period.
  11. Does Vick deserve Pro Bowl ?

    vick is a great quarterback, one of the best in the game right now. it ain't all about stats, guys. a lot of the things a QB (especially one like vick) does that help his team win just don't show up in the stat sheet. the bottom line, IMO...with vick in the lineup, the falcons win with regularity. take him out, and the falcons are scraping the bottom of the league. i don't think anyone can argue either one of these points. and what other bottom line can their be? john elway never had great stats either, at least not until i think it was 1992 with jim fassel as OC. but he still won a helluva lot of games before that, getting mediocre teams to super bowls and all that. i guarantee, NOBODY wants to face the falcons in the playoffs...but if they didn't have vick, teams would be lining up to play them.
  12. 05 Mock Draft

    don't see much ACC action out west here, so forgive my ignorance, but..."d'brickshaw"?? of all the retarded names people come up with, that one has to take some sort of prize. of course, you wouldn't catch me telling d'brickshaw this to his face
  13. Curtis Martin

    keep going back. 2001, no TDs his last 7 games. 99 and 2000 he faded bad down the stretch. i know because he killed me in the playoffs both of those years. that's when he was 27 or whatever, now he's 32. last year and the year before i think they realized something and he didn't get nearly as many carries the first half of the year. this year so far he's getting 25-30 carries a game. all i'm saying is, don't expect that to last. either they ease the load on him, or he wears down. right now his value is sky-high, and if i had him i'd be shopping him.
  14. Curtis Martin

    yeah, i'd say trade him after another week or two. pretty much every year of his career he's had a much better first half than second half. sell high.
  15. The New Skin

    yeah, can we PLEASE fix the blue bars taking up half the screen? this really is lousy.
  16. The New Skin

    getting rid of the wasted space (blue bars) should be a very high priority.
  17. Sofa League Draft

    i think ww's drafting the team this year, and the rankings and such are mostly dmd's brainfart. so i wouldn't expect them to line up exactly. booker was a pretty good pick there, but shockey was more of a value, especially if you buy into all that "tiering" junk which i know is a huddle mantra. eddie george was a heckuva pick this late, though.
  18. Sofa League Draft

    huddle's up...shockey's an absolute no-brainer here, IMO. eddie george on the way back.
  19. Sofa League Draft

    somebody ought to make the appropriately named "football injuries" a t-shirt: ouch
  20. Sofa League Draft

    tiki would be pretty good, but i definitely like suggs on the way back... manning at QB, LT and tiki/suggs at RB, ward and moulds at WR...looks great so far i'm in a 12-team draft this weekend with the second pick. if i can draft those same players i'll be
  21. Sofa League Draft

    whitney just took aaron brooks
  22. Sofa League Draft

    suggs over wheatley, 'cause wheat's got the same bye as LT
  23. Sofa League Draft

    FF mastermind has 3 RBs already....grab moulds here, or maybe shockey, then get suggs or whatever RB you like best on the way back edit: oh ok, i see this advice has already been given
  24. Sofa League Draft

    good pick
  25. Sofa League Draft

    with all the RBs going in rounds 1 and 2, the smart thing to do at the top of round 3 is go with a WR and NOT RB. a WR run is guaranteed to start here...probably 3 times as many WRs as RBs picked between 3.2 and 4.11.