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  1. Sofa League Draft

    bunch of RB-pickin' sheep
  2. Super Bowl Predictions

    only if your name is tom brady
  3. Sofa League Draft

    well, doin ok so far..
  4. Mystery Huddler #8 - Presented by Bank One

    whoa, check out the friggin ears on the guy in the new picture eek!
  5. Smarty Jones loses!

    lol ahh the best laid plans... sounds like this guy was a little too clever for his own good.
  6. NBA Finals: Detroit vs. LA

    hey, a couple detroit homers have stopped in to say hello! (not saying that's predictable or anything wink ) welcome to the party! the pistons looked good last night. definitely good enough to make me waver in my prediction of a laker series win. thumbs_u
  7. NBA Finals: Detroit vs. LA

    but home court advantage holds during the regular season, too, when the good teams and the crummy teams have the same number of home games. bottom line...home court is pretty big in basketball. the statistics may or may not bear this out, but i'd rank the 4 major sports 1) basketball 2) football 3) hockey 4) baseball in terms of the importance of home court/field/ice/whatever advantage.
  8. NBA Finals: Detroit vs. LA

    you seem to be taking the fact that road teams sometimes DO win, trying to turn that into "there's no home court advantage". that's illogical. let's say the home team wins 60% of the time (i'll bet it's at LEAST that high in the NBA playoffs). so the road team is still going to win 40% of the time, but if you think that means there's no home-court advantage you're nuts. if a team is significantly better than the other team (i.e., lakers wolves), you can expect the home-court advantage will be overcome. that doesn't mean it's not still a significant advantage any team would want to have.
  9. NBA Finals: Detroit vs. LA

    No the year before it was the Knicks. oh that's right, he got to school ewing, too. i gotta tell ya...i think hakeem doesn't get the credit he deserves as one of the all-time greats. better defensively than kareem or wilt, better offensively than russell. dominated ewing and shaq head-to-head (and shaq was no kid...think it was like his third year in the league). guy was an absolute monster on both ends, and he was always classy.
  10. NBA Finals: Detroit vs. LA

    didn't shaq get schooled in the finals by hakeem twice??
  11. NBA Finals: Detroit vs. LA

    man, i love chauncey (he was in my school's league in high school, and at CU the same time i was), but expecting him and kobe to play even-up is a bit optimistic.
  12. NBA Finals: Detroit vs. LA

    i hope for a good series. i hope for a detroit win. i just sure as heII don't see it happening. i'm thinking lakers in 5.
  13. Minn - Denver result you probably know, it just so happens that i owed you 20 in winnings for huddlers' refuge. we were going to just put that toward next year's dues, but instead you can just pay like everyone else once dues time comes around. sound like a plan?
  14. Minn - Denver result

    the shaq whining (and it IS whining, guys) is somewhat accurate. but in fairness to the officials, he might be the hardest player to officiate in the history of the league. i mean, basketball isn't SUPPOSED to be a contact sport. when you bump into someone and knock them back 3 feet, that's supposed to be an offensive foul, at least in a purist, literal interpretation of the rules. that's why i have a problem with shaq being considered one of the all-time great players...because everything that separates him from other players isn't supposed to be part of the game. he'd be average if he wasn't so f'n huge. but low post contact IS part of the game, and it was before shaq ever came on the scene. he just takes advantage of it better than any other player ever. the officials have to either call every low post bump, or they have to let shaq play his game. but it's been that way since he's been in the league. it's nothing new, nothing unexpected. but i don't know where this whining about the refs giving him more continuation than other people comes from. man, did you see a couple of the ones they gave KG in the last game?? the refs don't "treat him differently" than any other star, they just allow him to play his physically dominating game.
  15. Minn - Denver result

    well, as long as you're conceding that the lakers are better "in an all around basketball sense, including every aspect of the game", then we're in agreement. shrug
  16. Minn - Denver result

    i guess we'll just have to take your word for it, since:1) the wolves are getting schooled like little b*tchpups in this series 2) the wolves have never won anything; and 3) the lakers are most likely headed to their 3rd title in 4 years, or 4th in 5 years, or whatever
  17. Minn - Denver result

    Basically, yes. wall_bas Did you watch the game? yeah. i saw a lakers team basically in cruise control keeping the wolves at bay, a game whose outcome was never in question shrug
  18. Minn - Denver result

    so you were whining about a HUGE disparity? :confused:
  19. Minn - Denver result

    oh? my bad...i guess i misinterpreted.. shrug
  20. Minn - Denver result

    garnett's game is totally different than shaq's. KG doesn't dominate inside with physicality the way shaq does, and he doesn't have teams organize their entire defensive strategy around INTENTIONALLY putting him at the line. KG's offensive game is basically using his length and quickness to get little jumpers that can't be defended; it's a game that doesn't get him to the line very often. and that basically bears out over his entire NBA career -- his career average is under 5 FTs per game. shaq's career average is over 10 per game, and even higher in the playoffs. seriously...before the series, wolves fans were talking up the fact that they had 24 fouls to throw at shaq every night, since they've got 4 worthless slugs at center. now they're whining about a free throw disparity between shaq and KG. gimme a break thumbs_d
  21. Minn - Denver result

    i guess they must be layin in the weeds, then shrug shaq and kobe is just one heII of a potent playoff recipe.
  22. Baseball parks

    average players have monster years here and cannot replicate the numbers once they leave as highly touted power hitters. a killer on pitchers (even quality pitchers). this is the biggest launching pad i've ever seen. case in point - Jeff Cirillo.... he exploded a few years back there...... came here to Seattle & signed for mass dinero & didn't even hit his weight. in fairness, cirillo was a good hitter in milwaukee before he came to denver. but yeah, he sure did stink when he went to seattle.
  23. Junior's Back!? (Please, God, let it be so)

    i thought that was pretty badass when he hit the dong yesterday after mckeon walked casey to get to him. mckeon was a guy who really had a lot to do with junior falling out of favor with the cincy fans a few years ago. must've felt awesome for him to smack that pitch deep into the stands.
  24. Stanley Cup finals

    i didn't see what iggy did with it. but if he was holding it up and skating around with it, i could definitely see why the commentators would say something about him doing more than most people do, or would. but as far as some superstition about not even touching it? i've just never heard of such a thing, and apparently iginla, yzerman and sakic haven't either. shrug
  25. Stanley Cup finals

    my recollection is that the captian always holds it and poses for a pic with it, even if they hold it sort of like eli manning held the chargers jersey. the no-no is lifting it up over their head. "canadian rule"? what nationality are joe sakic and steve yzerman?