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  1. Stanley Cup finals

    what's this about not touching the campbell trophy? :confused: i know i've seen other captains holding it. can't find a picture of sakic...oh, here we go: stevie y.
  2. T-Wolves hammer Lakers

    by the way, that same "star system" you're crying about is the very reason KG wasn't suspended for game 7 against sacramento. without that "star system", your pups would be playing golf right now.
  3. T-Wolves hammer Lakers

    bawling bawling bawling lol are you implying the two'lves would have won that game last night if not for crawford? the lakers were in control of that game pretty much from start to finish. if you want to point a finger, maybe you should point it at a certain MVP who disappeared in the second half. thinking
  4. Minn - Denver result

    i can't believe i just bet on the lakers... EWWW! doah :confused: ton_of_b
  5. Minn - Denver result

    dude, we're talking about a bet that a #1 seed with home court can win a measely 2 frigging games in a 7 game series. no way i'd take that before the series, even if i thought it would happen (and i still do), because it's a lopsided bet. my offer was clearly made with the game 1 result in can't accept that sh*t halfway into game 2 and expect it to still stand. giving up 2-to-1 to a #1 seed is still a joke, but i'm more than happy to roll with that one, because as long as the lakers show up the wolves are totally overmatched.
  6. Minn - Denver result

    lol you don't say? the lakers mailed one in game 2. i don't trust them not to do it again, so i'm not going to bet on them winning 3 straight. but i'll give you 2-to-1 on the series, you put up 20, i'll put up 40. shrug p.s. must be accepted BEFORE tipoff of game 3 :P lol
  7. Minn - Denver result

    hey balata, go crawl back into your gopher hole, eh
  8. Minn - Denver result

    ****...I would have taken that bet, Az. In fact, I won some money off my buddy on the same wager. Wanna bet me the Wolves-Lakers gets past Game 5? I've been hearing a lot of Laker-Knob-Slobbing in the sports media for the last couple of days. LMFAO! lol before the series, all the loudmouth minny fans ignore that comment like the plague, but then AFTER sac hands you the series, you say "i woulda taken that bet". classic. yeah yeah, i hadn't checked in or whatever. but still...AFTER the series is over and your team really didn't even play well?? and then to top it off, you're willing to REALLY lay it out on the line and say "hey, i'll bet the number 1 seed doesn't get swept". but say "gets past game 5", so that means if the lakers win in 4 or 5, i win. if the lakers win in 6 or 7, or the wolves win in 4, 5, 6 or 7, then you win? even though it's a pathetic challenge to make, that's still a bad bet for you. what do you want to put on it?
  9. The Big Ticket-MVP

    didnt think twice about it, either. just demonstrates what a f'ing moron the guy is, and reminds you why he had to come straight to the NBA in the first place. couldnt even get like a 700 (combined!) on the SAT, or whatever. i admire the guy as a ballplayer, but they really ought to do anything in their power to keep him from speaking in front of the media or the public.
  10. The Big Ticket-MVP

    lol apparently, you missed the thread where "handgernad" became a huddle joke. i think it musta been a moneymakers word, originally. i really thought both teams played sh*tty tonight. garnett was the only player on either team worth a d@mn. wolves were trying to give the game away, but the kings werent even good enough to have it handed over...which is sorta symbolic of the whole series. i'm thinking the lakers series will be lucky to make it 5 games. brow
  11. The Big Ticket-MVP

    better bring your uzi, glock, handgernad, etc.
  12. Randy you're Perfect

    No kidding. I'd say the Atlanta bats are a little frigid right now. Good job by both Sheets and Johnson! i saw most of the game last night, and unit coulda been facing the '27 yankees and i don't think anyone woulda touched him. he had fantastic control with the fastball and the slider, and the heater was just screaming. the braves had one reasonably hard-hit ball, a line-drive to the right-fielder. other than that they were killing worms and whiffing. awesome performance.
  13. Mystery Huddler 2004 #6 - Right on Time

    for some reason i pictured driveby as lookin' a little more...i dunno...tough or something. he sure does look like a wimp...and not just 'cause he's old, think of how wimpy he must've looked in high school. that said, i'm sure he could still kick beguile g. blank's ass, and he could probably at least fight sacrebleu to a draw.
  14. Mystery Huddler 2004 #6 - Right on Time

    OMG wall_bas it IS lulu bawling
  15. Mystery Huddler 2004 #6 - Right on Time

    god, i hope that isn't lulu. if someone that dumb and zealous can look like basically your average semi-intelligent middle aged corporate middle-management guy in real life, i'm never going to be able to trust my visual first impressions of people again.
  16. Mystery Huddler 2004 #6 - Right on Time

    think he ate him. he definitely looks a little big around the middle. but what's he finishing off there? looks fried...maybe his partner's fried brisket? could definitely be ursula or bbalata. shrug
  17. The Big Ticket-MVP

    the lakers' biggest problem (though they have many) is that shaq isn't the most dominant low-post player in the NBA anymore.
  18. stanley cup 2nd. Rd. predictions

    holy sh*t, the last couple minutes of that game were incredible! i literally stood up out of my seat when tucker laid that hit on kapanen, then there were a couple great scoring chances going both ways (with kapanen stumbling toward the bench) before roenick broke in on right wing with a great shot to win the game. i've never seen a better two or three minutes of hockey smash cool_thu
  19. Conference Finals Predictions/Discussion

    as much as it pains me to say it (because i hate roenick and bobby clarke and primeau and hitchcock and all those ***s)...philly beats san jose in the finals. but i'm pulling for calgary cool_thu
  20. stanley cup 2nd. Rd. predictions

    i kept thinkin...with blake out, sure coulda used derek morris and his shot. or even klemm or devries or any of those guys who've been through the fire, that the avs let walk away. we used to have the best blueline in the league, but this year, one injury to blake and we're worse than mediocre. what would the odds have been at the start of the season if you picked the final four to be: tampa bay philly san jose calgary eek!
  21. The Big Ticket-MVP

    1-for-8 in the second half? 6 turnovers? :coughchoke: :P if not for cassel, that game is a blowout, and sac really didn't even play that well. KG over duncan? lol ton_of_b
  22. stanley cup 2nd. Rd. predictions

    kariya in the lineup tonight. should be a fun game to watch!
  23. stanley cup 2nd. Rd. predictions

    the wings and sharks can challenge each other on the golf course, while the avs and flames git it on brow cool_thu
  24. stanley cup 2nd. Rd. predictions

    i agree that was a heIIuva game last night. cujo really showed me a lot in that series. lidstrom was solid as always, and guys like draper and mccarty and maltby always give it their all. datsyuk and zetterburg gave a good effort, even if they showed it can be easy to take them out of their games in the playoffs. but what was up with guys like hull and shanny? they looked like they WANTED to be playing golf today.
  25. The Big Ticket-MVP

    i can't blame you for seeing the writing on the wall, but you might want to wait until after the pups lose before you start making excuses.