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  1. stanley cup 2nd. Rd. predictions

    i always love seeing that little goon beyotch derrian hatcher lose, but i must say, i like it even more when he's wearing a wings sweater brow cool_thu
  2. The Big Ticket-MVP

    Nope. I'll go with KG. Should have been MVP last year too. lol when all the chips are on the table, KG can't carry duncan's jock and everyone outside of your godforsaken state knows it. and even y'all will have that little lesson taught to you YET AGAIN this year.
  3. The Big Ticket-MVP

    yeah, but really...who wouldn't rather have duncan on their team, especially in the playoffs?
  4. Brrr its cold

    They got rid of ARodriguez. Without Mr. Me they had to get better. i'm not a huge fan of his either, but i think that's unfair to a-rod. what exactly has he done to be labelled "mr. me"? accept a huge wad of money some idiot texan wanted to throw at him? all he did in return was give them exactly what they paid for, one of the two or three best players in baseball. it's not his fault the rest of the team sucked.
  5. Avalanche Warning

    you know what i can really see happening? the avs win game 6, then go back to the shark tank with everyone thinking we've got the momentum, and we lose. forsberg's setup on the game 5 OT goal was just awesome. head_ban applause take_a_b
  6. Minn - Denver result

    lol trying to be like your hero spre, huh? when you get lucky and win, run over to the other team's bench and start thumping your scrawny chest and hollering in their face. nothin' but class. don't tell me you weren't sweating when they cut that 26 point lead down to 6.
  7. Minn - Denver result

    how many lovetaps before he starts oozing?
  8. Great Fight on HBO..Klitchko-Sanders

    i didn't catch the fight because i don't have hbo anymore i wouldn't mind seeing vitaly/byrd again, just to watch byrd get whupped. i don't think i've ever seen a more overrated boxer, except for maybe paul spadafora.
  9. Minn - Denver result

    nice try espn
  10. Minn - Denver result

    yeah, they had it on espn last night. it wasn't any kind of heave-ho nadblast or anything, more of a love tap. hmm, KG, a love tap to the nads.. thinking
  11. Minn - Denver result

    ursulu, see if you can't get victor borge to bring over some of her bag balm bawling how about garnett telling everybody to bring riot gear to the game? and f'n punching guys in the jewels...and this guy is supposed to be the shining star of the league? right now he's reminding everyone why he came straight to the NBA from high school...because he was too f'ing stupid to meet the NCAA academic requirements. who wants to put somethin on the line on the min/sac series? thinking
  12. Minn - Denver result

    who started this thread? with:"Completely classless shower of $hit" "bigmouthed yappers" "classless $hithead fans" "Wankers" then of course you, as presumably another blathering MN twit, pile on. and you're going to point at ME for setting a negative tone? you've got to be kidding me. do us both a favor and rub some bag balm on your twat, sally.
  13. Minn - Denver result

    which cheap shots, exactly? you mean like melo saying we'd rather play the wolves than the lakers?
  14. Minn - Denver result

    that's two more than you've got. when the nuggets won, i don't remember anybody jumping up on the scorer's table to gloat like sam cassel did. i don't remember anybody running over to the other team's bench after the game to get up in their face and spew a foulmouthed tirade, like your new franchise poster boy sprewell. meanwhile, your presumptive league MVP is taking groinal cheap shots at the other team's backup center.
  15. Minn - Denver result

    Wankers. lol two words, dipmanure...latrel sprewell. the most classless clown in sports. congrats on adding such a stellar character to your team and community. the way that little bitch was acting after the game, he's lucky the only thing he got hit with were a couple empty beer cups. it's pretty funny to see a number 1 seed have to work up all this childish venom to play an 8 seed. kicking guys in the nuts while the refs aren't looking, taunting the opposing bench, throwing balls at the fans. yeah, the epitome of class. the wolves will probably get by the nuggets, but they will be exposed as cheap frauds in the second round. i can't wait to see it.
  16. Red Sox question

    fahgetaboutit, pedro is going to be fine. if he and schill are healthy and on their game come september and october, to me they're the clear favorites in the AL. but that doesn't mean they won't find a way to blow it. lol
  17. Hockey Playoff Predictions

    coach let's go flames! it's not that i'm afraid of detroit, but i'd like to see them have to play calgary before the avs use them like a cheap blow-up doll in the conference finals. brow and a sharks/avs series should be a lot of fun to watch, like it was two years ago. cool_thu it's fitting that the toronto/ottawa and habs/b's series should both go 7. great rivalries, there. both game 7s could easily go either way, but i kind of like both road teams.
  18. Hockey Playoff Predictions

    as good is forsberg is ANY time he's on the ice, he's always been that much better in the playoffs. what a special athlete that guy is.
  19. Hockey Playoff Predictions

    what awesome first round matchups this year head_ban detroit, colorado, calgary, st. louis toronto, philly, bruins, isles brow
  20. Need one more for the Huddle On The Diamond Baseball League

    jump i'm in brow
  21. Boxing?

    lampley is annoying regardless who's fighting. i f'n hate that guy. the only thing i can't decide is whether he's more annoying that larry merchant angry
  22. 2003 Huddle Awards

    untateve, a megalomaniac. who knew? shrug
  23. 2003 Huddle Awards

  24. hockey?

    'bout that time. i'm thinking we ought to do a league like we did last year. if we can find a way to make sure sarge doesn't find his way in..
  25. hockey?

    if we only end up with 8 or 10, we can add maybe a 3rd goalie, a 5th D and/or a flex forward.