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  1. NHL Playoffs, Round 1

    i hope you're right. i hope they win tonight, and we start hearing from their fans again, and then they go back to the joe for game 5 with a little confidence and the money shot happens right there in front of their own fans brow cool_thu
  2. NHL Playoffs, Round 1

    you're right, pv, i kept remarking to myself all night that they needed to go up higher on him. most of the saves he had to make were easy ones for a solid butterfly goalie of his caliber. he's not giving them much 5-hole AT ALL. but on the other hand, all those easy saves show how little the wings' advantage in shots on goal actually means. anaheim, IMO, was the better team with the better chances in games 2 and 3, and game 1 was really close except for the first OT. people will tend to blame cujo and hail giguere, but to me that's not the real story of the series. anaheim is too quick, too hungry, and they also look like a better-coached team.
  3. NHL Playoffs, Round 1

    oh my, the wings' nuts are in a vise grip now! last year, i expected the wings' blueline to look a little slow and stale in the playoffs. i was wrong, they played great last year. but my prediction is coming true a year later...anaheim is exposing them. it's those quick little f'ers like kariya and sykora and chistov and stevie thomas that are giving them fits. rob niedermeyer looks awfully good, too. the moves the ducks made at the deadline didn't look too bold or groundbreaking at the time, maybe with the exception of bringing in ozolinsh. but wow, did those moves ever make them better. and JSG has that cockiness...he could end up being a great playoff goalie.
  4. NHL Playoffs, Round 1

    i'd have to say you've got it backwards. the only time the wings outplayed anaheim was in the first OT. anaheim was right there with them all night. they really play a great defensive system, and i think JS giguere is the bomb. the avs, however, totally dominated the wild in the first period. the wild got that PP goal in the 2nd, then the avs got a little messy in their own end and let in two more. i don't think minnesota can win a 7-game series here. anaheim i'm not so sure about.
  5. NHL Playoffs, Round 1

    frm espn's john buccigross... i agree with him about the goalies. JSG has just been awesome this year. cujo has been playing better lately, but he just seems a little...i dunno...shaky to me. if the pressure starts to mount, i can see him folding a little bit. not saying it's going to happen, but it definitely could happen.
  6. NHL Playoffs, Round 1

    belfour has proven to be a DOMINANT playoff goalie. the two series when the stars beet the avs in the conference finals (99 and 00?) tell you all you need to know about this guy's ability under pressure. cechmanek has never won a playoff series.
  7. One of the best days of the year

    lots of smallish deals, but i think the most interesting thing is the guys who DIDN'T move... selanne, damphousse, palffy, numinnen, burke, satan, conroy.. i LOVE what toronto did, adding nolan, wesley, housley and one of the all-time great leafs, dougie gilmour.
  8. Hockey Question (Part II)

    the area where this really shows up is puckhandling. i heard once that the average player in the average game handles the puck for about 17 seconds. obviously, in practice situations you're handling it a lot more than that.
  9. playoff predictions

    as the trade deadline, and the end of the regular season start to approach, i figure it's a decent time to try and get things heated up in here... in the east, it looks like this right now: 1. ottowa 76 2. new jersey 75 3. washington 62 4. philly 69 5. toronto 65 6. boston 61 7. ny isles 57 8. tampa bay 57 9. montreal 56 10. pittsburgh 53 11. ny rangers, florida 51 13. atlanta, carolina 45 i see the 3 division leaders staying the same, and philly, toronto, and boston will probably stay in roughly that order. there could be some shifts for those 7 and 8 spots, though. i'll predict that the habs will start to jel and get in, and i think the pens with a healthy lemieux and hedberg will sneak in for the last spot. that leaves both NY teams and the early-season darlings in tampa on the outside looking in. the isles and lightning can still do it, but i think they need to find a goalie to get hot. atlanta's been never know. in the west...VERY interesting. right now: 1. dallas 77 2. vancouver 70 3. st. louis 70 4. detroit 65 5. colorado 64 6. minnesota 63 7. edmonton 62 8. anaheim 61 9. chicago 59 10. LA 52 11. san jose 51 dallas seems destined to ride to the top spot. the first questions...can vancouver hold off colorado, and can st. louis stay ahead of detroit for the 2 and 3 spots? BIG game this week when the avs play the canucks. personally, i think the canucks may fold under the pressure. if not, we may very well be looking at avs vs. redwings in the first round!. now at the bottom...i like anaheim, i think they'll hold their spot or even move up to 6 or 7. edmonton always finds a way to get in. chicago will continue to sink like a rock. LA is just too banged up to pull it together this year. that leaves san jose and minnesota. i'm still not entirely sold on the wild, but they've already got a nice cushion (11 points on LA, 12 on san jose). if chicago flames out like i think they will, the wild should be in if they can just play so-so the reast of the way. i think they'll do it. prediction: 1. dallas 2. st. louis 3. colorado 4. detroit 5. vancouver 6. edmonton 7. anaheim 8. minnesota 1. new jersey 2. ottawa 3. washington 4. philly 5. toronto 6. boston 7. montreal 8. pittsburgh
  10. Hockey question

    if you make it into OT and lose, you still get 1 point. the point is to encourage more aggressive play in OT (they also went to 4-on-4 during OT), as teams usually sat back and protected the tie. in my opinion, the rule (which they just implemented a few years back) has really worked. overtime is usually wide open now, chances going both ways, and you don't see nearly as many ties.
  11. Fantasy Hockey Teams You Around?

    sundin and salo....COME ON DOWN!!
  12. Fate of the NHL-- recent bankrupcies

    lol the houston oilers. too bad atlanta already has a team or they could move the flames there, too. it's sad, but really it's canada's own fault for having such a lousy economy. yeah, single-payer health care and all that jazz is really the way to go, eh? the irony is that, at this point, the only real way out of it for them is for the government to step in and take at least partial ownership of some of the struggling teams. otherwise, canada might soon be left with the leafs and habs and that's it.
  13. Hartley hired

    hartley is just the right kind of guy for that job. his experience at hershey (avs' minor league affiliate) where he did a fantastic job shows how good he is dealing with young players, and from his time coaching the avs he showed how good he can be dealing with the egos and getting the best out of his super-talented guys. he also preaches discipline and responsibility in your own end. in other words, i think he's the perfect guy to bring into a team built around kovalchuk, heatly, stefan, et al.
  14. Fantasy Hockey Teams You Around?

    nolan's dud season and bure going down have hurt me bad at right wing. i shouldn't complain about tkachuk, he's produced well since i traded for him.
  15. Fantasy Hockey Teams You Around?

    i've got a lot of swedes... forsberg nylander ohlund huselius dahlen i wouldn't mind having naslund and lidstrom wink
  16. Fantasy Hockey Teams You Around?

    could someone give tkachuk and nolan a kick in the ass?