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  1. Alan Faneca

    other than manudo, what kind of homo would want to see him "with bells on" in the first place?
  2. Greatest American Rock Band

    the greatest american band has yet to get together. brentastic fronting, alexg on bass, and cliaz' old avatar on drums.
  3. Vick Indicted

    i mean it changes in the sense that an AUSA isn't quite as likely to turn down any case s/he doesn't view as a slam dunk.
  4. Greatest American Rock Band

    eh, he changed personnel a lot so i can't recall who was on that particular album. in any case, i don't know why that is always considered to be his seminal album or whatever, the one beefheart disc most rock collectors have on their shelf. 'safe as milk', for one, is way better in terms of musicianship and overall listenability.
  5. Greatest American Rock Band

    mostly because they sought out really good musicians.
  6. Vick Indicted

    you're right in general, but i believe that whole equation changes a little bit when you've got a juicy high profile target like vick.
  7. the supreme court rules ...

    i always thought you looked very familiar somehow. finally i can place it.
  8. Michael Vick

    it's a dog-eat-dog world.
  9. Greatest American Rock Band

    they won MTV back? when was MTV ever this great bastion of quality music? back when they were playing duran duran? i don't really get it.. your handle reminds me of a couple others. the mothers of invention, and captain beefheart's magic band. THAT is quality music.
  10. Breaking News: Explosion in Manhattan

    well, i didn't even get your joke. deception trick? wth is that? (i haven't seen the movie). so i think i still get partial credit...
  11. How to be Eco-friendly

    remember when you believed skins when he said karl rove had been indicted? yeah, me too.
  12. Greatest American Rock Band

    well, the previous 10 years also had bands like husker du, sonic youth, the replacements. nirvana changed MTV a lot, but their importance to the history of music has more to do with the fact that they got really, really popular than it does any revolutionary qualities in their music. personally, i'd say they were a really good band, but probably not top 5 when it comes to "greatest american rock bands ever".
  13. Wal*Mart Babies and Michael Vick's former property

    yeah, except target puts a picture of some homo like todd oldham next to it and sell it for 50 cent more. but hey, if that makes the wedgies feel better than the proles...
  14. Greatest American Rock Band

    velvet underground? beach boys? yer killing me here...
  15. Greatest American Rock Band

    this pole is fatally flawed. where are the ramones?
  16. We are all Africans.

    whomper was mr. june.
  17. Breaking News: Explosion in Manhattan

    f'n optimus prime
  18. *** Official Everwars Thread ***

    ok, i destroyed mcnasty, but it was strangely unfulfilling. maybe i'll try and tickle your prostate with my mace next time. or maybe a little "burst of water", if you know what i mean.
  19. *** Official Everwars Thread ***

    there you are. but i only have 2 EPs, can't attack. 4 minutes and counting...
  20. *** Official Everwars Thread ***

    your day will come, burger boy. i wish it was easier to find people to battle them. (heeeeeeeere, mcnasty.....)
  21. *** Official Everwars Thread ***

  22. Michael Vick

    yeah, i know. he shoulda let sleeping dogs lie. instead he lied down with dogs, and woke up with fleas.
  23. Tour de France

    my prediction for the standings after saturday's TT (the next interesting stage for the overall standings): evans valverde rasmussen kloden
  24. Vick Indicted

    someone who can make sure ookie doesn't end up in the pookie
  25. Leading Republican candidate for POTUS?

    isn't it lower than bush's? or was that kerry...