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  1. Vick Indicted

    was it bad info or wasn't it? i wasn't attempting to belittle you, i don't know you from adam, i was simply pointing out that what you posted was wrong. don't take it so hard.
  2. Vick Indicted

    umm, they're not "under indictment" until the grand jury is finished with the case. i'm not really trying to be a dick here, you just don't have the slightest idea what you're talking about.
  3. Vick Indicted

    this is bad info. there is no requirement that an investigation target be offered an opportunity to testify. they can be subpoenaed like everyone else, but in general they are not called, and if they are any decent defense lawyer will have them assert their 5th amendment privilege, whether they are guilty or not.
  4. Leading Republican candidate for POTUS?

    well, medicare is a big one. but you're right that in general, outside of defense, intelligence, iraq/afghanistan, and katrina, federal spending growth has been fairly mild the last several years. obviously, however, most republicans and small-government advocates can only have hoped for a LOT more from the republican control 2001-2006.
  5. Tour de France

    you can see some of the riders trying not to laugh their asses off. today, valverde, evans, and montador still looking strong... am i correct in surmising there are TWO long individual TTs this year? should be interesting...
  6. My girlfriend likes to call me Daddy,,,a little to much!

    that is truly disgusting. keystone ??
  7. Bad News For Polksalet

    i hear that old saying about the cushion and the pushin is especially true with couches.
  8. son went fishing last night with my BIL

    two words, baby: tree branch
  9. chicago huddlers

    good advice. try and park the car and keep it parked at the hotel for all your downtown/wrigleyville shenanigans, unless you enjoy anal rape (receiving end). usually boat tour things are kinda ghey, but the chicago river architecture cruise thing is pretty dam cool, i think it would be pretty interesting for both you and your 7th grader. you catch them at navy pier. i love the idea of catching back to back games, and not just 1!
  10. Legal issue w/ the sale of my home

    that seems fair, muck, it seems like everyone wants to get a deal done, i would imagine they'll go with it. if i were them though, i'd counter with something that protects them a little more if the pipe repair gets out of hand. like your offer, and anything over 3K on the pipe gets split 50/50.
  11. Tour de France

    eh, the commentators were all worked up about that, but those guys simply raced a conservative stage. is it a little boring? sure. but neither showed any sign of weakness, and that is the main point. ya know, moreau may actually be a contender this year as well. wouldn't THAT be somethin, an actual french dude winning the tour.
  12. My girlfriend likes to call me Daddy,,,a little to much!

    uhh....skippy getting strap-on'ed
  13. squeegiebo

    i heard she died of mesothelioma, from smoking
  14. Steeler Nation

  15. My girlfriend likes to call me Daddy,,,a little to much!

    there's probably a dirty-sanchez-type name for that move. as with all things kink related, i'll defer to cliaz on this one.
  16. Tour de France

    contador is for real. very impressed with his ride on sunday. valverde and cadel evans look strong, and weren't really tested. same with sastre and menchov. kloden, vino, and leipheimer are still in the mix. really the gauntlet has yet to be thrown, everyone rode pretty cautiously yesterday except rasmussen. speaking of rasmussen....the guy may have a real shot at yellow this year. he'll lose major time on the time trials, but if he can just stay at the front in every mountain stage, he may give himself enough of a cushion to hold on.
  17. Legal issue w/ the sale of my home

    if it's an older house and they replaced the whole sewer system, that is something that would make a big difference to a savvy buyer. but if you just tell them, "i replaced a bad section of the main line", i don't think that increases the value of your home one cent. if anything, it would make buyers more wary, reminding them how old the pipes are (except for that one little section you replaced). savage said this is like a high stakes poker game. true, but muck is holding a crappy hand.
  18. Legal issue w/ the sale of my home

    the cameras aren't that big a deal, you can rent them from a lot of places. i tell you what though, next time i buy an older house i will absolutely make sure the inspector cameras the drain lines, or pay a plumber to come do it if need be. woulda saved me $1200 if i'd done it on my house, which i bought a couple years ago.
  19. Legal issue w/ the sale of my home

    that's what i'm thinking. that would probably be appealing to them, because it sounds as if the drain is working ok for now, maybe they put off the costly repair for a bit. you can work the contract so that the "purchase price" is the same as it was before (so they don't just get loaned 3k less), and the 3K is an "allowance" which they basically receive as a cash payment at closing. they would probably bite off on that.
  20. Baking Baby Back Ribs

    it is not what goes into a man's mouth that defiles him, but what comes out. i think jesus came up with that one just so he could eat him some ribs glazed with unta's big green satanic soul.
  21. The e-surance cartoon chick

    whatever, perv
  22. The e-surance cartoon chick

    detlef, you've been playing too many computer games. you're gradually turning into one of those dudes who whacks off to "nude pictures" of laura croft.