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  1. Legal issue w/ the sale of my home

    well, if you really feel that they caused the damage, you could go ahead and perform the repair before closing and inspect the removed pipe. if it's a clean hole and looks recent, maybe you can somehow tie it to them. but, a thousand times more likely, they'd pull out a section of pipe that looks like the section they pulled out of my basement a couple weeks ago, with a series of holes caused by age and rust. i understand your frustration, muck, and i am sure i would feel the same way, having something you didn't know was a problem exposed and costing you a pretty penny. it sucks. but looking at it dispassionately, i think you're blurring the line between them causing your headache by discovering a problem on your property, and them causing the problem on your property. it's pretty clear to me that what they did is the former. i don't really think you have any options other than just sucking it up and paying for the repair, or at least a bulk of it.
  2. Legal issue w/ the sale of my home

    probably, but from a legal perspective, what are the damages? if the problem is an old, corroded pipe, there is simply no way they are legally liable for fixing it. well, their camera got stuck at the same location, so obviously there's pretty strong evidence there was some blockage there before the rooter guy went in. in any case, i'm pretty certain that the only way a snake could collapse a pipe is if the structure of the pipe was badly compromised (and in need of replacement) in the first place. like maybe it could cause a ticking time bomb to go off, so to speak. i seriously doubt there is any way it can blow a hole in a perfectly good pipe, and if you want me to believe otherwise i'll need a link.
  3. Legal issue w/ the sale of my home

    if this is about who has to pay the $300 for the plumber to come snake out the line, then i agree, that is not on you, and if i were you i would probably refuse to pay that -- just as they have to pay their own inspector. but that doesn't make them responsible for the cost of repairing the damaged old sewer line on your property, just because they found it.
  4. Legal issue w/ the sale of my home

    again, he would have to prove that the agent CAUSED the damage to his line. as best i can tell, that's a losing proposition.
  5. Legal issue w/ the sale of my home

    are there any documented cases of a roto-rooter CAUSING a mainline to corrode and be blocked with dirt and/or roots (probably what we're dealing with here)? if so, maybe you have a point. but i doubt there is any such possibility. so your comparisons to burning your drapes, and/or tinkering with a car engine and screwing it up would not seem to be valid.
  6. Legal issue w/ the sale of my home

    well, muck, i don't think their inspector CAUSED your problem. the drain may have been working OK for you, but that doesn't mean there isn't a legitimate problem in the line that legitimately affects the saleability of your house. i can't blame them for wanting to check it out, either, kudos to them for hiring a thorough inspector. he didn't cause the problem, he revealed it, which is exactly what they are paying him to do. he tried to camera the line, got stuck, tried to clean it out, and found the problem. it is a bit odd that they hired a plumber to snake it out without your knowledge or consent. but let's say they call you and say our guy can't camera the line, we need to try and snake it out so we can see what the problem is....what, are you gonna say no? and on what basis? i also don't see how you could possibly sue them, unless you can prove that they caused the damage that needs to be repaired, which of course they didn't. i'd say your best bet is knocking a few grand off the sale price. they can either have it repaired before they move in, or wait a while until it really starts causing them problems.
  7. "Who Killed the Electric Car?"

    no, based on what DK has represented here, and what i have read here and here. pretty sure i'm not very far off.
  8. RIAA killed the (internet) radio

    well, now i am, thanks to you, skins, the RIAA, and your incredibly shortsighted moranic ilk.
  9. RIAA killed the (internet) radio

    it's radio, you twit.
  10. Adios...

    it's not nice to tease us with a bump like that
  11. RIAA killed the (internet) radio

    thank yooooouu, nancy peloskins!
  12. *** Official Everwars Thread ***

    ok i'm 0-3 i guess i really haven't figured this out
  13. Urlacher's text messages to his ex

    was it michael flatley. or was it the real lord of the dance?
  14. Cool trick on Dell laptops

    bet that was a funny scene. "LEEEEEROOOOY JEN........ ...........what the f*ck? "
  15. Two more in the family

    like a parachute, baby. net-net.
  16. "Who Killed the Electric Car?"

    the whole f'ing premise of the film implies a conspiracy. who killed the electric car? like it's some sort of murder mystery. and obviously, according to the movie, the answer is not, "GM killed it because it was a product with virtually no demand, impossible for them to produce at anything close to a profit"...the film's answer is more along the lines, "GM killed it because they're in bed with big oil, and love selling spark plugs, and because ultimately they don't want the technology to succeed". so they point to a fact like refusing to sell the vehicles to a handful of lessees as some sinister proof of "killing". the filmmaker is a hugh EV advocate, so clearly the simple, obvious answer -- that GM ended it's EV program in the late 90s because the technology just wasn't capable reaching any significant customer demand -- will not do. so let's turn it into a corporate murder mystery with GM and big oil as the dastardly villains.
  17. dow 14000

    why do you hate america?
  18. fat tax

    it's not really about "nutting up and living", robn, it's about who bears the costs associated with peoples' own dangerous choices. someone taking the other side could easily say "nut up, and take financial responsibility for your OWN actions!" the bottom line is, if we want to live in a world where everyone is bound by the power of the law to take care of everyone else, then everyone else has a stake in the choices we all make with regard to our own well-being.
  19. great idea, when the NFLPA gives you lemons, make lemonade.
  20. the return of 2K football video games

    the list of players... Bill Curry C Dermontti Dawson C Dwight StephensonC Jim Otto C Mick Tingelhoff C Albert Lewis CB Lem Barney CB Lester Hayes CB Mel Renfro CB Mike Haynes CB NightTrain Lane CB Roger Wehrli CB Terry McDaniel CB Tom Brookshier CB Willie Brown CB Chris Doleman DE Clyde Simmons DE Deacon Jones DE Dexter Manley DE Elvin Bethea DE Gino Marchetti DE Harvey Martin DE Jim Marshall DE Lee Roy Selmon DE Leonard Marshall DE Leslie O'Neal DE Reggie White DE Rulon Jones DE Tony Tolbert DE TooTall Jones DE Art Donovan DT Bob Lilly DT Dan Hampton DT Dan Saleaumua DT Dave Butz DT Greg Kragen DT Jerome Brown DT Keith Millard DT Leon Lett DT Marty Lyons DT Mike Golic DT Randy White DT William Perry DT Daryl Johnston FB Ickey Woods FB Merril Hoge FB Tom Rathman FB Cliff Harris FS Deron Cherry FS Eric Turner FS Eugene Robinson FS Leroy Butler FS Nolan Cromwell FS Ronnie Lott FS Solomon Wilcots FS Bill Fralic G Guy Mcintyre G Jesse Sapolu G Jim Langer G Larry Little G Randall Mcdaniel G Randy Cross G Russ Grimm G Stan Jones G Steve Wisniewski G Tom Mack G Abner Haynes HB Barry Foster HB Barry Sanders HB Billy Sims HB Charley Trippi HB Chris Warren HB Christian Okoye HB Chuck Foreman HB Chuck Muncie HB Curt Warner HB Dalton Hilliard HB Dave Meggett HB Earl Campbell HB Emmitt Smith HB Eric Bieniemy HB Floyd Little HB Freeman McNeil HB Gale Sayers HB Greg Bell HB Hugh McElhenny HB Joe Perry HB Lenny Moore HB Leroy Kelly HB Marcus Allen HB Matt Snell HB Mike Rozier HB Natrone Means HB O.J. Simpson HB Ottis Anderson HB Paul Hornung HB Reggie Cobb HB Ricky Watters HB Roger Craig HB Ronnie Bull HB Thurman Thomas HB Tony Canadeo HB Tony Nathan HB Walter Payton HB Brad Van Pelt ILB Brian Jones ILB Chris Spielman ILB Chuck Noll ILB D|ck Butkus ILB Gary Plummer ILB Harry Carson ILB Joe Schmidt ILB John Offerdahl ILB Mike Singletary ILB Nick Buoniconti ILB Pepper Johnson ILB Scott Studwell ILB Al Del Greco K Eddie Murray K Jan Stenerud K Jeff Jaeger K Jim Bakken K Lou Groza K Brian Bosworth OLB Bryce Paup OLB Carl Banks OLB Chuck Bednarik OLB Dave Wilcox OLB Derrick Thomas OLB Greg Lloyd OLB Jessie Tuggle OLB John Anderson OLB Karl Mecklenburg OLB Ken Norton Jr OLB Lamar Lathon OLB Otis Wilson OLB Robert Brazile OLB Ray Guy P Andre Ware QB Archie Manning QB Bart Starr QB Bernie Kosar QB Bill Wade QB Bobby Hebert QB Bubby Brister QB Dan Marino QB Dave Krieg QB Greg Landry QB Jeff Hostetler QB Jim Hart QB Joe Montana QB Joe Theismann QB John Brodie QB John Elway QB Johnny Unitas QB Ken O'Brien QB Ken Stabler QB Len Dawson QB Lynn D|ckey QB Mark Rypien QB Neil O'Donnell QB Otto Graham QB Roger Staubach QB Sammy Baugh QB Steve Bartkowski QB Steve Grogan QB Tommy Kramer QB Troy Aikman QB Warrren Moon QB Charlie Waters SS Dick Anderson SS Fred Marion SS George Mcafee SS Jack Tatum SS Joey Browner SS Willie Wood SS Anthony Munoz T Bob Brown T Bob St. Clair T Bubba Paris T Jim Lachey T Jim Parker T Joe Jacoby T Joe DeLamielleure T Korey Stringer T Lou Creekmur T Mike Munchak T Rayfield Wright T Richmond Webb T Ron Mix T Ron Yary T Roosevelt Brown T Tony Boselli T Ben Coates TE Billy Joe Dupree TE Brent Jones TE Dave Casper TE Eric Green TE Jackie Smith TE Jay Novacek TE John Mackey TE Keith Jackson TE Mike Ditka TE Pete Metzelaars TE Todd Christensen TE Troy Drayton TE Alvin Harper WR Andre Reed WR Anthony Carter WR Bobby Mitchell WR Charley Taylor WR Cliff Branch WR Dante Lavelli WR Don Maynard WR Drew Pearson WR Dwight Clark WR Eric Martin WR Ernest Givins WR Fred Biletnikoff WR Gary Clark WR Henry Ellard WR Herman Moore WR Irving Fryar WR James Lofton WR Jerry Rice WR John Jefferson WR John Taylor WR Mark Carrier WR Pete Pihos WR Raghib Ismail WR Raymond Berry WR Rick Upchurch WR Ricky Sanders WR Rob Moore WR Steve Tasker WR Tony Martin WR Wesley Walker WR Willie Gault WR Yancey Thigpen WR
  21. Website Design Question

    i think it depends on the diameter of the innernet tubes your site flows through
  22. fat tax

    personally, i hate the idea of the government trying to coerce you into official good behavior. but it's hard to deny that they are a very logical way of appropriating costs in an environment of socialized or semi-socialized heath care.
  23. Two more in the family

    congrats! and good luck on transitioning from the double-team straight to the 2-on-3 zone
  24. Prayers Needed

    +1, well said