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  1. What size monitor do you have

    20" @ 1400x1050
  2. Shotguns

    ok but what if you find you need to shoot THROUGH building materials? like say there's a heavy door between you and the bad guy and you'd just as soon keep it that way. i think that was his point in recommending the slug/shot alternation.
  3. What would you do?

    did i miss some sort of announcement?
  4. bier and soup, those european cars of yours may be collector's items. your next european car will look like this
  5. Are You Armed

    sorry waterman, these don't count, and neither do these
  6. do's and donts when meeting a huddler

    so you (a bit of a drinker yourself ) have hung out with spain and twiley.....and WE'RE alcoholics?
  7. Are You Armed

    it's the fire ants, dummies
  8. What would you do?

    my thought would be to go with half prudence, half indulgence. i'd put in a new kitchen and bathroom probably. or maybe buy a car. and then still try to put a significant amount into an IRA or something. 50K ain't as much as it used to be
  9. "Who Killed the Electric Car?"

    right, they're slowly becoming more viable because the technology (especially battery technology) is getting better. the thing holding them back thus far has largely been their technical limitations.
  10. Shotguns

    mine is an 870. someone told me a good idea for home defense is to load it up with alternating rounds -- slug, shot, slug, shot, slug, shot. that way you have both power and spread at your disposal.
  11. Are You Armed

    i've got a 12-gauge shotgun down in the basement. don't really think of it as a home protection thing, since it would take me a while to get to it, load it, etc. i kinda want to keep something like this under the bed to wallop any bad guys.
  12. "Who Killed the Electric Car?"

    i haven't researched it, but i can think of a number of possible reasons. once they determined there was no sustainable market for the vehicle, they probably didn't want to pour any more resources into that division. having the cars on the road meant ongoing support and maintenance issues, ongoing legal exposure as far as product liability and such, ongoing brand association, and so on. they only made the car in the first place because of some bogus california law that was overturned. anticipating such an outcome, no doubt, they limited their penetration into that particular business endeavor by only offering leases, so that they could quickly pull out it if they decided they didn't want those ongoing headaches. but i suppose that's too sensible and straightforward, the real reason has to be a corporate conspiracy to make sure their own corporate product failed. but even if GM secretly wanted their own POS electric car to be a miserable failure so that they could throw billions away developing it, if there was really a strong demand for an electric car, some other business out there would be perfectly willing to meet it and get hella-rich in the process. it hasn't happened. again, it might have more to do with the fact that you can't go more than 40 miles from home than it does any corporate conspiracy, but that's just a hunch.
  13. "Who Killed the Electric Car?"

    i don't think you understand how the free market works. if something is cheaper, more efficient, more useful than the existing norm, then people will make a killing producing it to the masses. if the consumer deems it's not as useful for whatever reason, it will fail. electric cars bit it because nobody f*cking wanted one. i'm guessing it had something to do with not being able to go more than 40 miles from your house.
  14. Got one for the lawyers.

    well, you're presenting two totally separate situations. to compare apples to apples: I know something that will convict someone.... everyone knows I know.... I refuse to talk..... I am obstructing justice. I know something that will prove someone innocent.... everyone knows I know.... I refuse to talk..... I am obstructing justice. but basically you only get charged with obstruction of justice if you somehow try and actively thwart an ongoing investigation (at the investigative stage, not so much at trial) -- technically, this applies to evidence that is exculpatory toward any particular party just as it does to info that is damning. however, if everyone knows you know, you'll probably get subpoenaed as a witness anyway. if you don't have a valid reason for not talking (like the 5th amendment privilege), then you get charged with contempt of court, not obstruction of justice.
  15. Future Hall Of Famers

    you may be right. but how many WRs from his era were true team leaders on a number of playoff-caliber teams? and how many have two super bowl rings? i doubt he gets in, but i do think he deserves some fairly serious consideration.
  16. Future Hall Of Famers

    champ bailey is a lock. tom nalen should be. lynch has a decent shot. rod smith has a slim shot. i won't bother speculating with younger players, that seems kinda foolish to me.
  17. "Who Killed the Electric Car?"

    if someone could make money selling it, i'm pretty sure they would.
  18. Got one for the lawyers.

    technically, there's no distinction. but practically.....well, think of it this way, who's gonna prosecute you for obstruction? right, the same folks who are prosecuting the person in the main case.
  19. the wii

    my sister brought hers over to my place this weekend, and it was fun. not a bad thing to have around at all for family fun, or if you have people over, or just for general non-gamers. i could see it getting real tiresome though for the kind of person who likes to hunker down and get their on -- it will never be the system of choice for them, IMO.
  20. do's and donts when meeting a huddler

    if meeting in a turkish bath, like isle and whomp......don't....drop the soap
  21. i am sticky

    whomper, look for the dude wearing only a banana hammock and aqua socks ??
  22. For You Married Folks Only

    well that's one way to cope with it