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  1. Which Huddlers have you met in person ?

    i think i posted in this before, but i couldn't find it, so... bier mesiter atomicceo sundaynfl thews rhino mcnasty h8tank big f'n dave twiley SLD i like soup capn' grunge
  2. should a double amputee be allowed to compete in the olympics?

    when they do it every single day, and they don't even lug their own clubs (like you probably do on a public course)....sorry, whether it's 1.5 miles or 4.5 miles, it's a leisurely walk in the park at a grueling rate of 1 mile per hour, it's hard for me to see how the resulting "fatigue" is some sort of fundamental challenge to the sport of golf. i don't think it is.
  3. For You Married Folks Only

  4. should a double amputee be allowed to compete in the olympics?

    so you're saying walking a mile and a half in 5 hours makes you "fatigued"? i actually thought the PGA shoulda let that guy compete with a cart, but i can see why they didn't. in any case, i think that's VERY different from the present situation. i think you'd have to admit that how you get from one shot to another in golf is a little less fundamental to your performance than the entire physical mechanism by which you run is to track.
  5. should a double amputee be allowed to compete in the olympics?

    well regardless of the degree, in a normal human leg, that "push" is coming from the concentrated exertion of muscle applied to ligament and bone. in his "feet" the push is coming from an artificial spring mechanism. pretty much where i come down on this as well. whether it's more impressive or less impressive, harder or easier, is sorta beside the point. it's ultimately a different discipline, with different apparatus, etc.
  6. should a double amputee be allowed to compete in the olympics?

    what if it gets to the point where he's breaking world records with his prosthetic carbon kangaroo feet?
  7. Michael Vick's Property Raided again

    isn't the problem affecting pit bulls as a breed that there are so many irresponsible "breeders" trying to breed as much of that nastiness INTO them as possible? there are a lot of dog breeds out there with fighting histories, but it's been successfully bred out of them for the most part. large numbers of people still fight pit bulls, so breeding aggressiveness out of them is going to be an uphill battle. as long as that's the case, i can't blame any person who doesn't trust a pit bull beyond the end of their 12-gauge, and i really blame cities and such who legislate against owning the breed.
  8. Snake in the ...

    no havalina? yet...
  9. Best in his sport

    well, i agree with that -- babe ruth towered over his sport, in his era, like no one else in any of the major team sports, period. but i'm not sure how well this squares with your "reasoning" for labeling jimmy rollins and michael young as better players than cal ripken jr. it seems like most folks agree with ruth and gretzky, and that with football it's really just impossible to say. as far as the NBA....wilt was the most dominant, but he always folded when he was under the most pressure. that is why jordan stands out to me. he was simply on another plane when it mattered most. he not only had the most freakish athletic talents of any guard to ever play the game, his competitiveness and grace under pressure added to that talent made him damn near unbeatable in his prime.
  10. any great wines for 50 bucks?

    BeeR owes me some money
  11. i am sticky

    sounds like he's right around the corner ??
  12. Unsettling story for those who eat deer meat

    attacked by rogue prions? does that mean tom cruise was right?
  13. Best in his sport

    i'd have to agree with those. football is tough. it's easiest to say jerry rice, but i don't think WR has as much impact on the game as other positions. i almost think you have to go with a QB, but who? montana, elway, marino, unitas. maybe elway because he was such a stud athlete in addition to being a stud QB.
  14. What to do in Denver?

    i could probably make it to boulder for a bit tonight. as far as places...i don't know the town as well as i did 10 years ago. but, there's the catacombs, downstairs in the hotel boulderado. there's also a cool new orleans-themed bar/restaurant called redfish that makes their own's a bit pricey if i recall, but it's an interesting place. there's also the walnut brewery, which is a fine place for just meeting up and hanging out.
  15. sony cuts price of PS3

    that's an option...but you can also buy a ps3, have all the whole library of fantastic ps2 games available, play blu-rays, AND play the badass ps3 games once they start rolling out.
  16. sony cuts price of PS3

    yeah, i don't believe it upconverts standard-def DVDs beyond progressive scan 480p, which somewhat limits its utility as a basic DVD player. although, i have to say...i've got an OPPO upconverting DVD player, and i honestly don't see much difference in picture quality from when it's pushing 1080i versus 480p. upconverting from a SD source like a DVD....there's really not much more you can squeeze out of that signal.
  17. Best athlete - NO Number

    rocky marciano? rocky marciano?!? every time i start talkin about boxin, some white man got to pull rocky marciano out their ass. compared to joe louis, rocky marciano aint chit.
  18. WalMart Oil Change

    +1. except i go to grease monkey, not walmart. i'm cool with walmart for buying stuff, but not for anything requiring any sort of service whatsoever. i figure i'm totally on my own in there, so that i'm not disappointed by the complete lack of knowledgable customer service. walmart has lots of chit, and they have it at great prices!
  19. What to do in Denver?

    may have been on underneath, for later on, when tiny and nasty were alone back at the hotel with their pay-per-view movie box. funny, you definitely would NOT guess these two were male nurses.
  20. What to do in Denver?

    cool guys. had a very good time as well.
  21. sony cuts price of PS3

    that's about where i'm at. though i could be swayed at 5-hundy once they release new gran turismo HD.
  22. Best athlete - NO Number

    clay is a specialist's game. the fact that he's only like the third best clay-court player in the world doesn't indicate a hole in his game, really. guys like mcenroe and sampras never won the french open. but i still think federer will at some point. when i said he has no holes in his game, i really meant: his first serve is awesome, his second serve is awesome, his return is awesome, both of his groundstrokes are awesome, his approach and net games are get the idea.
  23. Best athlete - NO Number

    i'd say john mcenroe bridges the gap between the old and the new, having played all those guys (except maybe laver). i've heard him pretty emphatic on more than one occasion that federer is the best ever, surpassing sampras. you do those guys a major discredit if you think it's all about the equipment. saying becker is better than federer is like saying chi chi rodriguez would kick tiger woods' ass because he used a wood driver. federer, unlike ANY player before him, has absolutely no holes in his game. the guy has the goods.
  24. Interesting work issue

    ?? is short-hand for net-net. ok, seriously. personally, i don't think you really need to finesse it. just say hey man, everyone has their little quirks and stuff when they're writing email, but this double-question mark thing you do...i can't even figure out what it means, if anything, and it seems like it might be a good idea to try and keep good punctuation and grammar in client emails.