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  1. i think you should change the name of the league to "Nigeria Dynasty Champions League". take your phishing somewhere else, f'n ass wipe.
  2. Best athlete - NO Number

    i just google image searched mario andretti, and it looks like he had just about every number under the sun. 5, 6, 7, 3, 2. my only memories of him are in the marlboro penske indy car with the number 3, i think it was.
  3. Best Athlete By Number

    when i think of babe, i think of the number 3. he was 3, gehrig was 4 -- like their spots in the lineup. edit: and of course, ruth was the choice for 3.
  4. Prayers Needed

    very sorry, timmy.
  5. What to do in Denver?

    sunday tomorrow or sunday next week? the parents are going to be over tomorrow afternoon, but i'm guessing the latest they'll be here is 7 or 8, after which i can duck out. next sunday i'm sure i'm free.
  6. Twiley's kid on the way!

    congrats twiley, twoobs and little twevan!
  7. What to do in Denver?

    hey, mcnasty. just so you know, fort collins is a city, not an actual fort. you're probably thinking of fort carson.
  8. Best athlete - NO Number

    those guys are all associated with numbers. 3, 43, 1, 14. mario andretti is the only one i can't think of one particular number offhand.
  9. Best Athlete By Number

    right, that's why he was the overall top all-star vote getter in 85 and 86, when "the streak" was in the low 3-digits.
  10. What to do in Denver?

    the trailhead to one really cool hike that's pretty easy is right here, less than an hour drive from where you're staying. i'd do it on a weekday if you can though, 'cause it's kinda crowded on weekends. you have to pay the park fee to park in the main lot, but if you're cheap you can park outside the park and walk in (couple extra miles). (edit: for more info, google "ouzel falls" or "ouzel lake")
  11. Best athlete - NO Number

    what, no love for joey chestnut?
  12. What to do in Denver?

    there are some good ethiopian places on east colfax. greek as well. a great indian place downtown at 15th and blake. there is an AWESOME middle eastern place called "damascus" in a run-down strip mall on colorado blvd south of evans. these places aren't all that close to where you're staying. like i said, around louisville is mostly new development, which means mostly chains as far as eating options. there's a very good vietnamese place in boulder called chez thuy. an excellent chinese restaurant in denver called "the imperial". one of the better thai restaurants in town about two blocks from my house in lakewood.
  13. Best Athlete By Number

    yeah, offensive stats are obviously way up these days compared to those of ripken. sarge would have us believe that is because today's players are so much better, but that is foolish. when ripken was growing up in the 60s and 70s, EVERY young kid of EVERY race wanted to be mickey mantle, willie mays, roberto clemente, sandy koufax, bob gibson, johnny bench, brooks robinson. today, baseball is way less popular (except in latin america), and all the top young american athletes are going into football and basketball, so i don't think the talent pool is what it used to be. then there's expansion, which just dilutes the pitching quality that much more now compared to then. next, add in the slew of new ballparks, nearly all of which are far more hitter-friendly than ballparks in the 80s. and, you can't forget the performance nehancing drugs, either. of course, i'm sure if jimmy rollins played in the 80s he'd be hitting 40 dingers, winning league MVP and a gold glove every year. it would be like putting shaq on the 1952 celtics.
  14. What to do in Denver?

    that's out by where atomic lives, kinda. toward boulder. i'm sure at least bier and atomic will be in for a night of boozin and cavortin. as far as recommendations on stuff to do...depends what sort of thing you're looking for. i'd say...go up to pearl street in boulder and laugh at the other hippie phreaks. drive a few miles over through superior and check out eldorado canyon. if you want more of an all-day, outdoor mountain kind of activity, maybe drive up to rocky mountain national park. all the development out where you're staying is pretty new, so it's all suburban strip mall kind of stuff, which can make the eating options somewhat bland. there's a mexican place called "hacienda" at US36 and church ranch you should check out. besides that, i can't think of much.
  15. What to do in Denver?

    where you stayin? downtown? i'll pass on the brain surgery (for now), but take you up on the beers.
  16. That guy....

    "hey, is your greaseball friend pooping in my yard?" "no, he's just practicing yoga"
  17. That guy....

    does anyone know if you can rent a hippopotamus, and if so where?
  18. That guy....

    the other day i was "that guy" who yells futilely at the neighbor kids as they run away terrified to safety. this little bish (probably 10 or 11 years old) was walking her greyhound and it took a big dump in my lawn, which i saw out of the corner of my eye, couldn't tell for sure if it was pee or a deuce, so i came out and yelled at her in my scariest grumpy old neighbor voice..."hey! hey! did your dog just poop in my yard?" "no, she just went potty.." as the sneaky little wench hurried on her way down the street. i go out and check and sho' nuff, big ol' f'n greyhound dump, so i yell at her again but this time she's far enough down the street that she trots off and ducks into her house. i've been plotting my revenge ever since...
  19. Best Athlete By Number

    but hey, sgt shortbus says jimmy rollins is better
  20. Best Athlete By Number

    the hell he wasn't. his last couple years in texas he was easily one of the two or three most feared hitters in baseball. and reyes has never hit 20. only two, huh? and how many have reyes, rollins, young and all these other current pretty good SSs you keep mentioning won, combined? zero. better fielding SS? based on what? all his gold gloves (0)? right, and jay cutler is "on pace" to shatter marino's TD record. the guy has had one good season, one REALLY good season, and he's on pace this year for another really good season. get back to me in 20 years and maybe we can compare ripken and jose f'n reyes. oh and ripken WON 2 MVPs, on top of being a "candidate" many others. but you already knew that. that's because you're an idiot who doesn't know schit about baseball except how your crappy fantasy team is doing.
  21. Best Athlete By Number

    no way in heck, BJ. shannon (as a tight end) - 815 catches, 10,060 yards, 62 TDs, 8 pro bowls and 3 super bowl rings sterling (as a WR)) - 595 catches, 8134 yards, 65 TDs, 5 pro bowls and 0 super bowls. not even close.
  22. Best Athlete By Number

    for the record, i'm not saying ripken does down as a greater player than a-rod. i don't think that one is even close. if you're calling a-rod a SS, really the only names you can rank up there with him are honus wagner and maybe ernie banks. but ripken is probably top-5 all time at SS, so i think it's a kinda silly to call him "overrated".
  23. Best Athlete By Number

    the many layers of stupidity in this post are remarkable. ripken was never a top 5 overall player? right, that's why he won two AL MVPs. reyes is a top 5 player in MLB right now? uhh, maybe in your fantasy league, because he steals a lot of bases. he's a nice little player with about 2 good years under his belt. comparing him to ripken based on that is absurd. jimmy rollins a more complete SS than ripken ever was... if baseball is so easy to play every day, why is no one else in the history of the league, except lou gehrig, anywhere close to his streak?
  24. Go Green for 70k

    i think it's pretty cool and i'm not even a gawdanged hippie