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  1. Great Divide's Yetis are the top of the heap for me. they do the imperial stout thing better than anyone else I've come across.


    speaking of Yetis, there's a local Indian restaurant/brewpub called Yak and Yeti that brews and serves a really nice chai milk stout.

  2. the two players I was most happy for yesterday were Ed Reed and Anquan Boldin. Reed in particular, because IMO he is the best safety to play the game. every time I watch him I remember and rue the day the broncos drafted Ashley Lelie while Ed was still on the board.

  3. I hear you bro and I am sorry that happened to you. I think of it this way. I trust my wife and she has never given me a reason not to. I guess anything is possible but I wont live my life being paranoid that she is up to no good. She and I are very free with each other. I never give her a hard time when she wants to hang with her friends or even go away and she doesnt give me crap either. I have had opportunities and so has she. I know guys that are crazy jealous and I hang with guys whose wives are like that and it isnt very healthy either way. I do know that people get blindsided sometimes too. You have to approach it in your own way as far as trusting your spouse and you have to be smart and honorable as far as how you conduct yourself



    yeah, I guess I feel if yer spouse isn't trustworthy, then they aren't worth being with long term. and maybe the sooner you find that out the better. if you're with a wh0re who you somehow keep from cheating only by zealously being up her butt all the time (figuratively, matt), then that seems like a rather hollow "victory".

  4. I don't really have any major issue with the komen foundation, or any other group involved in cancer funding, or "awareness", or any of that.


    bottom line is I am sick of all this for two reasons. 1) I just don't care for pink and the unis are hideous, and 2) all this "awareness" is primarily just a marketing ploy hucksters are using to sell pink chit and pander to a particular demographic. certainly that is how the NFL involvement strikes me, wrapping themselves in pink to show how awesome and "aware" they are. so much of marketing and PR these days is about blowing smoke up peoples' butts.

  5. IMO the slide started when they started trying to police whole broad topics rather than actual objectionable behavior. then they enforced it sporadically, inconsistently, and haphazardly -- "seagull moderation" if you will ('the seagull moderator flies in, makes a lot of noise, craps on everything then flies off again leaving a big mess behind'). that started causing resentment among many posters, and one by one many of them started going out in a blaze of idiocy in "protest". others got annoyed and less interested as a result, either annoyed with the moderation, or annoyed with the people who push the moderators. the pattern keeps repeating itself in a continual downward spiral. I would say that all they really accomplished by banning topics was to dumb down the discussion of those topics and turn the whole place into a grown-up romper room. like many others, I am pretty bummed about that because I consider a lot of the old huddlers good friends and I miss what we used to have here.

  6. good cause? maybe so but it's overkill. are they going to do it for what seems like half the season like they did last year? good grief, couldn't they just do one week.


    I guess the thing about it that bugs me a little bit is that there are a lot of other kinds of cancer out there that don't receive nearly the amount of funding or attention. prostate cancer is the easy one to bring up, because it impacts about as many men as breast cancer affects women and receives zero attention. but lung cancer kills like 5 times as many people as breast cancer, and receives a fraction of the funding (especially on a per death basis).

  7. I don't get why Williams is allowed to attend any game he wants, but Payton et al. are only granted this one time & only under special circumstances. Yes, I think that is worthy of a complaint. I'm sorry that bothers you. :hugs:



    would you prefer it that payton be banned indefinitely as williams is so he can get permission to go to all the saints games? SP is still the head coach of the team. it does not surprise nor confuse me in the least that they would see the need for a stricter, more attentive enforcement of a finite suspension where the person maintains their title and position than the more punitive, open-ended ban directed at williams.


    obviously, the league could have responded to payton's request with a simple, "nope, you're suspended". instead they responded graciously. I would try and view it that way rather than seeing it, like everything else, through the prism of some sort of vendetta against your team.

  8. My post was not political at all, it just mentioned a politician. Did it go downhill?


    How could it not?



    one direct consequence of the idiotic, inconsistent administration of this forum is that pretty much any and every thread starts to go downhill almost immediately.

  9. I could bring myself to vote for Joan Jett, Kraftwerk, and Public Enemy. Rush maybe deserves it but I hate them. I did vote for kraftwerk, but if they're going for krautrock, Can would be a better choice. more "rock and roll" and also arguably more influential.


    I think they're getting to the point with this HOF that they just feel like they have to induct people every year and some of the new inductees are wartering down the overall pool.


    that said, in addition to Can, they need to add don van vliet/captain beefheart. and it's probably getting to be about time for husker du, sonic youth, the pixies...

  10. The whole "winner/intangibles vs. stats/ability" argument is a difficult one to have, because there's really no answer.



    well it's even more difficult, IMO, because while the winner/intangibles side of that argument is an easy win for tebow, the "ability" argument is actually more nuanced than a lot of people will recognize. drop-back passing ability, sure, edge sanchez. but you gotta keep in mind that last year, behind orton, the broncos were in the bottom third of teams in the league in rushing offense. once tebow took over they were #1. he opens up a teams entire running game. now you can cue up the arguments about how you can't win NFL championships with a 1980s-era Big-8 offense, particularly not in this pass-dominated era. and ultimately I agree with that. but I would argue you're more likely to win that way than you are with a chitty drop-back QB like orton or sanchez. last season with the broncos demonstrates that pretty well I think.

  11. Well, I think it's kind of bold to assume that they'll be in a position where you can not score most of the game (even commit turnovers to help the other team score) and find yourself in a position for Tebow to even have the opportunity for his token late-game TD to save the day.


    Denver's blowout losses to Detroit and New England were very predictable last year. Unless you're defense is shutting down top offense, Tebow just can't keep up. It's like the Falcons team from the last 4 years on valium, expecting to beat playoff teams consistently with just a sputtering ball-control offense.


    Add to that, the already mediocre scoring defense for the Jets is obviously way worse without Revis out there to enable them to run their defense the way they want to...


    Finally, now that defenses actually have film on Tebow, and sorry, but that just sounds like it'd be a total disaster for the Jets.... I'd love to see how it would shake out though, I will admit that.



    I don't necessarily dispute any of those criticisms of tebow, but here they are non sequitur. the statement was made about what desperate straits you'd be in down 6 late in a game with tebow as your QB, and I was just pointing to history to say that maybe that's not so bad a situation to be after all. I think the biggest problem with tebow as your QB against a good team is being in the position late in the game where you're ONLY down 6.

  12. IMO it's silly to lump Tebow and Quinn in with Orton.



    I actually agree, but for the opposite reason. romo, for all his foibles and follies, is just a far superior QB to kyle orton. maybe the 85 bears could hand the reigns to orton and ride him deep into the playoffs, but the list of teams isn't much longer than that.


    on the other hand...cassel and quinn are both garbage, and I actually firmly believe that tebow is a better NFL QB than sanchez (anyone who watched the two head-to-head last year when the broncos beat the jets would be hard-pressed to disagree).