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  1. Still don't have any online payment options. I'll send you a check if I can get your address.

  2. We currently need new owners for New York Giants Miami Dolphins PM me if interested.
  3. I'm ready to trade, lets get some offers out there.....

    1. devilwoman


      Zeke is available....

  4. Hi DW,


    To get your Taxi Squad in line with PnH rules (Max 4 Off Players), I dropped Perry, Malcolm MIA RB, your last Off Rookie selected in the draft, and brought Gandy-Golden, Antonio WAS WR up off the Taxi Squad.  If you would prefer a different way of fixing your squad, and can let me know before kickoff in 2.5 hours, I will make it happen.

    Just let me know.  You could drop someone else from your roster, and/or bring a different Off player up.  Your call.  i just needed to get it fixed while I had the time this morning.

    1. devilwoman


      I'd like to keep Perry if it too late to add Perry and drop Isabella?  I dont see that either scored any points...sorry for the problem.  Let me know thanks.

  5. I'd make the deal of AP for Cutler and Lynch. But it sounds like you really want AP on your roster. Would you trade AP for Cutler and CJ? Look at the #2 team and see if they may be leaning towards WR or RB. You could also draft AP, wait to see what #2 does, and if they take Lynch, then make the trade. If you pass on Cutler and CJ for AP, then there is no reason to be asking for advice hear, since you are too sold on AP for anyone to change your mind. (I recognize the sings as I was there last year with Bush. )
  6. Rookie LBs

    I'm looking the same, with C.June and E. Sims as bye fillers.
  7. Rookie LBs

    Just took Beason 2.5. Hoping at least one (if not 2) from Wills/Beason become top 10 LBs.
  8. Rookie LBs

    I voted Willis, as I just took him at 1.11 in a 12 team IDP Dynasty draft. Poz was taken 1.12.
  9. P n' H Dynasty League

    We've found our two new owners. Thanks to all that responded. The new owners have PMs waiting.
  10. Reggie Bush

    I have Reggie in two dynasty leagues. I haven't gotten any offers like that.
  11. We have at least two teams opening up in this league. Post your interest here. League site is here. Teams known to be available: Fire Crackers, Hit Squad. We'd like to fill these teams asap as we have an Off-Season FA period waiting on them. We'll collect interest over the next week and then select new owners around 3/16. Thanks for listening.
  12. Just heard it on the news, and found this on USAToday's Sandbox. Seahawks signed safety Deon Grant, formerly of the Jaguars, to a six-year contract that could pay him more than $30 million. What does this do for his numbers, and what does it do for Hamlin? Link
  13. Seattle Huddlers

    It's the truth. Count me in, whatever the plans are.
  14. do you remember ....

    Back in 1993, I had the 7th pick in my first ever FFL draft. I had my cheatsheet in hand and boldly said, "I'll take this Fav-ray guy." Well, that's how it's spelled.
  15. Huddle Survivor Challenge - Week 16

    T_bone65, message me your address and phone number and I will have the Microsoft Company store send you a copy of the new Windows Vista OS when it is available in a few months.