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  1. Yo Hankk

    My advice for the common man is to avoid wearing denim shorts, particularly the blue denim. Every now and then I've read an article declaring that they are "in." But I don't think this has ever been the case.
  2. How Long are you supposed to wear your tie

    But I'm so worth waiting for. Your tie should reach the top of the belt buckle, but the end must not be below the buckle.
  3. Now I like Hickey Freeman as much as the next guy, but . . .
  4. I Need...

    If you're looking for function in particular, my recommendation is Maui Jim. Ray-Ban and Smith Optics are good too. I have Revos and the like, but I associate them more with style (even though their stuff is supposed to be hi tech.) In any event, you'll have to spend to get the quality that you want. Oakleys?
  5. ballsack (With special thanks to the baby powder thread)
  6. Baby Powder

    There's no ballsack dusting around these parts.
  7. aimless rambling

  8. I tried DMD. Apparently, insults and negativity are all these cretins know.
  9. Just curious, what is your IQ?

    Its in the triple digits, I think.
  10. 2007 Mystery Huddler #6

    Take it back.
  11. Hankk question

    You're welcome. Out.
  12. Hankk question

    I agree with with much of what Hugh One said. 1) Do you know someone who dresses well? If so, ask him where he buys his tailored clothing. If not, and you don't know much about clothes, I'd go to a well-known store that should have knowledgeable people on staff. I like Nordstrom's. You should be able to get a nice suit there for $700. The key is to find someone who can help you with coordination. You also want a good tailor. Nordstroms (or the like) should help you with these. Once you develop your own eye, you can start looking at smaller shops if you like. 2) If you buy a coat and pants that match, you've bought a suit. If that's not whant you want, a basic rule is that the color of your pants should contrast with the color of your jacket. All rules can be broken, but you should know what you're doing before you give it a go. 3) Sport coats are very versatile. Every man should own at least 2. Navy is a must. You have a bit of latitude with the color of the second. I like a lighter gray. If you are planning to wear them quite a bit at work, I'd buy at least 3 or 4. You can get a bit creative, maybe throwing in a houndstooth or another pattern. 4) No synthetics or silks. I like wool. Try on a tropical wool or worsted wool suit. If you think that they are too heavy, try cotton. Poplin and seersucker suits are very lightweight. I like linen suits, but not for work. Good luck.
  13. Hankk question

    I'm kinda jammed up at the moment. I will get to this, probably later this afternoon.
  14. Credit Rating Scare

    Colsing a credit card account may lower your FICO score. Part of your score is determined by the length of time lines of credit have been open. The longer that you have had a particular line of credit, the more postive an impact on your score. I doubt that any of the events that you described will have an adverse effect on your score. Like Chavez says, get a 3 in 1 credit report. So my thought is, get everything squared away with your cc companies, leave your accounts open, and look at your credit report in six months.