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  1. What is your post count ?

  2. Not sure which if any Huddlers live out there or may be vacationing soon, but I have to go out to a small work conference on Sunday March 4th- through Tuesday March 6th- I'd love to meet up and have some beers- Let me know who may be in the desert.....
  3. How about a Huddle Convention

    I'd be all over an Atlantic City gathering
  4. TV shows

    it's all Disney Channel all the time for the 3 M-girls. I'd rather watch those shows than Barney, etc. any day. I actually like Suite Life & Hannah Montana
  5. Late Night RISK?

    up for a game anyone?
  6. Oh, the humanity!

    I do the pizza delivery thing 3 nights a week- great "daily expense" cash- I work anywhere from 15-18 hours and take in from $250-$350 in cash per week-paid at the end of each daily shift. The place I work for is a privately owned place that's been around for almost 20 years in the same spot. The owners have built up a very good customer base- On a Friday night with 7 drivers you'll take between 20-30 deliveries each. and it's a fast clock when you are running around all night- you get to listen to football, baseball, etc. on the radio all night (*satellite radio a must!) not bad work at all. I actually dread going to my bore-ass 9-5 more than I do my 2nd job FWIW.
  7. 24!

  8. Reche Caldwell

    RECHE Dude's got some crazy far apart eyes
  9. SmackBowl standings after Week Two

    you seem to be the only one I could find that fits that exact profile- so even if you surge me having all Colts should be enough to finish near the top if it's Colts/Bears
  10. SmackBowl standings after Week Two

    Wow if The Colts & Bears make it I'm looking golden for an "in the money finish" I think... None of the teams above me have "all Colts" like me, except SundayNFL, and I have Utecht where he chose Gates- could Ben Utecht put me over the top Interesting Go Indy!
  11. Interesting tidbits

    but hasn't Johnson also played against and schemed against a Payton led offense 2 x per year for the last 5 years? How's that an advantage either way?
  12. Eagles score saturday

    Eagles 31, Saints 20 Eagles lead late 24-20, Saints have the ball and turn it over- Eagles defensive TD seals it.
  13. Saints vs Eagles

    me and Slayer have our 2007 Fantasy Baseball entry fees at stake
  14. Gonzo gone?

    that bothers you? too much information?
  15. Gonzo gone?

    HERE WE GO: CAP PROJECTIONS Nov. 9, 2006) -- When the NFL's free-agent signing period kicks off in March, it will do so in a way the league, its players and its fans never have witnessed. A remarkable eight teams are a startling $30-plus million under the salary cap and another eight are $20-plus million under it, according to financial projection sheets witnessed Thursday. More teams will free up even more money once they start trimming players from their payroll in February. But even if no players get cut, more teams than ever have money to burn. Leading the way are the Arizona Cardinals, who are projected to be an incredible $38 million under the salary cap, though the team has only 46 players signed for next season. Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney figures to make some cash in 2007. Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney figures to make some cash in 2007. Right behind the Cardinals are the San Francisco 49ers at $37 million under the salary cap, the Tennessee Titans at $35 million, the Minnesota Vikings at $35 million, the Buffalo Bills at $33 million, the St. Louis Rams at $31 million and the Green Bay Packers at $30 million, according to documents. With the salary cap scheduled to increase to $109 million, and with teams managing their financials in more prudent ways, more organizations will have more room than ever before. Now the good players who hit the market this winter will cash in. The list includes Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney and linebacker Cato June, Bears linebacker Lance Briggs, Bengals defensive end Justin Smith, Bills cornerback Nate Clements and Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez. The Colts will be able to use their "franchise" tag on one player, so it's highly unlikely Freeney will be allowed to go anywhere, freeing June to land big dollars in whatever city willing to pay him the most. Gonzalez also has been discussing a contract extension with the Chiefs for months, but those talks, for now, have hit a roadblock. Kansas City could opt to slap its franchise tag on Gonzalez, but that number still would be prohibitive. Plus, Kansas City also needs to re-sign its defensive end Jared Allen, a former fourth-round pick that has emerged into a top-flight pass rusher. THE REMATCH Beating New England is tough enough. Beating it the Sunday after a Patriots loss is near impossible. The Patriots, who lost last Sunday night to the Indianapolis Colts, have an impressive streak of 57 games without back-to-back losses. The last time the Patriots lost games in back-to-back weeks was way back in December 2002, when they lost at Tennessee and then to the Jets. The San Francisco 49ers set the post-merger record from 1995-99, when they went 60 games without losing two in a row. Should New England win Sunday, it would ensure itself of getting to at least 59 straight games without back-to-back losses, and the Patriots could shatter the record Dec. 3 at home against Detroit. So this is what Jets coach Eric Mangini faces in his second head-to-head meeting with his former mentor, Bill Belichick. THUMBS DOWN NFL injuries sometimes are treated like an afterthought, as if it should be no problem for a player to go out there with a thumb injury. For weeks, the Titans have said wide receiver David Givens has a "thumb injury." And he does. But the thumb injury is actually two torn ligaments in his thumb, confirmed a Titans source. Try to be a wide receiver catcing a football with two ligaments ripped in your thumb. It's painful beyond words. It's the reason that Givens has not played in the Titans' past four games. He can't. Givens -- whom Tennessee signed to a five-year, $24 million contract last winter -- returned to practice this week, hoping to play Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens. But he is trying to overcome an injury that has pained him more than most people realize. GIANT PROBLEMS It's not often that the Giants get a dose of good injury news, but they got some Thursday. Wide receiver Plaxico Burress, who has been battling back spasms, practiced. Rookie wide receiver Sinorice Moss (quad) and veteran cornerback Sam Madison (hamstring) also did. But linebackers Brandon Short and Carlos Emmons and defensive end Justin Tuck did not. Already, the Giants know they'll be without injured defensive ends Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora for Sunday night's showdown versus the Bears. Burress should be back, Moss won't be, and as for Short, Emmons, Madison and Tuck -- who knows? "We'd like to get them all back, but we'll not be greedy," said Giants coach Tom Coughlin. "Whatever we can get back, we'll get back." NO DOUBTING THOMAS Without injured running back Willis McGahee, Bills coach Dick Jauron is turning to and counting on a familiar face -- Anthony Thomas. Jauron and Thomas worked together in Chicago, where Thomas was a featured back for the Bears. Back in his rookie year in Chicago in 2001, Thomas churned out 1,183 yards. As recently as 2003, he ran for 1,024 more. But then Thomas got hurt, was benched and fell out of favor with the Bears. He spent last season with Dallas and New Orleans, and signed last offseason with Buffalo, where he rejoined former Chicago teammates Chris Villarrial, Mike Gandy and Daimon Shelton. It's like a former Bears reunion in Buffalo. But the team now would like Thomas, who hasn't had a 100-yard game since Nov. 7, 2004 against the Giants, to produce the way he once did in Chicago.