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  1. Who should I keep

    I was also tossing that idea around a bit. I wish I knew where I was drafting. The lineup has not been set yet.
  2. This is my second year in this keeper league so I am new to keepers. I can keep 3 of these guys and give up the round they were drafted in. Here are my eligble keepers. 3. (29) Reggie Wayne 4. (32) Roy Williams 5. (49) Chester Taylor 6. (52) Marc Bulger 8. (72) Terry Glenn 9. (89) Frank Gore Obviously I will keep Gore. Giving up a 9th round pick is a steal and I cant beleive I got him last year that late. I thought for sure my number 2 keeper would be C Taylor but now that they drafter Peterson I am not so sure. I am thinking keeping Wayne and Bulger and then drafting a stud back in the first and stud receiver in the second. This a standard scoring league and is PPR.
  3. Scoring System

    Thanks for noticing the bonus for receiving and rushing td over 60 and 70 yards. I forgot to add those in there from before.
  4. Where can I find a dice server?
  5. I have always put the names in a hat and drew names out to get the order and division placement. Is there a better way?
  6. Scoring System

    Yes thats right. I want a 5 point bonus for 100 and another 5 point bnous for 200 yards. I tested it and did have to change the 200 to 10. I love all the bonuses for yards and tds. I was just rethinking if I should adjust the td bonuses a bit. Maybe instead of making them 2,4,and 6 point bonuses making them 1,2 and 3.
  7. Scoring System

    Here is our scoring system. What do you like or dont like? What would you change to make it better? Thanks, Frank Length of Passing TD 0-29 6 Length of Passing TD 30-49 8 Length of Passing TD 50-69 10 Length of Passing TD 70-100 12 Passing Yards 1-999 1 point for every 25 Passing Yards 300-399 5 Passing Yards 400-999 5 Passing 2 Pointers 0-10 2 points each Length of Rushing TD 0-19 6 Length of Rushing TD 20-39 8 Length of Rushing TD 40-59 10 Rushing Yards 1-999 1 point for every 10 Rushing Yards 100-199 5 Rushing Yards 200-999 5 Rushing 2 Pointers 0-10 2 points each Length of Receiving TD 1-29 6 Length of Receiving TD 30-49 8 Length of Receiving TD 50-69 10 Receiving Yards 1-999 1 point for every 10 Receiving Yards 100-199 5 Receiving Yards 200-999 5 Receiving 2 Pointers 0-10 2 points each Length of Field Goal Made 0-44 3 Length of Field Goal Made 45-49 4 Length of Field Goal Made 50-59 5 Length of Field Goal Made 60-99 6 Extra Points 0-10 1 point each Fumble Recoveries (from Opponent) 0-10 1 point each Interceptions Caught 0-10 1 point each Blocked Field Goals 0-10 2 points each Blocked Punts 0-10 2 points each Blocked Extra Points 0-10 2 points each Sacked a QB 0-10 1 point each Safeties 0-10 2 points each Number of Defensive & Special Teams TDs 0-10 6 points each
  8. Keeper Question

    I agree. If I kept Gore, Taylor, Wayne I draft a rb in the 1st. Then in the second I get a sweet wr. I can come back in the 4th and grab another sweet wr. I loose my 5th round pick for keeping Taylor but in the 6th I can grab a qb.
  9. Keeper Question

    P Manning is not a qb that is able to be kept. He was drafted in the first 2 rounds. The only other qbs that can be kept by teams is E Manning, Brady, Delhomme, and Vick.
  10. Keeper Question

    Scoring: QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, DEF, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN Stat Categories: Passing Yards (20 yards per point) Passing Touchdowns (6) Interceptions (-2) Rushing Yards (10 yards per point) Rushing Touchdowns (6) Receptions (1) Reception Yards (10 yards per point) Reception Touchdowns (6) Return Touchdowns (6) 2-Point Conversions (2) Fumbles Lost (-2) We can only keep a player 4 times.
  11. Keeper Question

    Right now I am thinking Taylor - Round 5 Bulger Round 6 Gore - Round 9 Then Go RB, WR, WR in the firt 3 rounds.
  12. Keeper Question

    I dont know if I can give up my 3rd round pick next year for Wayne. I was thinking Taylor but he was a dissappointment towards the end of the season. I will probaly end up keeping Taylor anyway. For my third I was leaning towards Bulger and give up my 6th round pick.
  13. Keeper Question

    I know its early but I got my eligible keepers list last night and this was my first keeper league so I am just doing a bit of research. Here is my list I can choose from. I can keep 3. I somehow was able to draft Gore in the 9th so I know I will be keeping him for sure. 1. (9) 2. (12) 3. (29) Reggie Wayne 4. (32) Roy Williams 5. (49) Chester Taylor 6. (52) Marc Bulger 7. (69) 8. (72) Terry Glenn 9. (89) Frank Gore 10. (92) 11. (109) 12. (112) 13. (129) 14. (132) Greg Jennings To be able to keep someone you have to draft that player and they cant leave your roster.
  14. Playing FF during the NFL Playoffs

    Great. Now what rules do you guys play by? I guess really how are Fantasy playoffs handled or how does one team win?
  15. I have ran my own league for about 5 years now and this year I want to offer to my owners to redraft and play FF during the NFL playoffs. My question is what site can I use to help me keep track of everything? Are there any free ones out there? Thanks, Frank