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  1. umm, ill be in phoenix...for the 2008 season, but that doesnt help you out now lol
  2. head on over to our forums, need to get a head count on who is comming back for 2007.
  3. DVD Format: NTSC

    thats what you wanted, NTSC is the TV system used in north america and parts of aisa. PAL is what Europe Uses...not sure but i think all dvd's are in a NTSC format, its the regions codes on them that will get you. if you ever wanted to take a divx movie on your computer and turn it into a dvd playable on traditional would have to turn it into a NTSC formated file...i could be wrong on some of this but i do know if its NTSC and region 1 coded it will play on your player.
  4. A Question For You Long Time Huddlers

    i first came to the huddle the year it went pay...think it was like $12 then. signed up for a forum account end of july early august but i have no clue what the username was. I know i joined an interboard league witha total of three websites participating but dissapeared sometime in august because i either got sent tdy or deployed...but i think it was a tdy to vegas, since it was the summer before 9/11. took a year off from fantasy football then came back in 2003. tried looking on the member list for my old account name, but can't remember
  5. UFC 71, Who's Watchin?

    +1 Just because he needs to save face after getting destroyed by jackson in PRIDE
  6. Sportsmanship Dilemma

    I umpire slow pitch softball... had a similar situation to this last tuesday. third basemen made a poor through and first caught it off the bounce with the glove 1 inch off the ground and palm down...the ball beat the runner so i told the first baseman to raise his hand, saw the ball not drop and made the out call. Needless to say one team got pretty upset, appealed to the Plate Umpire. This guy who is certified from ASA all the way to NCAA womens fastpitch said he couldnt of made a better call. The guy was pretty level headed about it though...made his claim then went back to the dugout. I got no problems with someone Questioning a call, Unless i went against a rule though it wont change. if i was the coach, i probably would of gotten allitle heated, but i usually know when to call it quits arguing with referees
  7. Pick #4 Poll

    SA for me, the guy has been a stud his whole career up until last year. he should of been the true thunder to Tiki's lightning
  8. Randy Moss going to workouts

    One of Vick's dog handlers must of let go of a leash
  9. wow, hope mom and baby pull through with flying colors
  10. Soccer strategy

    everyone about summed it up with the midfield...3-3-1 is what i would use...if you have to much up front your fullbacks are gonna be in for a long day. why the short sides and small field at that age though? In Va they push soccer pretty hard at that age...i was on a competative traveling team playing a 4-4-2...grant it i was burnt out by my senior year of high school, maybe that had something to do with it lol
  11. Division Battles 2007

    I think everyone is underestimating the Giants this year, not saying they will win the division but when they are healthy the east is a three team race...with two of them going to the postseason. as far as the O-line is concerned 25 sacks given up is not that bad at all and Dhiel played well at LT the end of the year, and the coachs are pretty high on Guy Whimper if Dhiel doesnt work out. Eli's completition % has gone up by about 5% each year, and he has no shortage of recievers to throw the ball to. Throw a healthy combo of Jacobs and Droughns in there and you have a potentially nasty power run/play action offence. I think the biggest question facing the Giants as a team this year are the Cornerbacks and how Spags is gonna have them play, certainly the zone coverage schemes Lewis had them running last year wernt working...wether or not they have the skills to play more physical with receivers this year is gonna be key. should be feast or famine for the giants this year, the east will be fun to watch
  12. subway series

    I honestly though Wagner was gonna give the game away after that horrible through to home...but after that gift of a called strike two, he seemed to feed off it and got out of the jam. If Glavine can keep going and Maine/Perez/Sosa are for real...i'm looking forward to an 86 rematch in the world series
  13. SI Reporting Vick involved with Dog Fighting

    yea but with the way the legal proccess is, he probably wouldnt be tried until after the superbowl
  14. SI Reporting Vick involved with Dog Fighting

    well not defending the guy, but he is on the commitee that has investigated sport over the last few years...steroids and dogfighting are both crimes, even if it is apples to oranges
  15. Sinorice Moss?

    I thinking his impact from a Fantasy standpoint will probably minimal untill Toomer retires...but you never know. I'm just hoping he doesnt turn into another Tim Carter.