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  1. Weekly Blitz

    ari cle dal jax nyg
  2. King Of The Mountain least if they get smoked like 99-0, i wont have to keep track of all these contests anymore :P
  3. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 3!

    ah screw it, with this many people its bound to happen give me the BROWNS
  4. Wow, has the away crowd ever been so noisy?

    and when the giants commit 6 turnovers in that game ill cry bs about the cowboys getting an extra home game as well. it wasnt a division game and the only reason people are up in arms about this is because the giants came away with a decisive win. if this is such an advantage, where was the official protest to the league offices by philly,dallas, and washington?
  5. MNF Radio link, like 7 bucks a month i think for access to every game...they black all the games out like baseball
  6. Wow, has the away crowd ever been so noisy?

    any team any where would of beaten the saints, bottom line they played like poo. anyone still "bent" over the situation, please direct your attention to Chavez's sig.
  7. Mets beat Braves!

    amen brother...amen love the young talent though...future is looking bright
  8. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 2!

    Pittsburgh for me
  9. Meadowlands

    you are mad? imagine how mad Dallas Philly and Washington are about it. i think it should of been played on a nuetral site as well, san antonio being the best imo...allthought it would still be a home game for the G-men, my mother would be there and man let me tell you...she has some pipes on her. all you would hear is her cheering for the Giants.
  10. Unofficial Huddle Contest Links

    wow, post of the day award imo thanks
  11. King Of The Mountain

  12. Weekly Blitz

  13. King Of The Mountain

    Ill take Pittsburgh here and pray SF pulls another upset, more my sake here....and for the giants to still be ahead of the eagles
  14. Directv Shortcuts

    funny i see this thread, i have the tv on and thought i hit sportcenter....then all of the sudden it just keeps showing different plays...guess i know what it is now...and its pretty sweet they let ArmedForcesNetwork brodcast it for free
  15. Official Steelers - Titans Poem

    had to see the giants one from last year, really fun stuff to read
  16. NYG Thunder and Lightning...

    couldnt agree with you more i thought his KR was the best...dragging players for like 5 yards
  17. 2005 NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 1

    made it out of the first this bad i went with the rams in a local money league version of this
  18. Toomer

    first time 98 games he hasnt caught a pass...not to much passing overall, low 20's in pass attemps by eli from what i read
  19. What is the biggest week 1 surprise

    thats my vote...6 td's shocked me
  20. Official Steelers - Titans Poem

    nice read menudo, you keep all these written down?
  21. Legal Formation

    someone needs to email this to the falcons imo, just have them run the occasional passing option everyone in a while
  22. im sure this will get alot of disscussion, most noticably DD and Tiki ranked 3 and 4 if drafts were held today. While my manlove for Tiki runs deep, seems abit high for him...i would have put him at the end of the list. Huddle front page allthought i do believe he is dead on with this statement
  23. Running Back Watch - Week 1

    it appears that way, guess i jumped the gun also about tiki having to score from 20 yards out, Jacobs will likely only see td's on third down situations, tiki had no problems last year on first and second downs or from less than 20 yards 2004 rushing stats ____CAT_______Att____Yds____Avg___Lg___TD____1st FIRST DOWN........179......937........5.2.......72........8........30 SECOND DOWN....109......483........4.4.......52........4........34 THIRD DOWN........32.......104........3.3.......17........1........13 OPP 1-19..............60.......162........2.7........8.........11......19
  24. From the CrockPot...

    you suck, im sure the armed forces network will be showing the worst matchups of the weekend...but since they usually show 3 games at a time on different channels there is still hope that i can watch my Giants rack up hugh lead against the cards only to blow it in the 4th still. have fun