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  1. Survivor pool advice - playoff reset

    Thanks for the input. I tend to agree, TB was my first choice followed by Buffalo. I think I need to pick a team in week 1 that I expect to not go very far (but that will win) . The problem is that the way TB and Buffalo are playing, they could go to the Super Bowl!
  2. I know this isn't FFL, but maybe close enough. I made it through the regular season, it's double elimination, and I have 1 strike. Now the NFL teams reset, with these rules. Who would you pick in week 1, and why? Straight up, not ATS. 1. The playoff teams are all reset. However, once you pick a playoff team you can't pick that team again for the rest of the playoffs. 2. You may need to have some strategy in picking your teams. If you happen to get to the Super Bowl and don't have a team to pick, that is considered a miss and if you already have a miss then you are out of the pool. I have narrowed to 2 options, but wondering what others think.