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  1. Have to wonder about Josh Daniels. He has to be hanging on to be the next NE coach, right? But... what would he be inheriting anyway? NE has decent defense players but the offense is a wreck. He should have taken the Colts job back a few years ago. He's been in NE as the OC for 13 years in total, including the last nine years. Pete Carmichael in NO has been there for 12 years. No other offensive coordinator has been with their team for more than three years. This year 26 offensive coordinators have been in their job for no more than two years with their team. It is a position of tremendous churn other than Daniels and Carmichael.
  2. You have 16 actually with the Beasley error corrected. Below is what you chose and crossed out what is gone. 22 players with 6 out. AQB: KC-Patrick Mahomes ARB1: TEN-Derrick Henry ARB2: CLE-Kareem Hunt ARB3: KC-Darrel Williams ATE: KC-Travis Kelce AWR1 KC-Tyreek Hill AWR2: BUF-Cole Beasley AWR3: BUF-John Brown AWR4: BUF-Gabriel Davis APK: BUF-Tyler Bass ADEF: BUF-Bills NFC Team NQB: GB-Aaron Rodgers NRB1: NO-Alvin Kamara NRB2: TB-Leonard Fournette NRB3: NO-Ty Montgomery NTE: GB-Robert Tonyan NWR1: GB-Davante Adams NWR2: NO-Emmanuel Sanders NWR3: TB-Antonio Brown NWR4: TB-Scott Miller NPK: NO-Wil Lutz NDEF: TB-Buccaneers
  3. You have 18. Cole Beasley (for everyone) got a 0 instead of a 1 in his "player left" column. He only had 0 in points scored Week 2 column. Fixed for the future.
  4. The Saints losing knocked out some teams. But otherwise, not a lot of shocking upsets so far. Next week is the final winnowing of the field. Total Left Team 435.50 (18) dawolf300 426.50 (14) Dcat 394.05 (11) herbwildwood 382.15 (18) BillyBalata 377.05 (14) Def. 375.85 (15) rocknrobn26 361.65 (10) dug 359.75 (10) Junkyard 355.65 (9) J.D.Morrison 347.05 (14) oshawnson 346.30 (9) LLCHILE 345.55 (12) loaf 345.25 (10) BeachBum 344.60 (21) rcswildcat 342.80 (11) Bonedaddies 339.30 (18) MustOfBeenDrunk 338.70 (21) The Next Generation 337.20 (19) Youre Going Down 336.90 (17) tonorator 331.70 (13) WildTurkey 330.65 (11) Ramhock 320.95 (11) hoodoo 314.80 (21) Genetic Jackhammer 309.45 (8) Shaft 307.20 (21) Big Country 306.15 (15) Gopher 305.75 (13) Piranha 297.15 (17) darin3 296.20 (15) Pratts 292.45 (20) Wolverines Fan 283.70 (16) ABearWithFurniture 265.35 (20) Roland Stones 264.65 (21) drafter 257.25 (21) raoul duke 256.15 (17) Caveman_Nick 255.05 (19) irish 249.45 (20) SEEDS 249.15 (21) SeductiveNun 245.95 (20) The Grey Pilgrim 242.85 (13) MikesVikes 241.55 (21) JoJoTheWebToedBoy 235.75 (14) heehawks
  5. Divisional Round games chat

    When Justin Tucker doinks both his kicks, gottta figure this is going to be a low-scoring game.
  6. Divisional Round games chat

    Bills Ravens just started. Apparently the Ravens plan on running the ball. Every play. Successfully.
  7. The Bears have Trubisky and Allen Robinson as UFA and Robinson may end up as a franchise tag. He was ticked off that CHI wouldn't make a deal last summer and now as a free agent will be pursued by other teams. I've never personally seen that Matt Nagy is a difference maker as a coach and I think he's a liability most of the time since CH has kinda squandered a few years of a great defense by pushing an ineffective offense. That has to do with Trubisky, but also in the way that they used (or more accurately did not use) Montgomery. Nagy seems to like gimmick stuff and trying to look like he's smarter than he is. Cordarrelle Patterson is not and will never be a running back, for one. When they say they were impressed by Nagy leading the team to the playoffs, let's see how that played out: CHI went 1-6 against teams with a winning record. They beat the visiting Buccaneers 20-19 in Week 5 with minimal offense. One point away froma 7-9 record and 0-7 vs winning records. They pulled out of their six-game nosedive thanks to facing three teams with losing records. Then pummeled again going against the playoff-bound Packers. They will stick with Trubisky and Nagy. I think they will lose Robinson. And pretty much the same thing is going to happen all over again in 2021 because they have remained a below-average team with Nagy there.
  8. 12 purplemonster 1. Russell Wilson 2. 16 1 3. Tom Brady 1 4. Yes 5. Christian McCaffrey 1 6. No 1 7. Jonathan Taylor 8. Chris Carson 1 9. No 1 10. Hayden Hurst 11. No 1 12. Burrow 1 13. Yes 14. Michael Thomas 15. Jeudy 1 16. Yes 1 17. 12 1 18. Someone else 1 19. Henry 20. Mahomes
  9. I found it interesting that there were 7 WR with 10 TDs - only 2 last year. WR went from 4 to 6 with 100 catches
  10. The winner of the 2020 20 Questions contest and a free ride for 2021 is : Shortynaz And it wasn't even close. Caveman_Nick had his usual hypercompetitive finish. The questions and answers: 1. Which QB ends up with the most fantasy points? Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson or Kyler Murray? Murray 450, Wilson 434, Watson 436 2. How many teams start the same QB for all 16 games? 13 3. Which QB ends up with the most fantasy points? Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger or Baker Mayfield? Brady 411, Roethlisberger 323, Mayfield 305 4. Will more than four QBs throw for 30 or more TDs? yes - 10 5. Which RB ends up with the most fantasy points? Saquon Barkley, Christian McCaffrey or Ezekiel Elliott? Elliott 232, CMC 91, Barkley 15 6. Will more than 12 of the Top 20 fantasy RBs play 16 games? Yes or No? No - 4 7. Which rookie scores the most fantasy points? D’Andre Swift, Jonathan Taylor, or Cam Akers? Taylor 255, Swift 194, Akers 104 8. Which RB scores the most fantasy points? Todd Gurley, Kareem Hunt or Chris Carson? Hunt 219, Gurley 163, Carson 188 9. Will Travis Kelce, George Kittle, Mark Andrews and Zach Ertz all end up as a Top-5 TE? Yes or no? No - only Kelce was 10. Which TE has the most fantasy points? Hayden Hurst, Jared Cook or Hunter Henry? Hurst 149, Cook 129, Henry 145 11.Will more than 4 WRs end up with 100 or more catches? Yes or No? Yes - 6 12.Will Joe Burrow or Tua Tagovailoa end with the highest average points per game? Burrow 22, Tagovailoa 16 13. Will more than 3 WRs catch 10 or more TDs? Yes or No? Yes - 7 14. Which WR ends up with the most fantasy points? Michael Thomas, Davante Adams or Julio Jones ? Adams 360, Jones 146, Thomas 84 15. Which rookie WR ends up with the most fantasy points? Jerry Jeudy, CeeDee Lamb or Jalen Reagor? Lamb 212, Jeudy 156, Reagor 79 16. Will the NFL successfully play all 256 regular season games? Yes! 17. How many of the Top 20 fantasy WR play all 16 games? 12 18. Most receiving yards? Michael Thomas, Julio Jones, DeAndre Hopkins, Kenny Golladay, Chris Godwin, or someone else? someone else (Diggs 1535) 19 Most rushing yards? Derrick Henry, Christian McCaffrey, Ezekiel Elliott, Saquon Barkley, Dalvin Cook or someone else? Henry (2027) 20. Most passing yardage? Dak Prescott, Matt Ryan, Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Jared Goff or someone else? someone else (Watson 4823) And the results: 15 Shorttynaz 12 purplemonster 12 rcswildcat 12 Caveman_Nick 11 banerak 11 Go Giants 10 TRU SOLDJA 22 10 tazinib1 10 darin3 10 Montana is da Man 10 cadycadets 10 herbwildwood 10 drafter 9 awahl63 9 blaw23 9 MustOfBeenDrunk 9 heehawks 9 Zooty 9 soopanuts 8 Ramhock 8 Gopher 8 Tally 7 Piranha 7 Sunday Couch Potatoe 7 JoJoTheWebToedBoy 7 Big Country 7 deaconjohn06 6 Def. 6 loaf 5 dug 5 ABearWithFurniture 5 MikesVikes 5 raoul duke 4 TitansFan
  11. It was set to show starting lineups only at "kickoff of first game of the week", but now it will be only show players after their games have started.
  12. have my team for smackbowl...missed deadline by a mintue..PLEASE get me in!



     AFC Team                    

    AQB:  KC-Patrick Mahomes
    ARB1:  KC-Clyde Edwards-Helaire
    ARB2:  KC-Le'Veon Bell
    ARB3:     KC-Darrel Williams 
    ATE:   KC-Travis Kelce 
    AWR1:   KC-Tyreek Hill
    AWR2:  KC-Sammy Watkins
    AWR3:  BUF-John Brown
    AWR4:  KC-Demarcus Robinson
    APK:  KC-Harrison Butker
    ADEF:  KC-Chiefs


    NFC Team

    NQB:   GB-Aaron Rodgers
    NRB1:  GB-Aaron Jones 
    NRB2:    NO-Latavius Murray
    NRB3:  GB-AJ Dillon
    NTE:  GB-Robert Tonyan
    NWR1:  GB-Davante Adams
    NWR2:  NO-Emmanuel Sanders 
    NWR3:   GB-Marquez Valdes-Scantling 
    WR4:  NO-Marquez Callaway  
    NPK:  GB-Mason Crosby
    NDEF:  NO-Saints


    Tiebreaker #1 - 164 yards

    Tiebreaker #2 - 48 yards

  13. They were sent. Will send again.
  14. Right - Tournament style