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  1. OUCH! Week 14 byes!

    The thing with the big contests is that every single point counts. The difference of ten points can be dramatic in what you win. So it is a consideration and since there are six teams on bye that week, how many players from those six teams are you willing to be without?
  2. OUCH! Week 14 byes!

    It does for bigger leagues that have more teams make the playoffs. Most big contests will use Weeks 14 - 17 to determine their winners as well.
  3. OUCH! Week 14 byes!

    ATL, CHI, GB, IND, WAS, and NO six teams off in the thick of fantasy playoffs and contest finals. That's gonna take some thinking about.
  4. 2022 NFL Draft

    In dynasty? That's tough. NYJ O-line is better but still not great. Need to see where Isaiah Spiller, Brian Robinson and James Cook end up. But the devaluation of the RB and the rise of WR making me rethink the norms of the past.
  5. 2022 NFL Draft

    I bet Hall still gets drafted as a RB2 - first rookie RB drafted usually does. Carter takes a fall back to RB4 territory or deeper. All depends on what Hall looks like in preseason. But a disappointing landing spot for Hall and a major stiff arm to Carter.
  6. I believe he doesn't want to be used in a dual role that includes rushing. He wants to be just a WR which is certainly where the money is now. Only one of his final seven games had more than 4 catches and most had three or fewer. He was really used as a runner in Week 11 and beyond
  7. USFL - Are you going to watch?

    I'll watch at least one or two games. It's like playing a trivia game trying to see if I can remember any of these players failed attempts in the NFL.
  8. It's almost like there is a fundamental, franchise-wide problem with the Redsk,,, Commanders. Hopefully Danny Snyder can get to the bottom of the issues.
  9. First two seasons, he ranked No. 31 and No. 95 for fantasy WR. Last year, he ended as No. 3 when he lasted 16 of 17 games. Now he wants to cash in and probably will force the 49ers to sign him to a pricey contract. And his usage could change if they end up going with Trey Lance as well. At least he's doing it now and forcing their hand instead of just suddenly not showing up to training camp later in the summer. He's an impact player to be sure.
  10. Trade - PHI/NOS

    I am not completely sold on Olave personally. Strange to see swapping picks three weeks before the draft. During the draft? Sure, when you know what you can get with a new pick. But this far out is surprising to me.
  11. That's actually a good point.
  12. Probably ignited the residue of a million beer farts
  13. KC draft picks: Round 1, 29 overall (via Miami) Round 1, 30 overall Round 2, 50 overall (via Miami) Round 2, 62 overall Round 3, 94 overall Round 3, 103 overall (Compensatory) Round 4, Pick 121 (via Miami) Round 4, 135 overall Round 7, 233 overall (Hughes trade) Round 7, 243 overall (Durant trade) Round 7, 251 overall Round 7, 259 overall (Compensatory) so two first round picks (albeit at the end). Four picks in the first 62 so they are bound to grab a good WR and could even package a couple of picks to move up if they want
  14. Zach Wilson vs. Tua Tagovailoa is the choice he is making?
  15. Matty Ice to Colts

    Great O-line, great running back... IND not a bad place. ATL... not looking pretty this year. Like Kyle Pitts + nothing.