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  1. I bet the Denver situation has every other NFL team scrambing to figure out how they would address that happening. I heard that Denver wanted to promote a position coach or trainer into being the starter for one day since he was a college QB but the NFL said they could not, so they went with Hinton as Plan B.
  2. Will Fuller suspended 6 games

    Have to admit, PED's do work. Best fantasy season: 28-423-7 in 2017. On pace for 77-1,279-12. Just saying... Problem for the Brandin Cooks owner is that their next three games are IND, @CHI and @IND.
  3. OG Check-In

  4. All are in eligible because of contact tracing. Looking at using Royce Freeman and a practice squad WR who played QB in college. What fun!
  5. Kickers ranking and streaming strategy

    That and whatever the top defense was from the previous season going like 4 rounds before any other.
  6. Kickers ranking and streaming strategy

    But you have to get close enough to kick the field goal. I've done anaylsis on kickers a few times in the past, and the only factor that was consistently and somewhat reliably true is that the top kickers in a week are from teams that win their games. Losing teams tend to not only have fewer kicks anyway, but at the end of their games they are more likely to go for a TD than a FG when they are behind. Teams that are ahead will often end up with a field goal because they are just killing the clock and then taking the three.
  7. Cowboys strength coach dies

    Heart attack. Very sad.
  8. Week 11 Chat

    Gotta think Stafford's thumb is an issue.
  9. Week 11 Chat

    Joe Burrow knee - carted from field
  10. Hey I wrote you a message 

  11. Hi DMD!!  FYI--I noticed in your defense rankings the Las Vegas Raiders are not listed.  


    Have a great day!!


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      Oh man - thanks!

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      you are welcome--have a great day!!

  12.  What email address do you use on the site? I have it down you get a free membership and am trying to get it right.

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      I have free membership thru 2021-22 per you.


  13. Are there issues going on with the Draft tools part of site? Keep getting site under maintenance when I click on customized draft list

  14. Having Trouble logging In. Site says my membership has expired, but It was just renewed on 1 Jun 2018...… 

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      Sorry! Instant message me your name, email address and username for the site, not the message board.

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