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  1. Pat Freiermuth

    Freiermuth has a lot of talent and the Steelers want him to be a receiver, but the offense is never going to use the position for a ton of catches with 4 good WR currently. The scheme just doesn't use TE that way. But he can become a red zone, TD stealing receiver
  2. Game predictions v. Start Bench tool?

    Well, two different opinions to be sure, but my approach is the most likely projections independent of any other players, while the start/bench list considers how players compare to each other. In the end, start Allen.
  3. Remembering 9/11

    This is not the forum for this.
  4. Hey Shortynazz!!!

    Word to the wise, got no time for pruning threads now so any bumps in the road are dealt with swiftly and life goes on.
  5. I've been trying to figure out a way that I can close the entire board system, and then let one person to make the millionth post, and then turn it back on. Sadly, I am unable to do that without probably trashing the entire board and there's no way to actually know who did the millionth post. But, I'd like to name a person as at least the honorary millionth post. And I tried hard to get him the literal honor: Big John No one more deserving. Thanks for being a part of the board Big John! You made it a better place which is NOT something everyone can say. Salute! In other news, I'll probably trim some old unused league boards which will drop the tally when I do. I think. But not until after 1,000,000.
  6. Hey Shortynazz!!!

    Hey everyone, look - there's Shorty! Dude!
  7. Saints cut Latavius Murray

    They cut him because he would not accept a lower salary
  8. Every auction can be different, but either will always go for over 25% of your cap. While they limit what else you can do with your team, they make a huge difference to your weekly score. Do they score twice what two $30 players will? Probably not. But you only start two or three backs, so it comes down to what gives you more, McCaffrey + whatever you can afford for RB2, or having a stronger RB2 with whatever you get for a cheaper RB1? The biggest downside is any injury can ruin your team when you so heavily invest in one player and sacrifice depth.
  9. Constant connection error in the forum

    The board company has issues but I also worry that carrying a million posts for like 18 years or more is a problem as well. Still working on it. So very sorry.
  10. Cam Newton cut

    Mac Jones era starts now.
  11. Constant connection error in the forum

    I'm on the boards much of the day. Does it happen intermittently? I've experienced it on SAT evening and then again this afternoon but not other times. How often does it happen?
  12. Constant connection error in the forum

    I know, me too. The problem is on their end and they're trying to fix it. Sorry! Not cool.
  13. JK Dobbins Injury

    Not making anyone more fond of having preseason games.
  14. Constant connection error in the forum

    If it is happening on other Invision boards, I'm sure they are working on the problem. but I am reaching out.