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  1. Higgins sharing is my concern as well.
  2. Amari Cooper was the Raiders only good pick at WR (1.04 - 2015). All others have been whiffs for the last decade.
  3. How is it that the Raiders picked the first WR off the board with Ruggs, but no one likes him and the Raiders only got 26 catches from him last year? That is one of the scary parts about picking an Alabama player. Are they that good or are they enjoying riding on the tank known as the Crimson Tide?
  4. Darnell Mooney? Interesting. He was encouraging last year with 11-93 in Week 17 but only had two other games with more than 50 yards. I was going through the draft and didn't go down to the fifth round. Mooney only weighs 176 pounds as the lightest WR drafted in 2020. I'd worry about him taking a heavy workload.
  5. We've already seen good results from CeeDee Lamb, Brandon Aiyuk, Chase Claypool and Justin Jefferson, but what about the rest of the 2020 NFL draft class? Which WR has the most upside?
  6. Todd Gurley visiting Ravens

    True and that's a life-long cost but he also is only 26 and has been paid $70 million in his career.
  7. Julio Jones to The Titans

    Julio Jones a #1 WR? No way. I currently have him at No. 24 (PPR). I go through a in-depth analysis and review over the next month for a second complete re-ranking but I doubt I'll change much. I currently have him at 76-980-6 but that is more likely to fall than to rise. Jones was a Top-6 WR for many years through 2019. Then he had hip and hamstring issues last season. He's 32 years old and having multiple health issues is very troublesome for an aging wideout. My concern with him is less about his health than where he ended up. TEN has a rushing offense and was No. 1 in rushing attempts last year - and they relied heavily on just one guy. They were No. 30 in pass attempts. Ryan Tannehill was very efficient and effective give the lower amount of passes, but then again the defense first assumption was that the Titans would run the ball. A.J. Brown was a touchdown magnet and Jones has long been a "yards not scores" kind of player. He replaces Corey Davis who had four 100-yard games and then little else in all other games. I could see that sort of potential and inconsistency from Jones as a No. 2 WR in an offense that threw less than almost anyone last year. I am also concerned that the Titans have one of the worst schedules for passing in the NFL this year. And they are going from No. 17 to No. 30 in schedule strength for WRs. It will be interesting to see what happens and on the surface of it, the move looks great for the Titans. I'll be following it closely.
  8. Julio Jones to The Titans

    Cannot hurt Hurst. It depends on how they use Pitts. Hurst at least becomes potentially relevant again.
  9. Julio Jones to The Titans

    This makes the Titans better this year. It makes the Falcons a little worse, but helps the fortunes of Kyle Pitts and Russell Gage in particular.
  10. Remember the USFL from the 80s?

    Herschel !!! Wonder if the Vikings can get to him first this time.
  11. Rodgers wants out of GB

    This may be the first mutiny in the history of Wisconsin. If this is the start of the Jordan Love era, then it's not starting out well.
  12. Hey - I used the email address of since it was on your message board profile. That was not found. If you had an account before, what email address was it under. If not, I need an email address and whatever full name you want on the account.


    Let me know - Thanks


    1. Ram Tough

      Ram Tough

      sorry the other email you could try is not sure which email its under. 

  13. The comments are pretty funny
  14. Rumor: Julio Jones on the trade block

    Why Newton? His passing looked like he had diminished skills. Then again, so does Julio Jones lately. And what if they switch to Mac Jones at some point. Maybe he didn't hear the Patriots are no longer strong contenders for the Super Bowl?
  15. Thanks - that took a while to do. Interesting putting all the 2,000 yard rushers together and seeing where they came from and then what they did the next year.