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  1. By this point, he's damaged goods. Has to be. No matter what happens, the tidal wave of actions against him leaves any rational person with the belief he did stuff that was wrong. It is hard to wrap a head around why he would do it, and there are tons of gold-diggers and shady attorneys, but either he's drifted off into some very creepy/illegal behaviors or this is the scam of the century.
  2. NCAA has its day in the supreme court

    Yet another problem is if agents get involved, man - could they take advantage of a dumb (but talented) 18 year old kid? That maybe comes from nothing? it is a mess with no easy answer. But it is undeniable that colleges use kids to rake in billions, and yet many of these same "students" would not be there if not for a scholarship. They are only there for the sport and that is the only reason that the school would submit them.
  3. They had 42 years to produce at least one 4,000-yard passing season and only two teams failed to hit that mark. Who were they? Drum roll The Jets and the Bears! <--- highlight here for the answer Never had a 4,000 yard season from a QB in the last 42 years. Maybe that extra 17th game can get them over the 42 year hump.
  4. NCAA has its day in the supreme court

    The can of worms that gets opened is how would they get paid? Could you pay more for one player than another? Is there a salary cap? Because the Alabama's and Clemson's and LSU's of the world can pay much more than smaller schools. There's already a problem with a player being able to sign anywhere, so the elite players naturally restock elite teams. What if the elite teams also throw in more money than other programs? I think it is appropriate and fine that the players can endorse deals and have their jerseys, if needed make it so that the money goes into an account they cannot touch until they leave school. The schools themselves cannot pay the players or if they did, that could get really complicated and hard to produce fairness. I do agree - thinking that people watch college football because they want to see amateurs is ridiculous. They pay to see elite play on teams that are constantly churning their roster every year.
  5. It is official - 17 games plus three preseason games. At least no teams ends up .500 anymore.
  6. they should just pay him per catch.
  7. Smackbowl 3rd place tube socks

    They are 22" socks, so should about reach the knees!
  8. Chris Carson stays with the Seahawks

    That was the best outcome he could have hoped to get
  9. And with that, Mitchell walked off into the sunset...
  10. Kenyan Drake, Raiders Agree to 2-Year Contract

    This is no bueno to both Drake and Josh Jacobs
  11. TE Jonnu Smith to Patriots

    The great part is that they spent their two third-round picks last year on TEs.
  12. Drew Brees announces retirement

    I think this is why Jameis Winston signed with the Saints. They said he'd have a fair chance to win the job this year. So long as there are no negative points for interceptions, he's been pretty good for fantasy. Aside from Michael Thomas, the receivers are a step down from what he had in TB, but factor in Kamara and he's got plenty to use.
  13. Aaron Jones re-signs with Packers

    That's great for him. Less so for AJ Dillon or Jamaal Williams.
  14. This is a few years old and has language NOT safe for work. But pretty funny and something lighter for the offseason. Again - bad language. But it made me chuckle.